Alert – Censure Jimmy Carter

CNSNews – A conservative group called Move America Forward is in the process of censuring former President Jimmy Carter. They have a website called Censure Carter, which includes photos of Carter with various dictators and terrorists. CNS reports: 

The campaign is a response to Sen. Russ Feingold’s resolution calling for the censure of President Bush. Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat, has accused President Bush of undermining the Constitution and breaking the law with his terrorist surveillance program.

It is an effort to give himself PR for his intentions to run as a presidential candidate, nothing more. Fellow Democrats have advised him to back away from it, while others support Senator Feingold. I said it before and will say it again, Senator Feingold has become an embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin. Former President Carter has been an embarrassment to the entire nation. Chairman Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward was quoted as saying: 

If the Members of Congress have an itchy finger to issue a resolution of censure, they should start with former President Jimmy Carter, who has repeatedly worked to undermine U.S. foreign policy, while happily promoting the interests of known terrorists and terrorist organizations.

J. Carter has verbally attacked American foreign policy in North Korea while praising that nation’s brutal dictator. He also verbally attacked American foreign policy in Cuba while supporting Fidel Castro. And now J. Carter is condemning American and Israeli policies against terrorism while urging support for the terrorist organization, Hamas.
If you are interested in supporting this issue and signing the petition, visit Censure Carter. As of last Wednesday there has been 6,000 signatures thus far.