Glenn Beck – Patriot or Troublemaker?

What can one say about the personage known as Glenn Beck?
Well it depends whether you are a patriot or a sociocrat or whatever political ideology you may have. He is controversial to say the least and outspoken – but he is telling folks the way it is. His popularity shows the people are starting to get the idea that We the People have trodden down the wrong road for at least 50 years when government and society allowed the twisted ideology of socialism (and communism) to run its course. A long history of subversion and traitorous acts against the United States of America.
They laughed and scoffed at McCarthy and named the period of American history as McCarthyism, but as history has revealed which wasn’t available at the time – he was pretty much on track. True, sometimes he carried his endeavor to rid America of communist and socialist infiltrators out of the country and the federal court found a man and wife [Rosenberg] guilty of espionage and treason by providing the Soviet Union with national security secrets. They were sentenced to death and would be the last time traitors would executed to date.
The first American traitor was not executed but exiled on a prison ship for the rest of his life in a harbor where he could see the country betrayed but never set foot on its land for the rest of his life. His name became as well-known and infamous as Judas IscariotBenedict Arnold.

Glenn Beck is revealing the infiltration of our nation via socialism with those who would create a statist government and a nanny state society killing the republic which was created 233 years ago in a slow death that has escalated since 2006 when the Democrats took over Congress and the election of Barack H. Obama in 2008. Mr. Obama didn’t initiate any of it except make matters worse by doing what he complained that his predecessor did – increase the national debt to astronomical proportions. But his agenda is not just to root out those that will destroy our nation, but educate Americans in order to protect their individual rights, for the government cannot be reformed without the People – those whose government it is.
It is readily seen that Glenn Beck’s popularity has risen. He has a syndicated radio show that airs on more than 400 stations, a web site and web casts and attracts 3 million viewers each night on the Glenn TV Show according to Newsmax. Glenn Beck, in fact is featured on the Newsmax magazine cover on the latest issue, if you are interested just follow the link above, the Newsmax photo is posted on the left. Presently they have an offer to receive a free emergency radio with a subscription to their magazine.
In a November 23rd posting at the Glenn Beck website, he writes about his road trip getting involved with people that are protesting healthcare, the national debt, unconstitutional practices, out-of-control spending, pork-earmark bills, all accumulating into the instruments destroying America. In the middle of that he was on a book tour to promote his newest book. I don’t know how he finds time to visit his family or get enough sleep, much less time to write a book!
In this particular story he reveals his Plan with some highlights:

       Education is key, and not just for our children. To that end, we will be conducting a series of conventions. These will be full-day experiences where you will be immersed in learning about topics ranging from self-reliance, the economy and how to be a political force in your own neighborhood and county. The first one will be in Orlando at UCF Arena on March 27th. You will also be able to vote to have a convention in your region by clicking here.

       I have begun meeting with some of the best in the country that believe in limited government, maximum freedom and the values of our Founders. I am developing a 100 year plan. …

       All of the above will culminate in The Plan, a book that will provide specific policies, principles and, most importantly, action steps that each of us can take to play a role in this Refounding.

       On August 28, 2010, I ask you, your family and neighbors to join me at the feet of Abraham Lincoln on the National Mall for the unveiling of The Plan and the birthday of a new national movement to restore our great country. 

For those interested in Glenn Beck’s history, I will briefly provide that here …
Born on February 10th, 1964 as Glenn Lee Beck in Everett, Washington and moved shortly after to Mount Vernon, Washington where his parents owned and operated City Bakery in downtown Mount Vernon. Glenn was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended a catholic school in Mount Vernon. At the age of 13, in 1977, he won a contest that provided him his first radio broadcast gig as a disc jockey for KBRC in Mount Vernon. It would one of the best times of his life, and the worst, for in the same year his parents divorced. In 1979, his mother died by drowning in Puget Sound, but it remains a mystery whether it was an accident or suicide. The man she was with in the boat also drowned. According to Wikipedia:

A Tacoma police report filed after the drowning stated that Mary Beck “appeared to be a classic drowning victim”, but a Coast Guard investigator speculated that she could have either fallen or jumped overboard.

After his mother’s funeral, Glenn and his older sister moved to their father’s house in Bellingham, Washington and that is where he graduated high school. But more tragedy occurred after his mother’s death – his stepbrother committed suicide, and as Glenn stated he used

 Dr. Jack Daniel’s” to cope.[9]

Glenn graduated high school at 18 and relocated to Provo, Utah where he worked at the KAYK radio station. He was uncomfortable there and stated he didn’t fit in – so he left Utah after being there six months and took a job at WPGC in Washington, DC, February of 1983.
While working there he met his first wife, Claire. They had two daughters, Mary and Hannah, Mary being born with cerebral palsy because of several strokes she had at birth. Claire and Glenn divorced in 1994 and Glenn began to deal with substance abuse. After joining Alcoholics Anonymous in 1994, within a month he had stopped drinking and smoking marijuana.
In 1998 Glenn remarried with second wife, Tania and they joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1999, mostly because of his daughter, Mary. Tania and Beck had two daughters, Raphe and Cheyenne and they live in New Canaan, Connecticut.
In 2002, Glenn created Mercury Radio, to produce his broadcasting, publishing and online projects, as well as live performances.
Glenn considers himself a libertarian, but also a conservative. His core values list includes: personal responsibility, private charity, right to life, freedom of religion, low debt, limited government, and family as the cornerstone of society. He also is an advocate for gun ownership rights and against gun control legislation. He is against the consensus that global warming is caused by human activity and believes the American Clean Energy and Security Act is just another way to distribute wealth by the sociocrats. He also promoted a petition against the Kyoto Protocol.
Glenn managed a campaign called 9-12 Project that names nine principles and twelve values that is the spirit of the American people after the September 11th, 2001 Islamic Fascist attacks in New York and Washington, DC. He is an avid supporter for the tea party protests that the mainstream media tries to portray as astroturfers, anti-government, as well as accusations that the protestors are paid demonstrators by the corporate world of America. It might be noted here that Democrats are guilty, for the most part, of all the nasty things they say about anyone opposing their political agenda.
In September of 2009, the FreedomWorks project that organized the Taxpayer March on Washington was inspired by Glenn Beck’s 9/12 project.
Glenn has become a best-selling author and has released six books since 2003:
  1. The Christmas Sweater (2008) – #1 on New York Times Bestseller from November 30th, 2008 to December 25th, 2008, a fiction hardcover book.
  2. America’s March to Socialism: Why We’re One Step Closer to Giant Missile Parades, an audiobook published by Simon and Shuster in 2006.
  3. Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government, Simon and Shuster, 2009.
  4. An Inconvenient Book.
  5. Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine, Simon and Shuster, 2009.
  6. The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland, Pocket Books, 2003.
  7. An Unlikely Mormon, The Conversion Story of Glenn Beck, Deseret Book, 2008.
Glenn Beck is also publisher of Fusion Magazine.
In reviews of his television shows, the descriptions have been missed –

Mix of moral lessons, outrage and an apocalyptic view of the future … capturing the feelings of an alienated class of Americans. [*]

As far as Glenn is concerned he has

Referred to himself as an entertainer, a commentator rather than a reporter, a rodeo clown, and identified with Howard Beale … [†]

In 2009, Glenn Beck lashed out at the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and claimed that voter fraud was evident in the 2008 presidential election. [‡] In September of 2009, Glenn promoted a series of undercover videos portraying community organizers offering inappropriate advice to filmmakers who posed as a pimp and prostitute during visits to several ACORN offices. Because of this and an investigation, the US House and Senate voted to cut all federal funding to the organization that resulted in a lawsuit against the federal government by ACORN. All of this made Glenn unpopular in the Democratic Party, mainstream media, and sociocrats arena.
Also in 2009, Glenn Beck’s lawyers brought a case [§] against the owner of a satirical website named with the World Intellectual Property Organization and Glenn claimed that the site infringed on his trademarked name and that the domain should be turned over to Beck. The WIPO ruled against Beck, but Isaac Eiland-Hall voluntarily transferred the domain to Glenn Beck saying

…that the First Amendment had been upheld and that he no longer had a use for the domain name.

Controversial as all of this, and more, seems – Glenn Beck usually comes out on top after investigations are made, much to the chagrin of the American political left.
Glenn Beck has become on of the identified leaders in the Second American Revolution-Reformation movement initiated to wake-up apathetic Americans and show those that voted for Mr. Obama and associates made a grave mistake.
On a few occasions he has busted myths generating from the so-called hardcore right or neoconservative element in America and those who seem fascinated in finding conspiracy in almost everything, at least that which concerns the conservatives of America.
Glenn Beck’s steam train is not seeming to run out of coal and is a primary spearhead in the advocacy of reforming America’s government and encouraging American citizens to educate themselves and begin the reformation by reforming themselves in the matters of principals, family values and understanding what their rights and liberties are within the US Constitution and begin demanding that those elected or want to be elected better toe the line in reestablishing and maintaining the republic that was founded 233 years ago.
One of Glenn Beck’s posters, We Can Do It! – with an image of Rosie the Riveter has become a popular icon in the conservative-libertarian movement of reform.
The following links provide two sides of the view upon Glenn Beck and what he does and what he stands for.
As far as I’m concerned he is not as outlandish as Ann Coulter, considered to be a Vipress even by some conservatives, but he can get a little into what he is discussing. All in all, having followed him from Georgia to Wisconsin, I find him a refreshing wind, considering he doesn’t choose political sides when it comes to right or wrong and I consider him a patriot of the new revolution for the reformation of America. He has the right idea – provide the power and tool of knowledge, making it accessible, presenting the information so people can see it for themselves and then encouraging them to act if they want real change.
Glenn Beck’s personal life story as a recovering alcoholic and then his rise to be an icon against what is wrong with America and those who are crumbling away at the edges of individual liberty. Keep up the work, Glenn and never lose focus and don’t let fame spoil you like it did Rush Limbaugh, now a recovering drug addict and a better person for it.
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[*] Fox News’s Mad, Apocalyptic, Tearful Rising Star – New York Times, March 31st 2009.
[†] The View, ABC, May 21st 2009.
[‡] It might be noted that the same strong and established history of corruption that is the political machine of Chicago-Cook County that handled Barack H. Obama‘s election was also, through Joseph Kennedy’s organized crime contacts, the same political handlers that allowed John F. Kennedy, the first Irish-Catholic president, to be elected.