Debra Saunders Writes About Steve Irwin

For those worldwide fans of Steve Irwin, Debra J. Saunders, writes her opinion of Irwin:
Now you know why Aussie crocodile aficionado Steve Irwin called the new TV show he was working on ‘The Ocean’s Deadliest.’ …With Irwin gone, the world will see a little less swagger. Irwin’s enthusiasm was infectious and his love for animals was apparent. You have to admire a man who, trained as a diesel mechanic, parlayed his passion for reptiles into worldwide fame and fortune. Now he leaves behind a wife and two young children, as well as an admirable legacy of donating millions to wildlife conservation. Australian Prime Minister John Howard called Irwin’s death ‘ a huge loss to Australia’ and offered to hold a state funeral – which Irwin’s family humbly declined. …Many Australians, however could not stand Irwin. As ex-patriot Germaine Greer wrote in the Guardian, ‘The animal world has finally taken its revenge on Irwin.

Well, he was a favorite among Americans and, I for one, will miss him.