Illegal Aliens Cost American Taxpayers Even When Dead

Border States are paying for illegal immigrants who die while trying to enter the United States, according to a report by NewsMax.
In the past five years nearly 100 people who died from heat-related causes have been recovered in the New Mexico desert near the Mexican border. In each case, taxpayers pay for transporting their remains and performing an autopsy that costs $2,500 each person. Other illegal immigrants have died by being struck down by automobiles or killed in accidents when the vehicles that were transporting them lost control sometimes while trying to escape police pursuit.
In Arizona, 224 illegal immigrants have died this year in Yuma and Tucson. Millions of dollars have been spent by states to examine the dead and then prepare them for burial. Most of the dead do not have identification, so medical examiners must scan fingerprints, trace dental records or contact the Mexican consulate to notify the relatives. When bodies go unclaimed, the state make arrangements to burn or bury the dead that costs up to $3,000 and those expenses are the responsibility of the counties where the bodies are found. State and local residents also pay for thousands of illegals who are treated at hospitals for injuries suffered in their illegal efforts to enter the United States. States must pay overtime for law enforcement officials attempting to stop illegal immigration and drug smuggling operations at the US/Mexico border. In Arizona almost 54,000 pounds of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana have been confiscated by police just this year. These costs are draining financial resources and should be reclaimed from the Mexican government that encourages emigration that is illegal.