Protests Continue Against Obamacare – But Sociocrats Aren’t Listening

Protestors continue to march in the Capitol against the Obama and Congress health care legislation that has been changed (amended) several times but still represents Big Government and its irresponsible spending habits.

David A. Pattern wrote in article Premiums to Skyrocket Under Obamacare 

Skyrocketing insurance premiums will slam millions of consumers next year because of “indirect taxes” contained in both the House and Senate versions of healthcare reform, according to various medical and insurance industry experts. Healthcare reforms that were supposed to contain costs actually will cause a sharp hike in premiums, they add. In fact, several studies indicate consumers’ premiums could more than double next year if healthcare reform takes effect. … The rate hikes stem from the hundreds of billions in proposed fees and taxes levied on providers. For example, the Finance Committee’s proposal would assess $322 billion in taxes and fees on insurance premiums, prescription drugs, and medical devices, according to the Senate’s Joint Committee on Taxation. The committee and other experts say virtually all of those costs will be passed along to consumers in all tax brackets — despite President Barack Obama’s pledge not to raise taxes “one dime” on those earning less than $250,000 per year. Another likely frustration for consumers: The premium hikes will take effect right away, while the subsidies and benefits in healthcare reform won’t kick in completely until 2014. … Democrats have promised to insure an additional 35 million Americans, without raising taxes or increasing the tsunami of deficit red ink spilling out of Washington these days. … Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House bill appears even more expensive. It would impose $150 billion in Medicare cuts on the pharmaceutical industry, and a 2.5 percent tax on companies that manufacture medical devices. … A recent Rasmussen Reports poll showed 57 percent of voters nationwide expect the reforms that were supposed to reduce costs actually will make them go up. Also, 53 percent of voters expect the quality of healthcare in the post-reform era will get worse.

America must save itself.