Power of the People – Time To Use It

It is long past due for the time to set the rules for politicians (once called statesmen/stateswomen), rather than the other way around. Politicians are not statesmen or stateswomen because:
  1. They waste your tax money.
  2. Let the debt of the nation continue to rise, presently about $166,000 for every person in the United States.
  3. Give money to their friends, lobbyists, et cetera with tax funds.
  4. Pass rules and laws that make your life more complex, does more harm than good, and will not deregulate even when legislation is found to (a) not work or (b) be wasteful spending or both.

It is time that We, the People, control Congress and the White House on how much money they spend. Whenever the economy gets tight, the people tighten their belts and cut corners. Washington doesn’t do this; they either raise taxes or figure out some scheme for new ones. This country was established via a revolution and that revolution began over unfair taxes and taxation without representation. Congress has been getting away with taxing money that has already been taxed for far too long.
When Congress (and the President) are ready to pass a bill or for it to be signed – they should sit and read every word (maybe their bills will be less wordy then) before they can vote or before the President signs it. Here’s an idea: every member of Congress will have to sign a sword affidavit (under penalty of perjury) that they have read every word in a proposed bill. If they do not sign the affidavit, they will not be allowed to vote “Yea” – and their vote will be a “Nay”. No legislation would be passed without reading it. In addition, there will be no more rushing bills through Congress, unless it is a certified national emergency because there will be a 7-day waiting period between the final reading of a bill and a vote. The full text will be posted on the Internet for everyone to see during those seven days. No more secrecy in Congress – the public will actually become part of the process. Because they are required to read everything in a bill, the legislative language will be simplified and less complicated – and frivolous bills will be kept to a minimum. This means that congressional members and the President will be forced to read everything before it is signed and to begin performing the job they were voted to take office for.
This sort of idea can only take place if YOU, the voter, start communicating to Congress.
Do you want a fair tax system that is less intrusive and leaves the IRS as a small bureaucratic entity?

Join a fair tax organization on the Internet and start telling your representatives and senators that you have had it with their procrastination with the passing of the Fair Tax Act legislation.

Organizations like Downsize DC and Fair Tax for Americans are entities that try to push this sort of reform to Congress; but they cannot do it alone. You have to do your duty as a citizen and start using your power of voting responsibly and support lobby organizations that are for ALL Americans.
You might start by asking your rep and senator – “Do you think you should have to read the laws you pass?”
Would your lawyer or yourself not read a contract that he asks you to sign?
Wouldn’t your you and your accountant check numbers before completing your tax returns or other business affairs?
Isn’t about time that we DEMAND that members of Congress who we vote for begin to act responsibly and professionally?
The secret to all this is to overwhelm Congress to live up to the rules of the Constitution and also live by the laws and rules that they impose upon others.
America needs another revolution – but this time it is the pen, not the sword that will show “King George” we are serious about transgressions against the Bill of Rights and liberties.
You are a voter and you are a taxpayer – your voice MUST be heard.
Many of these legitimate organizations that are pushing for reform require or request contributions – but you can communicate with your reps and senators for only the cost of a stamp and free over the Internet by using email. You can even call their office because all calls must be logged and the nature of your call transcribed. And if you do all three – then their offices will be swamped in no time and they will start paying attention. After all, they most likely have been in that office for more than two terms, and if they decide to ignore you – they won’t be there anymore. Americans have the power; we have just failed to use it because we have gotten frustrated. Don’t give up. Imagine if the founding fathers had given up from frustration? Who knows what America would have become? Tell congressional members that we want them to start doing their job and we want a democratic republic again that stands by the Constitution, promotes a limited government, and protects the freedom and liberties that was promised to us in 1776.
You can see the proposed RTBA (Read the Bill Act) at Downsize.org.
Here is a link that is against the Fair Tax so you can compare pros and cons:
And a site that provides a calculator to see the numbers crunch: