Snippets: Facebook Scam Alert; Govt Watch; F22 Raptor; Wisconsin Taxes Increase

 Don Farr sent me a link to ZD Net that warns Facebook folks of an email scam …

frustrated-computerist_animatedOn the heels of one fake Facebook e-mail scam, a researcher warned on Wednesday of another such campaign in which users of the popular social network are being tricked into revealing their passwords and downloading a Trojan that steals financial data. n the latest scam being blasted to e-mail in-boxes, a legitimate-looking Facebook notice asks people to provide information to help the social network update its log-in system, said Fred Touchette, a senior security analyst at AppRiver. When the user clicks the “update” button in the e-mail, they are directed to a fake Facebook log-in screen where their user name is filled in and they are prompted to provide their password. Here is a screen shot of the message in the body of the fake Facebook e-mail. (Credit: AppRiver).
For more, read “
Bank Trojan botnet targets Facebook users” from CNET News

 Alexander Deane, a former chief of staff to David Cameron MP in the United Kingdom at Human Events wrote Surveillance Nation reporting about America’s important ally as Big Brother Britain and a clear warning to America and other free nations about encroachment upon individual liberties and human rights, and the loss thereof under Big Government control …

big-brother-poster_01I’ve written previously on HUMAN EVENTS about the state of Big Brother Britain, and things are only getting worse. News broke this week that the police have a series of databases recording the personal details of thousands of people who attend protests or rallies, which are searchable by a number of officers and come complete with color photographs assembled and printed onto “spotter cards” which are then distributed to enable agencies to monitor attendees at events.  Cost of this part of the surveillance state alone?  Over nine million pounds. … Now, it seems that the U.S. is thinking about following our example. The people of the good city of Atlanta are currently debating the installation of an additional 500 — yes, 500 — CCTV cameras. … Research indicates that crime is not driven down by the presence of CCTV as confirmed by London’s Metropolitan Police report this year, which stated that one crime per year was solved per thousand cameras. … So — pause before following our example.  Once you’ve created the surveillance state, it’s very, very hard to dismantle it[i]

We are not alone in the fight against Big Government and encroachment upon liberties and freedom. A long time ago our nation was conceived on the principles of freedom and individual liberties which caused the Founders to declare independence, which resulted in the American Revolutionary War. That nation, once ruled by monarchy, has since become a valuable and trustworthy friend to the United States and free nations everywhere; an alliance that joins in coalition to stop tyranny in hot spots around the world to prevent it spreading like Islamic fascism has done because of free nations falling asleep at the wheel.

A lie told often enough becomes truth.
Vladimir Lenin

There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.
William James (1842-1910), pioneer of modern Psychology.

√ If at First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again by Ann CoulterHuman Events and Townhall. …

sheehanSuspiciously, Daniel Pearl‘s widow is suddenly being lavishly praised by the Treason Lobby. Jane Mayer, co-author of the discredited hit-book on Clarence Thomas, “Strange Justice,” published an article in The New Yorker last week recounting that Mariane Pearl was called by Alberto Gonzales in March with the news that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had admitted to American interrogators that he had personally beheaded her husband and they were going to release the transcript to the press. Mayer wrote: “Gonzales’ announcement seemed like a publicity stunt.” Frank Rich followed up with an article in The New York Times saying of Gonzales’ call: “Ms. Pearl recognized a publicity ploy when she saw it.” … All the Democrats’ most dearly beloved anti-war/anti-Bush heroes invariably end up in the Teresa Heinz Kerry wing of the nut-houseScott Ritter went from being a trusted U.N. weapons inspector valiantly defending poor, misunderstood Saddam Hussein from George Bush’s imperialistic war to being just another creep trying to have sex with underage girlsCindy Sheehan once had “absolute moral authority.” Now she’s just a madwoman writing mash notes to Venezuelan strongman Hugo ChavezMax Cleland was a war hero who lost his limbs as a result of Viet Cong grenades, giving him the stature to gleefully taunt George Bush and Dick Cheney. “Where the hell were you in the Vietnam War?” Cleland responded to Cheney. “If you had gone to Vietnam like the rest of us, maybe you would have learned something about war.” Then we learned Cleland was a victim only of his own clumsiness and had dropped the grenade on himself in Vietnam after stopping for a beer[ii] … The congressional campaign of anti-war Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett was treated in the media as if it were the Second Coming. … Gen. Wesley Clark was once compared to Eisenhower, which, in mediaspeak, means: “He is virulently anti-Bush.” … Then it turned out the only war Clark wanted to lead wasAmerica‘s War on Fetuses, declaring that abortion should be legal for any reason until the moment of birth. Soon Clark was buddying around with Michael Moore and Madonna. Also, he claimed he had received calls from “the White House” by which he meant “a think tank in Canada.” Last we heard, Gen. Clark was on the alternate listcindy-sheehan_chavez-arrestfor “Dancing With the Stars.” Joe Wilson went from being billed in the media as a trusted adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney and billed (by himself) as an eyewitness to the president’s “lies,” to being an apron-wearing househusband who had been sent on an errand by his wife. Not only did he fail to debunk the Niger yellowcake story, he also forgot to bring home the quart of milk his wife had requested. … The Joe Wilson celebrity tour officially ended when The WashingtonPost editorialized: “It’s unfortunate that so many people took (Wilson) seriously” — not the least of whom were reporters at The Washington Post itself.
f conservatives are the ones driven by ideological passions, then why are liberals the ones always falling for laughable hoaxes in support of their anti-war ideological agenda? And if liberal beliefs are true, why do they need all the phony stunts to prove them? How about liberals keep hoaxes out of politics and return them to their rightful place: “proving” Darwinian evolution.

And if liberals are really liberal – Why did they just pass another Hate Crime Law tucked conveniently within the defense spending bill as an amendment? Mike Spence stated that defense bill should be about defense. Certainly not an additional protection for homosexuals, which affords no protection and is just another step toward hate speech laws – clearly against the First Amendment, but so is attempt of blackballing of FOX News from the White House. Mark Alexander is correct: the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights are in dangerous jeopardy.
√ H.D. Baumann wrote a book entitled Hitler’s Fate: The Final Story, presented on the History Channel as Mystery Quest: Hitler’s Escape. The author took advantage of the opening of records from the former Soviet Union that was closed and kept secret from the world until the publishing of Mr. Baumann’s book. The author presents interesting questions pertaining to facts revealed:

√ holocaust00During a time that the President of Iran and others are denying the Holocaust in Nazi Germany existed the USC Shoah Foundation Institute has published a video account of testimony from the institute’s archive that contains almost 52,000 video testimonies of Holocaust survivors and witnesses in 32 languages and from 56 countries. Access has been provided to their Archive. Recently Steven Spielberg received the Liberty Medal (in Philadelphia, October 9th, 2009) for his support of telling stories of survivors of the Holocaust and those that helped Jewish victims at the peril of their lives. As you know, Steven Spielberg produced the filmSchindler’s List that is an award-winning film and testament that people in Germany and elsewhere formed an underground system to save lives of persecuted Jews.USC Shoah’s mission: To overcome prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry – and the suffering they cause – through the educational use of the Institute’s visual history testimonies.
 In matters of national security, national defense and common sense, the Obama Nation military budget is weak. W. Thomas Smith, Jr. wrote in an article We Need Both atHuman Events …

AIR_F-35B_Cutaway_lgTest pilot Jon Beesley — one of only two men on the planet to have flown both the F-35 Lightning II and the F-22 Raptor— says aerial combat is not two gunfighters facing each other in the middle of the street, drawing pistols, and shooting it out. … Air combat has always been about stealth; about being able to get into position to kill the other guy — preferably unobserved — and if you are observed, being able to outmaneuver him. … It is that stealth, superior air-combat training, platforms that outperform all others, and sheer numbers of aircraft that have enabled America to dominate the skies above every battlespace in which U.S. forces have been engaged for nearly 60 years. But that air-dominance — which Air Force officials say far too many Americans take for granted — has increasingly become a hyper-costly proposition.
America’s hottest new fighter aircraft programs: Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor, a now 10-year-old super-stealthy air-supremacy fighter designed to replace the F-15 Eagle; and the not-yet-operational also-stealthy Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. Both fifth-generation fighters. Neither of which competes with  the other. Meant for different missions they are, rather,  designed to compliment  each other. The F-22 was built for speed: Though her numbers are classified, she can outrun, out climb, and outmaneuver any fighter aircraft a potential adversary might be able to put up against us. … Basically, nothing on earth can touch it much less see it. Problem is, the $130-million-plus Raptor was capped at 187 airplanes in recent Defense spending cuts. Then we have the F-35, the first-ever aircraft designed to replace four existing aircraft from three services:
– The CTOL (conventional takeoff-and-landing) variant for the Air Force will replace the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the “tank-killing’ A-10 Thunderbolt.
– The STOVL (short takeoff-vertical landing) variant for the Marine Corps will replacc the AV-8 Harrier “jump jet”.
– The carrier takeoff-and-landing variant for the Navy and Marine Corps will replace the F-18 Hornet.
f22_schem_01Because it is designed as a family of three warplanes — and 70-80 percent of each variant is common to the other two — the F-35 is said by Lockheed officials to be extremely cost effective throughout the life of the program, about 30-plus years. One jet in three versions means one assembly line instead of three. Though not as expensive as the F-22 and though cost-estimates vary based on a variety of factors, the price of an F-35 is anywhere from $60 million to $90 million per copy (just under $50 billion to $60-plus million if looking at the 2002 baseline estimates), with the CTOL fighter on the low end, and the more expensive models being the increased bells-and-whistles STOVL and carrier jets. Granted, she’s not as fast as the F-22 nor is she quite as maneuverable at supersonic speeds, but the F-35 can carry more weapons and run a broader range of missions than the F-22.
 The F-35 is amazing in action: Able to simultaneously fight at least eight enemy planes, and, at the same time, lock-on to as many as 16 enemy ground targets. She can track literally hundreds of targets for 360 degrees and at tracking distances that — though classified — far exceed the distances of the legacy jets. And like the F-22, there is nothing out there that can outfight F-35.  Except the F-22. …the F-35 is not designed to be an air-superiority fighter, and so when I suggest it not be billed as such, Beesley suggests “That may be a naïve point of view,” adding “those who attack the air-superiority capabilities of the airplane use a benchmark that’s way above everybody else.” … The F-22 Raptor became operational in 2005. The F-35 was officially christened the Lightning II in 2006. The first Lightning was the old P-38 Lightning, also a Lockheed-built airplane, of World War II fame. That Lightning shot down more enemy planes (including the plane transporting Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto over the Solomons) than any other U.S. warplane in the Pacific theater[iv]

 Judicial Watch, October 21stIranChina Lead the World in Stealing U.S. Military Technology According to Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch …

FHM-world-of-espionage-lgJudicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Iran and China lead the world in stealing sensitive U.S. military equipment and technology according to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)from the Justice Department’s National Security Division. The documents include a report entitled, “Significant Export Control Cases Since September 2001,” which was prepared by the Counter Espionage Section (CES), and includes the charges, investigative agency, defendants and disposition of each case. …
According to a Justice Department news release included in the documents released to Judicial Watch: “The illegal exports bound for Iran have involved such items as missile guidance systems, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) components, military aircraft parts, night vision systems and other materials. Theillegal exports to China have involved rocket launch dataSpace Shuttle technologymissile technologynaval warship dataUnmanned Aerial Vehicle or ‘drone’ technology, thermal imaging systemsmilitary night vision systems and other materials.”
“These documents show that Iran and China have concerted efforts to obtain U.S. military technology in violation of our laws,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Obama administration needs to maintain vigilance against the illegal efforts of enemies such as 
Iran to obtain our sensitive technologies.” [v]

Also read World Net Daily, October 23rdReport Identifies Top Thieves of U.S. Secrets. It’s time to reinstate the death penalty for traitors and take American national security more seriously. In order to do that, the American voters must remove the sociocrats from Congress and ensure that the likes of Clinton, Bush and Obama never grace the White House with the likes of their presence again.
Also, IranNorth KoreaChina and Russia are searching cyberspace, according to ZDNet in its gadget reviews, for US secrets. It is the networking that has aided Islamic Fascists in obtaining information and technology that makes them ever-increasingly dangerous, as well as demonstrating that Russia is returning to its old ways under the banner of the Soviet Union and the concept of the Cold War strategies.
 Rep. Garey Bies reported that the Wisconsin Public Service utility out of Green Bay, Wisconsin has recently added a new tax on utilities due to Governor Doyle and fellow Democrats passing Wisconsin Act 28 in the biennial budget bill – that Rep. Bies voted against. This new tax is part of the $4.7 billion in new taxes since Governor Doyle was reelected. As Mr. Bies stated in his newsletter:

This new utility tax is just one of $4.7 billion in new taxes the Democrats have enacted since the beginning of the current legislative session.  All at a time when the state and nation’s economies are reeling and unemployment is high and continuing to rise.  Raising taxes is never a good idea, but when our families are facing pay cuts and unemployment, higher taxes are the last thing we needThe kicker regarding the new utility tax bill is the claim by Democrats that it is going to pay the salaries of District Attorneys.  District Attorneys should not be the target of the people’s ire.  The DAs did not request this tax, did not lobby for it.  In fact, the tax doesn’t even go to pay for the DA’s salaries!  The revenue from this tax goes into the General Fund where it can be used for anything.  It is similar to another new tax I talked about in a previous Notes from the West Wing that the Democrats implemented on cellular phones.  That new tax was claimed to be used for funding emergency services.  Of course, in the same swipe of the pen that created the new tax, the Democrats re-routed the proceeds of that tax to guess where?  That’s right, the General Fund where it can be used for anythingThe bad news for residents is that new utility tax, and the new cellular phone tax, and many others, like the 127% tax increase on nursing home beds, were part of the budget bill that is already signed into law.  We tried to remove these (and other) taxes from the budget and ultimately I voted against the budget bill, but unfortunately the Democrats had the votes and passed it.  Now it is going to take a new legislature to undo the damage done. By the way, anyone notice their new garbage tax yet?

√ Joan Bartelson dropped me a note concerning the article written by AP writers Brett J. Blackledge and Matt Apuzzo concerning the Obama economic recovery plan …

The White House is promising that new figures being released Friday will be a more accurate showing of progress in President Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan. It aggressively defended an earlier, faulty count that overstated by thousands the jobs created or saved so far. …in its limited review, the AP found job counts that were more than 10 times as high as the actual number of paid positions; jobs credited to the stimulus program that were counted two and sometimes more than four times; and other jobs that were credited to stimulus spending when none was produced.

[i] Mr. Deane is the director of Big Brother Watch.

[ii] Max Cleland is also the senator who ignored veterans, such as myself, who requested an investigation of a mysterious Vaccine A (along with the Anthrax vaccine) that disappeared off of Persian Gulf war veterans’ shot records and the government denying it existed and possible correlation to the Gulf War Syndrome that is finally recognized as a problem after all these years. The only response to my letter of request for congressional investigation was Senator Cleland office placed me on a Gulf War Syndrome veteran newsletter list.
[iii] Photographs of the presumed crematoria site had several petrol cans strewn around where the bodies of Adolph and Eva had presumably been cremated; thus the conclusion that petrol was poured on their bodies for a quick burning of their remains according to statements provided by surviving  personal staff of Hitler.
[iv] Mr. Smith is a contributor to Human Events. A former US Marine rifle-squad leader and counterterrorism instructor, he write about military/defense issues and has covered conflict in the Balkans, on the West Bank, in Iraq and Lebanon. He is the author of six books and his articles appear in several publications.
[v] Also read The Price of American SecretsJudicial Watch, October 15th, 2009: Have you ever wondered what the cost of American technology and defense secrets are? Interestingly, not that much– in 2003, Sabi Yakou and Regard Yakou arranged the sale of six armored patrol boats to Saddam Hussein which only cost them one year of probation.… These cases are part of the “National Security Division’s Counterespionage Section’s Report on Significant Export Control Cases since September 2001.” In a 27 page document, the case, charges, defendants and disposition are all indicated. … Other alarming illegal exports include those to China. The United States will continue to struggle to prevent other nations and entities from engaging in illegal export activities, but without a significant increase of effort to do so, such efforts will barely influence US enemies’ efforts. If US counterterrorism agents and police are able to track down and arrest the offenders, the least the United States can do is prosecute them vigorously. The US may not be able to prevent such theft, but it can exact such a heavy price that individuals will be disinclined to commit these crimes. Isn’t it time to reinstate the death penalty for espionage activities and dealing with traitors?