Message from FAIR concerning President Bush’s 2nd Speech, May 15th

Message from FAIR concerning President Bush’s second speech last night:

Our immigration crisis has been boiling over for years now-at its fastest pace under President Bush's Administration. Now, after six long years of inaction, the President took 17 minutes to campaign for his political legacy and looked directly into the camera to show that he is serious about border security. Sitting in the Oval Office, the President looked right at the American people and did his best to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public and conservative members of his own party. But when put into perspective, the President's speech shows he only intends to offer a token gesture to border security while renewing his push for Congress to adopt a massive guest worker amnesty program.

The President used his Oscar moment by stating he finally wants to address the "basic responsibility of a sovereign nation" and secure the nation's borders. The President called for the deployment of 6,000 National Guard members to our southern border. While under normal circumstances this might be considered an improvement, the President from the outset sought to undermine their success. The National Guard troops will not carry weapons and will not be permitted to assist in apprehensions or detainment. In other words, they might as well join the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Thank you Mr. President.

Not only will the National Guard be limited to a support role, President Bush stated that the National Guard on the southern border will only be "temporary." Whether this is temporary until the Senate passes its massive guest worker amnesty (S.2611) or temporary until the elections of November 7, 2006 is still to be determined. The President has miscalculated the American public yet again. Border security is not something the American people want managed for political gain; they want the borders secured in fact and immigration laws enforced in reality.