Global Warming-Climate Change Alarmists Just Don’t Get It

Despite proof otherwise, the global warming consensus, now changed to the term climate change, continues. Changing the terminology, which the sociocrats do when their diatribe is confronted with facts and true data, doesn’t change the fact that the initial theory was not only based on bad data, but those facts were covered up in order, for what initial purpose, to not let the public know that their doomsday scenarios was, frankly, horse manure, from which methane is produced.

Reading Eugene Robinson’s columns one tends to wonder where this fellow was educated, sometimes printing something truthful and not in step with the Obama Fever – but normally out of touch with reality and truth.
This time he uses the chain email hoax-myth culture to make a point – where neither side can use the nonsense for anything than Myth Blasting, like what is peformed here at Lighthouse Patriot Journal.

In his latest article about the global warming/climate change syndrome, Tell it to the Ice Caps, he demonstrates that like others, they really don’t understand what the climate-change deniers are saying:

Stop hyperventilating, all you climate-change deniers. The purloined e-mail correspondence published by skeptics last week — portraying some leading climate researchers as petty, vindictive and tremendously eager to make their data fit accepted theories — does not prove that global warming is a fraud. If I’m wrong, somebody ought to tell the polar ice caps that they’re free to stop melting. That said, the e-mail episode is more than a major embarrassment for the scientists involved. [I]

Most Americans are convinced that climate change is real — a necessary prerequisite for the kinds of huge economic and behavioral adjustments we would have to make to begin seriously limiting carbon emissions. [II]

Mr. Robinson continues and explains about the purloined email:

Someone hacked into the servers at one of the leading academic centers in the field — the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England — and filched a trove of e-mails and documents, which have been posted on numerous Web sites maintained by climate-change skeptics. … To plot temperatures going back hundreds or thousands of years — long before anyone was taking measurements — you need a set of data that can serve as an accurate proxy.

Mr. Robinson then goes on how scientists who do not believe that global warming or any climate change can be man-made (except in the case of the burning oil wells that Saddam Hussein infamously caused), and even if temperatures are changing there isn’t a damn thing that the sociocrats, including Mr. Robinson can do about it. What they are proposing is putting nations in debt for nothing. I am not talking about cleaning up our pollution problem, I am referring only to the junk science subject.
Robinson ends his article with:

It would be great if this were all a big misunderstanding. But we know carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and we know the planet is hotter than it was a century ago. The skeptics might have convinced one another, but so far they haven’t gotten through to the vanishing polar ice.

Mr. Robinson, like too many others refuses to notice that the ice caps have retreated and extended and broken off into icebergs far back in the history of Earth. In addition, they are not counting in the fact that once Antarctica was a temperate climate with plants and animals, or configuring in the information about how the Sun affects Earth. Carbon dioxide is good for plant life; indeed, they absorb it and in return provide the mammals and other creatures with oxygen. Spray some CO2 on your hand and you might get frostbite or a cold injury. All of this is basic science, taught in high school.

So, again, Mr. Robinson, where did you and those junk scientists attend school?
Americans need to know so they can make sure their children don’t attend.
It has also been shown that the father of this hoax is Al Gore and associates, where it has been found that they intend to initiate a trillion-dollar enterprise from this global tragedy. Sociocrats (liberal-progressives and classic socialists) use tragedy, real or imagined, as one of their tools to keep the sheeple in line with their agenda. This is written in the Communist Manifesto as well as the rules of the road to socialism – including labor unions. Fear is the tool for submission.
America and some other nations are already experiencing a serious crisis of economic recession/depression, America or any other nation need not waste taxpayer funding on pyramid schemes and junks science like global warming legislation, ecology committees at the infamous UN, and treaties designed only to filch funds from more productive nations.
Just like the two presidents before him, Mr. Obama and associates are going to deepen the debt and continue America’s course toward destructive reefs – plainly in site, but not enough are paying attention.
The crime here is not investigating Earth temperature fluctuations, climate research and the polar ice regions of the world – we must always investigate and research; the crime here is that theory has been blown out of proportion, misconstrued based on faulty data, and declared a law of science. Let me tell you something. If politicians get on a band wagon about anything, especially on this nature – you need to investigate further and follow the money. While not as much a global scare, in the 1970s some scientists were declaring doom because of a new Ice Age. In the period of about 650 years the Earth has indeed fluctuated towards a warmer trend, but the truth is that global regions were also departing from the Little Ice Age period – so temperatures like time, space and continuum, is relevant to the point of origin in cause and circumstances. I have stated on numerous occasions that I would rather have a period of warming than try to live in an Ice Age environment – millions and probably billions, depending upon its extent, would starve and freeze to death.

Scientists should always explore and investigate, theorize even – but never let politics enter the picture, because their business cronies will figure out how to make money on it and then a theory, despite lack of data or not enough research, will suddenly be consensual international law. And, on reflection, be especially cynical if it comes from the world body called the United Nations.
I guess the real indicator for those passing legislation, spending taxpayer funding and causing a general ruckus is based on something simple: when warming periods occurred, which they did, in Earth’s past history, and indeed human history, there were no automobiles or factories and the human population was much less. Now, folks, I suggest you determine what the real reasons are for backing up this astronomical costly endeavor that Al Gore and company trumped up and see what is behind all of this nonsense. Americans and free loving people of all nations should be screaming outside their buildings and saying – We’ve had enough

These charlatans and political maneuvering despots need to be booed off stage.
Whether we need to start building arks or large greenhouses – it is up to Mother Nature and the star we call the Sun.

Further Reading and Sources:
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[I] Here Mr. Robinson demonstrates his stance with the sociocrat, doomsday crowd – and allegedly scientists and deniers, who have provided proof in the form of true data, are using the chain email system for their information.
[II] Here, Mr. Robinson demonstrates how he has followed with the sheeple in the thought that humans can change climate. If there are any major climate changes, as has occurred over a long history of Earth, the best human technology cannot prevent it. In addition, the alarmists are ignoring several factors where the Sun (a star) has much to do with those changes, et cetera.