Time to Solve Immigration Problem is NOW

You probably know how I feel about polls, but polls can be fairly accurate; however, they are based only upon a small portion of the population and results can depend upon geographical location where the poll is and several other factors not plugged in. In this Zogby poll people of Mexico and Americans were asked about each other’s country and their own.
Here are the results (CNSNews.com):
  • 70% of Americans polled stated that America is wealthier because of opportunity and work available; while 36% of Americans polled said Mexico is poorer because of government policy and 35% blamed corruption; 62% of Mexicans said that the U.S. is wealthier because it exploits others.

  • 38% of Mexicans blamed Mexican corruption and 36% blamed Mexican government policy; and both Americans and Mexicans agreed that the U.S. economy benefits from labor provided by immigrant Mexicans; yet a majority of Americans want U.S. lawmakers to crack down on illegal immigration. 62% of Americans said they favor “more restrictive” immigration policies.

  • 57% of Americans polled said they would favor a U.S. economic development program for Mexico if Mexico agreed to accept more controls on immigration; 53% of Mexicans polled opposed the idea.

  • 69% of Americans polled oppose the idea of building a wall along the US-Mexican border; 90% of Mexicans polled oppose the idea of a wall being built.

  • 84% of Americans polled said they held a positive view of the Mexican people; only 36% of Mexicans had a positive view of Americans. (So why come here?)

  • 78% of Americans consider Mexicans hard-working; only 26% of Mexicans consider Americans hard-working.

  • 18% of Americans polled consider Mexicans racist; while 73% of Mexicans polled consider Americans racist.

  • 42% of Americans polled see Mexicans as honest; 16% of Mexicans see Americans as honest.

The survey was a joint project of Zogby International and Mexico City research and development group. The survey of Mexicans was conducted from February 10th through the 16thand included 1,000 interviews with a margin of error plus or minus 3.2 points. The survey of Americans was conducted from February 3rd to February 7th, included 1010 interviews and had the same 3.2-point margin of error.
Based upon this poll you can see that Mexicans have been brainwashed by their government on several issues; indeed, one can pick up a Mexican school book and see their propaganda in black and white. While Americans businesses have exploited the Mexican immigrant, especially the ones that come to America illegally; Mexicans would rather endanger their lives crossing the border than try to reform the conditions within their country. America’s government policy with Mexico has brought much of the woes of the immigration situation upon America and it is time to get tough with President Fox and his corrupt government. Our government has laws, but don’t enforce them. The border patrol agency has methods of illegal immigration prevention, but usually do not have the resources to properly secure our southern border. And bleeding heart liberals have felt that it is the American taxpayer who should pay for health and other benefits to people who are in American illegally.
In November of 2005, the US House of Representatives passed an immigration reform bill that calls for the construction of a security fence along the southern border, requires federal and local law enforcement to cooperate with immigration concerns, and mandates that employers must use an instant check system to verify their employees’ legal status, among other measures.
60% of Americans support a fence (those polled) and 49% of House Democrats voted for it because the fence idea has been shown in San Diego that almost no illegal immigration or gang members have crossed their area that is fenced.
The bill will also take care of the problem of enforcement. Last year, the federal government only sent three notices (nationwide) to businesses with intent to administer a fine them for hiring illegal employees. The DHS online instant check system is an inexpensive way for businesses to avoid fines.
Some believe that illegal immigration benefits America’s economy in terms of work force. But the real picture is that it drains taxpayer’s money thereby making government cost more – in the federal, state and local governments.
Illegal immigration is a danger to our national security, it drains funding from government at all levels, and because of illegal immigrants who commit crimes overburden our prisons and costs billions of dollars for law enforcement and judiciary procedures. Hospitals in places like Florida and California are going bankrupt because they care for illegal immigrant patients and receive no money for the service.
The Bush administration is failing America in the area of illegal immigration, although it has been a problem during several administrations before his. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s idea of fixing the problem is to create a Gold Card program for illegal immigrants who broke the law to get into the United States before January 4th, 2004. Applicants for the Gold Card are supposed to undergo a background check by the Department of Homeland Security and then be eligible for two-year work visas that can be indefinitely renewed. Think of the problems that are going to compound with the problems already in place. The proposal was made by Senator Arlen Specter, R-PA and his constituents should send letters/email of chastisement to the moron. That is amnesty, plain and simple. And it would encourage more illegal immigrants because they know if they hang around long enough in America, they will eventually be part of this under-cover amnesty program, and as Michelle Malkin stated last week:

Meanwhile, the rest of us chumps should figure out how to break some laws and get ahold of the handy get out of jail free/Gold Card. I heard it’s going to come with frequent flyer miles, too.

Illegal immigration has become a problem because of our government’s lack of fortitude to fix it and it’s corruption in the fact that they do not enforce the laws already in place. Strict immigration laws does not equate to discrimination, catering to criminals (illegal aliens broke the law) is discriminatory against those immigrants who went through the paperwork and expense to come to America and become naturalized citizens – it is a slap in their face.