Kindergarten and Condoms

The city of New York has a law that mandates instruction on AIDS and HIV for children in grades K-12.
Do you want your child in kindergarten be taught about AIDS and HIV, which means they must understand about sex, at that age?
Well you do, if you live in New York.
Parents have the option of denying their child such instruction, but they are instructed that the parents must then teach them at home. From cradle to grave – that’s the motto of the people within our government who have their fingers in your private business, your life, your children’s life and property.
To have programs available and/or publications on matters that parents should know or want to teach them children is fine with me – but forcing children to learn about such things in kindergarten is going a bit far, don’t you think? Kindergarten is a time when the children are getting introduced to school and have innocence.
Why force them to “grow up” any faster?
Why not let them just be children?
They will learn about life in general as they grow and soon enough. All they should be worried about is pleasing the teacher and whether their school work gets a passing grade and when recess begins.

that this represents a coordinated effort on the part of the city officials to sexually engineer our children. If they were truly interested in protecting our kids from disease, they would start by teaching them about such things as food poisoning.

New York’s education department insists the lessons are “age-appropriate” – but many parents who have looked at some of the material disagree. Kindergarten students will learn about homosexuality and HIV methods of prevention, which includes condom demonstration, things that a kindergartener needn’t know until older. Education officials say that the lessons are necessary because half of the high school students are sexually active.
Deputy Schools Chancellor, Carmen Farina added:

I think we do have a moral obligation to put it out there as soon as we can protect kids from dying, which is not a bad thing to do if you’re an educator.

Well guess what, Ms. Farina, if there was a “moral obligation” how can you subject kindergarten students to things they do not need to know about? Teach the middle school and the high school students, since they are “sexually active. (WorldNetDaily) The reason why our youth is sexually active by the time they reach high school age is because government-controlled schools have made prolific sexual activities acceptable because those teachers are aged sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s; and if these morons believe teaching what is described above to kindergarten students sexual activity will prolific BEFORE high school. When government controls anything it becomes a mess. When a society has no parameters or lines drawn with no instruction of the basic values of character and the golden rule there is chaos.
The American society began as Puritans and our Republic is going to end in a society corrupt and bereaved of any sense of self-discipline. The liberal takes no middle ground and never accepts a demarcation line when it comes to values and established traditions that incorporate a healthy and successful society.

People with good intentions and who insist they have to stick their noses in everyone else’s lives are those who have infiltrated their bunk within our government who has come to believe that democratic socialism is the key to success replacing a successful republic form of government.