Global War Against Islamic Fascism – It’s Everyone’s War Who Wants Freedom and Liberty

The war against terrorism Islamic Fascism continues to be fought in Iraq, and other battles are taking place as well. Battles are being fought in newsrooms in New York, London and Cairo. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld:

Violent extremists plan and design their headline-grabbing attacks using every means of communication to intimidate and break the collective will of free people.

The American media and their counterparts in Europe are working at breaking the resolve of people to fight against Jihadism, and they are orchestrated by leadership like Kennedy, Kerry and H. Clinton who continue their campaign to bring the Bush administration down in the eyes of Americans and other nation’s citizens. According to them the Iraq people no longer want us there, have grown to despise American troops, and if the American military would leave all would be peace and tranquility in Iraq. If you read some articles and blog posts, it is the American troops who are bloodthirsty souls and the evil behind the continued engagements during a time of reconstruction and the Iraqi people’s opportune time to create a republic of their own.
When was the last time you have read in the New York Times or L.A. Times something positive that our military leadership and troops are involved in?
My friends, America is being duped by others that call themselves Americans. It is time to expose these traitors for what they are and it is time to vote more responsibly as to who operates OUR government. 

The Federalist Patriot Post (formerly The Federalist and now called The Patriot Post) reprinted a letter written by the mayor of Tal Afar, Najim Abdullah al-Jubouri, to General George Casey, Commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq, in January of 2006:

Our city was overrun by heartless terrorists, Zarqawi and his followers, who unloaded their bloodthirsty and voracious action of evil on this city for several months by indiscriminately killing men, women and children. Tal Afar was a human slaughterhouse. Simple services were not possible, causing people to suffer, until the day you dispatched your troops, who were our lion-hearted saviors. Your troops came to rescue Tal Afar led by our heroes, whom Tal Afar will never forget. After the major operation, your wonderful soldiers started nursing the wounds of this city by rebuilding the damaged lives and buildings with great compassion and speed. These soldiers have done more than their original mission required of them … God bless this brave [3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment]; God bless the families who dedicated these brave men and women. From the bottom of our hearts we thank the families. They have given us something we will never forget … Let America, their families and the world be proud of their sacrifice for humanity and life.

Now tell me that our troops are not putting their best efforts to do a good job in Iraq, and tell me once again how troops in Iraq are doubting the validity of what they are doing or do not think that what they are doing will make a difference. Tell me the Iraqi people do not want democracy after suffering from the tyranny and genocide of Saddam Hussein.

I am a veteran of the Persian Gulf War, the liberation of Kuwait and it hurts me to the very depths of my soul to see our troops and their commanders being unjustly attacked and verbally slaughtered by words written and spoken in the media of our nation staining their proud reputation and traditions in the waste material excreted from media socialist and political socialist diatribe.

I could understand if such bias came from the pages and TV newsrooms of socialist-run media outlets of other nations – but Americans who are actually aiding the al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with helpful propaganda for their Jihad. In that way, this war is definitely like Vietnam, as the Democrats and its media so often states – having started and maintained the war for two administrations. But maybe that is the gist of this … we have a growing element of socialism rising within our government and indoctrinating our children in government-controlled schools, and politicians who mistakenly refer to our nation as democratic instead of what it was supposed to be – a republic of constitutional law, not mob rule democracy. Indeed, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence does not mention the word democracy.

I have seen troops, American and their allies fight battles as brave warriors; and despise war in general, but fully realizing that someone must stop the aggressors against freedom, liberty and just plain decency. America cannot become an isolated nation while the world around us is slowly disintegrated by rogue despots like Saddam Hussein and the leadership of Iran, North Korea, and chaotic regimes in Africa. The longer we let it slide by without action, the harder it will be when we are finally forced to do something – and casualties will be in a larger number than the stabilization of Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are at war with a global menace and enemy of which has not been fought against since the Crusades. America has fought against those using guerrilla tactics but our enemy always had a country and a specific identifying uniform – a standing army. This enemy cowardly kills non-combatant, women and children indiscriminately. Their battle cry is to die for Allah, their incentive is hatred, and their goal is world domination of a vicious theocracy. They have grown in numbers and are well-organized because America and other free nations misunderstood this evil enemy and treated incidents like they were civil crimes – when indeed the Islamic Fascist had declared war, Jihad, upon all non-believers and anyone that stood in the way of their goal of domination. It is a war against ideology, not just physical combatants. It is a war whose battles are fought in cyberspace, public places in cities, and on September 11th, 2001 it came to America. However, Americans don’t realize that was the first attack, a physical declaration of war when two separate terrorist attacks occurred in the same city that planes flew into towers to awaken America into realization that this enemy is determined to destroy our nation and the people in it. They have had the opportunity to work their way within our nation because of our government’s inability to conceive common sense and political leaders not taking seriously the warnings given by professional intelligence and national security analysts. When President GW Bush took office his task was set before him because government had become an entity where one department wasn’t cooperating with another and the military morale and logistical concerns were bankrupt. But it took 9/11 to awaken the facts at hand and the Homeland Security entity was born – a conglomeration of agencies and departments working together to achieve the same purpose – national security. Meanwhile, like presidents before him, the flood gates were open and there were/are people in this nation who are illegally here and the government couldn’t determine how many. So, after creating this problem, our government, run by those we elected, decided to take the easy route and declare amnesty for the millions who broke our immigration laws and broke the law against false identification. Who knows how many among them were soldiers of Islamic Fascism whose mission was to establish a network, some in plain view, of organizations and underground terrorist cells to further their cause? Using the morally and ethically bankrupt mainstream media, they and the leftist politicians and Republicans who went along with it help build that base into something evil and dangerous to gain strength. The enemy uses our democracy and political correctness against us – taking advantage of our sensibilities and charitable demeanor, as well as our belief in freedom of religion. But no religion can be tolerated that has a doctrine of violence and intolerance against all other religions. That is when freedom of religion does not apply.

Yet, people who love freedom, liberty and peace, as well as myself, know that the terrorists and despot national leaders who support them must be fought to prevent their strength from growing and organizing to keep them from the shores of our beloved America. Have we not learned from the events of the 1930s that led to the Second World War?

When we read in the 1980s of terrorists doing damage and killing civilians in their unholy raids upon cities and places on foreign soil, Americans felt badly for those victims; yet our government and the government of our coalition troops did not comprehend that the beginning of a world war was taking place. Americans falsely believed that this could not possibly happen here.

This world war is not like the last, where nations gathered together called the “Allies” fought against a specific and defined enemy called the “Axis.” This world war is being fought against an enemy who has a twisted concept of the Islamic religion, who uses fear and threat as their means of keeping Moslems in sympathy to their hateful cause; and the leader of the largest terrorist organization in the world – Osama bin Laden – has made their purpose clear: they will not stop until totally defeating free nations and the world comes under their Caliphate Islamist theocracy.

We have Americans here, some may be our neighbors, who actually believe that resident Bush is more evil than the Hamas or the al-Qaeda; and that is not an “opinion” – it is traitorous, especially when it is false.

Whenever you see an organization that is supporting our troops to let them know we appreciate their loyalty and sense of duty – please join them and let the troops know that as they have not let the Iraqi down, neither shall we, as Americans back home, will not let them down. Since the first shot was fired in Operation Iraqi freedom and the second phase of reconstruction began in Operation Enduring Freedom 2,557 American military have died in action and 17,597 have been wounded (about 25% of those wounded were returned to duty, DOD report as of March 2006). The death toll for Iraqi civilians at the hands of terrorists is about three to four times that amount. Yet, we still have men and women in America who are voluntarily signing up for active duty, active reserve and National Guard units because they feel that the terrorists and terrorism must end – wherever they are and the Iraqi people are not giving into tyrants that resemble Saddam Hussein who was finally toppled with America’s help. It was a promise not kept when Kuwait was liberated and the Republican Guard of Saddam Hussein were running for the safety of Baghdad. Villages that had believed the US Cavalry was arriving over the hill took upon themselves to prepare for their arrival and even captured Saddam’s henchmen in detainment until they arrived – all arranged by American CIA and other national operatives, only to find that a ceasefire was called and Saddam was safe in one of his many luxurious palaces. Twelve years later, when America and coalition forces finally decided to topple the Butcher of Baghdad and his regime, the found the mass graves of those brave people who took the chance with their lives to gain freedom – men, women and children. Despots and tyrants don’t differentiate.

The men and women who voluntarily serve our nation as Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen are your neighbors’ children next door or just up the street – fellow Americans. Don’t let them down by falling for the propaganda you read and hear from the media, see on TV or from the rhetoric of politicians whose only loyalty lies with their political party and are morally bankrupt. These politically motivated anti-Americans are even using a grief stricken parent (out of 2,557) as a tool in their propaganda efforts, a deranged women whose committed acts of treason and has sided with enemies of America rather than with those that serve her country.

I highly recommend that you read James Philips’ analysis, The Myths About Iraq – who is a Research Fellow in Middle Eastern Studies who has shown that the Democrat leadership’s criticism is strictly politically motivated.

And, as an afterthought, it is quite ironic about those aforementioned (except for John Kerry, who shamed himself and those who served in the 1970s) – they’ve never wore the uniform of the United States military so couldn’t possibly know what the troops are going through or what their commanders are dealing with. Not everyone can or would want to be a volunteer in America’s military, but all can certainly do our part here at home by supporting our troops and encouraging our government to make common sense decisions and work together to get the mission accomplished as quickly as possible. Quit encouraging the enemy by agreeing with the falsehoods of the mainstream, politically motivated media.

Despite of over a decade of UN sanctions, Saddam Hussein refused to comply and continued terrorizing his own people as well as supporting terrorist groups including having a terrorist training camp complete with a shell of an airliner to practice taking over a commercial aircraft. The United States and the coalition forces have every right to stop this “little Hitler” before his evil tyranny spreads any further. Whether Americans want to admit it or not we are in a global war, while not in the scope of World War II, nor does the enemy have a specific national flag or wear a military uniform. While the US Armed Forces have fought insurgency in various places during the course of its history, the type of war is new and possibly unrecognizable to some Americans and other in coalition nations – but it is a war to stop a serious threat to world peace and prevent global domination of an evil theocracy. It is a theocracy of an Islamic political state spread through various nations beyond the Middle and Near East, just as their global conquest agenda in the Medieval Age, they intend to subjugate nations and establish theocracy that has no tolerance for any other religion or those who have none.

In the United States there is the First Amendment that protects religious practice; however, it cannot honored for a religion who has no tolerance, but demands the same from Judeo-Christian America and Europe; and whose doctrine and agenda is global domination, preaching hate and destruction to all non-Islamic religions, even Judaism and Christianity who are monotheistic.