California Responds to Forest Fires in Mexico

Last weekend there were 23 blazes in the United States that burned more than 275,000 acres in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming and according to the National Interagency Fire Center there have been 54,686 wildfires that occurred on 3.2 million acres across the nation this year, which is three times the average of just over 1 million acres.

So, while these wildfires are occurring in the Southwest, the state of California sent more than four dozen firefighters 300 miles south of the border to battle fires in Mexico. Last week the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) dispatched two engine teams (total of ten engines and 54 personnel) with the office of California governor’s approval (Schwarzenegger) via Baja California Governor Eugenio Elorduy Walther. CDF Fire Captain Jesse Estrada stated that Border Agency Fire Council agreements allow US firefighters to fight blazes one mile over the border. He stated that California state “was able to fill the request while still remaining ready to respond to any wildfires here in California.” It seems everyone, even WMD who reported it, has failed to mention that the cost of this operation comes out of the California’s state treasury that is composed of taxpayer funding. California has been suffering from a weak economy for some time and now the residents of that state can see one example of why the state has gone bankrupt several times. Between welfare benefits being doled out to illegal immigrants and fund wasting operations such as this, it is a wonder that California residents are not besieging the California state government building. It seems that California’s state name should be changed to “Mexifornia” – the title of Victor Hanson Davis’ book. [Photo provided by Friend of LPJ, Joan B., Illinois]

Mexifornia Driver's License


2 comments on “California Responds to Forest Fires in Mexico

  1. Marion says:

    It’s too bad you included that propagandist pseudo-driver’s license. Makes you seem like a bigot. As does blaming all of California’s financial problems on illegal immigrants (I know you probably only meant to suggest that aliens are a part of the problem, but it doesn’t sound that way).

  2. Keith Lehman says:

    Read the book “Mexifornia” and then get back to me.

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