News From The Global Warming Alarmists

View from the Front Row has linked the BBC report on “global warming” and a quote here is provided:

In the late 20th Century, the northern hemisphere experienced its most widespread warmth for 1,200 years, according to the journal Science.

So what caused the warming period 1,200 years ago?
What caused the Little Ice Age? 
Was it SUVs or inefficient usage of coal burning?
Was it caused from hairspray or other aerosol products?
Was it caused by human activity at all?
Responsible scientists should be looking toward the source of global warming that rises every day in the East and sets in the West – it’s a star we call the Sun.
Junk science is humorous, but not a joke when it motivates governments to spend taxpayer funding on something as to the illusive cause of global warming, just as it is a waste of government funds to pay for research on the flatulation of cows (methane gas syndrome). Junk science and scientists are also dangerous. They are politically motivated and have been proven that their “research” is faulty, and in some cases deliberately erroneous. Their idea is more important than the truth. Look at the Kyoto Treaty and see what a remarkable achievement it has caused – mostly of governments spending taxpayer money on a hair-brained scheme drummed up by publicity-seeking scientists who would rather be the prime subject in a science magazine or article than to correctly use standard methods of research in order to see if their theory is correct.

Remember, it was only a little over a decade ago that scientists were predicting another Ice Age; today it is global warming and instead of being buried in glacier ice, New York City will be completely flooded or so the alarmist tells us. While in Turkey, I observed Roman towns and villages that are now underwater, but were once sitting dry and happy on the coastline. Places like Ephesus, whose docks sit upon dry land with the sea at least two kilometers away. The coastline changed over the course of time. Earth’s history has changed due to climate and geological reasons. Once upon a time, Antarctica was a dry land mass with trees and full of animal life – today it has approximately two miles of ice and snow on top of it. One the SaharaDesert was a lush tropical place; today it is one of the hottest, driest and most desolate of places on Earth.

We may be experiencing a rise in carbon dioxide and methane gases, but a recent study has shown that carbon dioxide is a friend to plants and, in turn, plants are a friend to other living things, like mammal. Plants use carbon dioxide and humans expel it; but humans benefit from the product produced by plants – oxygen.
Enuff said, for now.