Yet, Another Junk Scientist

The “scientist” that appeared on CBS News “60 Minutes” was declared by the show as the “world’s leading researcher on global warming.” The “scientist” is James Hansen and claims that he is a “victim of the Bush administration’s censorship” on the global warming issue. Mr. Hansen has publicly endorsed Democrat John Kerry for president and has received a $250,000 grant from the charity foundation of Kerry’s wife. In addition, Mr. Hansen has admitted that he contributed to two recent Democratic presidential campaigns and acted as a consultant in February to former Vice President Al Gore’s slide show presentations on “global warming,” which Gore has been circuiting the nation to tout his views on global warming.
CBS correspondent Scott Pelley interviewed Mr. Hansen, who is the head of NASA’s institute for studying climate and was asked if

the administration is censoring what he can say to the public,

and Hansen replied:

or they’re censoring whether or not I can say it. I mean, I say what I believe if I’m allowed to say it.

Mr. Hansen is a prime example of a junk scientist. He has allowed politics, not science to govern his research. He claims, as global warming experts proclaim, that human changes are the cause of global warming and is

driven by burning fossil fuels that pump out greenhouse gases like CO2 – carbon dioxide.

He claims that humans have ten years to reduce greenhouse gases before global warming reaches what he calls a “tipping point” and becomes unstoppable.
Reality here is that REAL scientists have found that it is our sun (a star) that is producing changes because the sun itself is changing. That certainly is not human induced.
As far as his so-called censorship – his office received a memo in the form of email from NASA (a government agency that the president is in charge of) in 2004 that there is a “new review process” and

The White House is now reviewing all climate related press releases.

Could it be that the White House would like to know what is going on and ensuring that nothing is said against the administration’s policies? Standard business for any president – all have done this. If one is responsible for an entity, then the person responsible should certainly be informed. Hansen claims it is because his Goddard Institute for Space Studies is researching global warming.
Yes, Mr. Hansen, climate changing is and has been occurring since our planet was formed, and long before any humans walked it. Yes, for several reasons, we do have to get a handle on pollution because we live on this planet and want to live on it healthily. Whatever we do as far as pollution control will not harness the power of nature, unless our technology can come up with something to control climate. If the ice caps begin to melt, then those on the coastal areas of the world should move inland. 
One upon a time, and this is real science evidence, Antarctica was a small continent that had vegetation and animal life. Today it is buried under miles of ice. Only ten years ago scientists were predicting another ice age and places like New York City would become a glacier. Today it looks like it may be underwater. It’s like eggs were once bad for us and now they say they are good for us. It’s getting to the point that people can’t trust scientists because they are too busy trying to make headlines and allow their political ideology stand in the way of true science – and especially helpful to get politicians on one’s side because of government science grants.
I do not say that there are not indications of climate change, possibly global warming in parts of the world, I am saying that scientists are convincing politicians in this country and others to initiate programs like the Kyoto Treaty that spend taxpayers’ money for a “sky is falling” theory. Pollution is not good for anybody, anywhere and efforts to curb further pollution and make our air and water cleaner are something we should endeavor to achieve – but junk science needs to be laughed off stage. Junk science is harmful to our health.
Here are other junk science claims that made the top-ten list for 2005:

1. Obese Statistics Get Liposuction. After years of alarming the American public with ever-scarier estimates of obesity-related deaths, the Centers for Disease Control finally backed away from its exaggerated 2004 claim of 400,000 deaths annually and made a 93 percent downward adjustment to just 25,814 deaths. It’s not clear that even that number can stand up to scrutiny. Read more

2. Cruelty to Students. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was permitted to incorporate its radical animal rights school curriculum throughout America via its “education” arm known as TeachKind. PETA’s “learning materials” claim that such innocuous behavior as drinking milk is an example of “animal cruelty,” which their Web site repeatedly claims is an unmistakable predictor of future adult psychopath. Read more

3. U.N.-natural disasters? In a bid to blame alleged global warming for hurricanes and tsunamis and, ultimately, to force the deep-pocket U.S. government, businesses and taxpayers to pick up the tab for damages from such climatic phenomena, the United Nations conspicuously dropped the word “natural” from the title of its annual conference on natural disasters. Read more

4. Burger Baloney. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, looking into whether beef consumption could be linked to increased risk of colon cancer, published a study in January with apparently alarming conclusions. Closer examination, however, revealed more creative slicing and dicing of data by a few researchers at the NCI who seem to have a history of publishing anti-meat research. Read more

5. Franken-movie, not Franken-food. An anti-biotech “crockumentary” entitled “The Future of Food” opened in small movie theaters around the country, resuscitating environmentalists’ long-discredited claims about the “dangers” of biotech crops, one of the most thoroughly tested and regulated technologies ever developed. Tragically, the Green’s anti-biotech mania continues to doom millions in the Third World to blindness caused by nutritional deficiency. 

7. Warning: This Label Based on Junk Science. In July, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA to require warning labels on soft drinks. It seems the “food police,” who have no credible scientific data on which to base their petition, are out to demonize just about every food other than soy milk and bulgar wheat. Read more

8. Stem Cell Fast-One. August headlines touted the latest breakthrough in stem cell research – Harvard researchers announced they had discovered a way to fuse adult skin cells with embryonic stem cells, effectively bypassing the ethical concerns surrounding stem cell research by not having to produce or destroy human embryos. In reality, the hype was not only premature — since the new cells were still contaminated with embryonic genetic material — it appears to have been an exercise in political science as the Senate neared consideration of a bill that would circumvent President Bush’s funding limitations for embryonic stem cell research. Read more

9. The Lone-Tree Theory. It nearly took an act of Congress to get the researcher behind the notorious “hockey stick” graph, which purports to show a steep rise in global temperature in the 20th century following a millennium of stable temperatures, to release his publicly funded data and computer code. Among other dubious presumptions, the graph is derived from data that bases climate estimates for the entire 15th century on the tree ring measurements of a single tree. Read more

10. Baby Bottle Battle. In introducing a bill to ban toys and child care articles made with the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), California State Assemblywoman Wilma Chan believed to an environmentalist-perpetuated myth that had long ago been debunked. The “endocrine disruptor” scare has been perpetuated by the unsubstantiated and irreproducible scientific claims of an activist-researcher long-determined to frighten the public away from perfectly safe products. Read more