It Just Isn’t So

Since the days of the Bolsheviksclassism or class warfare or class disparity have been the tool of socialists and bureaucratic politicians; and it has become a way of life for Democrats and too many Republicans.
Class warfare is power, by a method called divide-and-conquer political strategy that keeps a segment of the population addicted to what the government has to offer and all the while demonizing the successful segment of the population that is actually contributing to the economy and providing employment. This practice hurts an entire nation – just look at Russian history for a good example.
Too many people take perception as a reality and class warriors complain about the expanding gap between rich and poor – which means that the rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor; but in reality they are creating an economic problem. Especially in America, it just isn’t so – and shouldn’t ever be.

The poor are getting richer along with others and there is a class in between the rich and poor and they are called middle class. And it is the middle class that bears the brunt of the taxes under the present tax system – despite the ladder of tax rates that rise according to annual income. True, the wealthier folks pay more dollars, but usually use the tax system to their advantage, whenever possible. That is not an accusation, just a fact – and because of the income tax system and its progressive tax rates, can’t blame them.
The “poor” literally pay no taxes, which mean they get everything back that was confiscated from their paychecks – if they are working. And in recent times, the poor get another bonus – they get back MORE than they paid in, thanks to additions added to the tax code and another method that ensures votes as well as providing a base of the population who supports Big Government.

The government is using a method called distribution of wealth and income distribution [See L-Curve]– a totally socialist idea. Now I am not saying that some of the programs offered isn’t good when the government helps America as a whole by providing programs that give a helping hand to improve their lot; as long as those programs are only designed to not only help someone get back on their feet economically, but give them a shove towards that goal. Unemployment compensation has improved as far as how long one is allowed to collect and incentives like job placement programs improving a citizen’s circumstance. However, the key to success in life is education and hard work in order to achieve goals one has set for himself.
The Democrats have brainwashed Americans with a nasty lie and the repetition of this lie [a tactic that Goebbels and Lenin proudly used] is continued through the mainstream media and indoctrinated in our government-funded public schools. These political pawns believe that anyone with economic wisdom is mean-spirited conservatives or worse. They label themselves as victimsand wallow in the pity of it.
The Left has endlessly spewed rhetoric about the failing Bush economy, yet every month the economic performance points out that they are telling a lie or exaggerating. This, of course, could change if Mr. Bush continues to do practically nothing that he promised as well as not being attentive to domestic affairs in America.

Since May of 2003, when President Bush initiated tax cuts for all levels of taxation, the economy created 4.7% jobs and unemployment fell from 6.1% to today’s number of 4.8% – and the key word here is the economy not the government who performed this feat.
Government helps by limiting itself as to intrusion upon the private sector, only stepping in when there are issues like ethics and business practices that are not in tune with competition and fair play – like a monopoly.
Who is the economy?
Why, you and I, of course.
Economics can be simple or complicated, but anyone who has attended college knows the basics (Economics 101 is a requirement for a degree). Capital is freed up in order to reinvest. If a business owner finds himself/herself at a lower tax rate or a windfall in profits, he/she has more money to expand, hire, and buy – if they are smart business folks. And those businesses that he/she buy from and those he/she hires benefit as well. Picture it as an economic wheel of fortune. A business also invests in diversification, another good business practice as it grows.
You heard recently in debates that tax cuts are for the rich – at least the way President Bush cut them; yet in 2003, the top half of wage earners paid nearly 97% of all taxes, while those in the top 1% paid more than 34%, an average of more than 24% per household. The lower half of the income ladder paid only 3.5%. So tell me, tax cuts across the board are not fair.
What is needed here is a tax system reform, as mentioned previously in articles and written/introduced by top economists around America. The wealthy are supposed to feel ashamed for being successful, yet the politicians know full well that without them there would be few jobs.
The term “poor” is a relative term. We are all “poor” if we compare ourselves to Bill Gates. And despite the facts staring them in the face, the political Left continues to say the poor are getting poorer. A poor person in Uganda would laugh at this. The only truly poor people are the homeless in America compared to other nation’s standards. Those designated (by government) as at the poverty level own an automobile, live in housing with plumbing and electricity and heat – and even have a television. Some have a PC and other benefits.
America’s political left, specifically the Democrats promote socialism and both parties promote government intervention in the private sector – both are formulas creating a society that is poorer if they were in a country with free trade and limited government. Capitalism has its pros and cons but as far as economic wealth, national economy and good for everyone, it is the best system yet.
As far as the government is concerned, it should: (1) increase tax cuts and initiate the flat tax system (either income or consumption); (2) begin deregulating ridiculous and intrusive legislation; (3) legislate new bills only when necessary; (4) spend less; (5) get out-of-the-way and let the American people build up the economy.
Benjamin Franklin wrote:

The best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.

Democrats want to continue to make the poor feel more comfortable with their status and/or use it as a crutch (provided by the government).
Winston Churchill wrote:

You don’t make the poor richer by making the rich poorer.

Income distribution by the government needs to stop. Charity, national and international, needs to end or be drastically reduced.

Inequality in terms of wealth is what a free-market society is all about and not necessarily bad. Liberals, progressives and compassionate conservatives seem to be quite generous with the taxpayers’ confiscated money – and confiscation is unconstitutional. What a citizen earns is his from working and should decide how much out of it will be spent, not the government. This is where a consumption tax comes into play – the more one spends on things other than food and shelter, the more tax will go to the government. Those who have less will spend less. Food and shelter should never be taxed, at any level of wealth, just as there should not be a death tax.
Redistribution of wealth is just a fancy word for theft.
How can anyone in their right mind believe that the wealthy didn’t  earn their money and therefore must be forced to share that accumulated wealth?
It is like petty jealousy – a neighbor hating another neighbor because they have a new Mercedes and the jealous neighbor has a used vehicle. That sort of attitude is schoolyard mentality and childish.
So why do people fall for it?
Ronald Reagan said:

The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

When it comes to the class rhetoric from the Left – it just isn’t so.