Tractor Trailer 3-dimensional ads – Are they real?

Myth Blaster: Tractor-trailer ads that look 3-dimensional have popped up around email and Joan B., Illinois sent me the pictures.

The photos are real, but the trucks are not painted or the photo sheets are not pasted on directly – they are put on with canvas covers and the art is painted on the canvas. The photographs [See Photo Gallery] were covered at a website called Rhino Award from a Rolling Advertising Awards competition in Germany and was posted October 14th, 2005. The competition was held at Hockenholm Ring (race track) near Heidelberg, Germany and sponsored by RollAd, which is a business that rents out advertising space on the sides of trucks. As stated previously, the ads are interchangeable with canvas covers and are placed on the trailer portion of the 18-wheelers. The images you see (passed around the Internet) were for the sponsored ad design competition, The Pepsi ad won first place in the contest. The photographs are digital mock-ups created for the competition.

Verdict: Real ads, but digitally enhanced photos. [Urban Legends]