Sifting Through the Rubble of the AGW Hoax

During my research on the case of the purloined email, either via hacking or released by a whistleblower, I find there is much fervor in cyberspace, more so than in mainstream media – and rightly so.
The University of East Anglia and its Climate Research Unit in the United Kingdom has performed a disservice to people everywhere, shamed their profession. If the University or the culprits, like Nancy Pelosi stated, should decide to press charges or enter a lawsuit, they might want to reconsider.
I do not advocate theft of email, whether through hacking or acting as a whistleblower, without proceeding with the requirements by law in getting a court order; however time was running short. Already the US Congress had been furiously pushing the legislation based upon the Anthropogenic Global Warming hoax, of which has become the official description of the human-induced global warming syndrome and its costly effects.

Cap-and-Trade or Cap-and-Tax legislation would cost people billions of dollars, and any agreement with the Kyoto Treaty nonsense would have cost more. The underlying reason for the Kyoto nonsense was to thwart the success of industrialized nations, but also hindered those nations working to improve their trade status and industrialization in smaller nations.
The email that has been revealed shows that the scientists who have been listened to by UN committees and national leadership among many nations and the very fiber of the global warming hockey stick science that Al Gore so enthusiastically, and mistakenly was awarded a Nobel prize, as his buddy Barack Obama – but that is another story; has been deemed fraudulent and strictly criminal. So the university and its scam-artist scientists better think twice about seeking criminal or litigation charges against whoever it was that revealed the truth to the world.

Those many megabytes of email revealed that Michael Mann of the IPCC, the one who started all of this with hockey stick science, and his counterpart Phil Jones had manipulated data, destroyed data, made attempts to blackball legitimate scientists who protested the global warming consensus, as well as attempts to blackball publications that did not favor or agree with their hoax.
I don’t believe it was fame that inspired them to continue their scam, although there may have been an element truth of that in this sordid tale, but it involved millions of dollars being funneled to the Climate Research Unit, as well as funding and fame for the University of East Anglia. It is those elements that have encouraged an alarming growth of junk scientists who will stop at practically nothing to achieve the status and limelight that also provides continued and increased funding.

Sodahead provides a sample of the email from a computer specialist working on the AGW project:

I am very sorry to report that the rest of the databases seems to be in nearly as poor a state as Australia was. . . . Aarrggghhh! There truly is no end in sight. . . . We can have a proper result, but only by including a load of garbage!

Remember, that the intellectual issue here is concerning human-induced or Anthropogenic Global Warming – not the possibility of some sort of temporary change that has occurred during the lifecycle of this planet we call home and Earth – most likely caused by the Sun cyclic changes. There are others who insist that an Ice Age is forthcoming. The only real dangers of either of these scenarios are:
1. If global warming occurs too quickly in a short span of time, it could melt too much of the north and south ice caps, which could result in disastrous changes to coastlines around the world – and turn paradise atolls and tiny pleasure islands to underwater domains. That in itself is nothing new, as I have stated in other articles. I wandered extensively in the ancient ruins of Ephesus, taking rolls and rolls of film for use in my book, standing upon the ancient dock that still had the large metal rings for mooring ships of trade and saw not a drop of water. The land had silted in a period of hundreds of years to the point that the Mediterranean Sea was about two kilometers away! In another instance, I found what was once a Roman village that one had to view equipped with a snorkel or diving apparatus. It all occurred and humans in that region adjusted their lives to it.

2. If the Ice Age theory pans out, it would be far more dangerous and cause more lives than anyone could imagine. Without preplanning and building mass quantities of large greenhouses – everywhere the ice age hits there would be starvation. Now that is scary!

    Actually, the majority of the people should have been wary when finding that Al Gore and majority of Hollywood was behind the global warming, alias climate change, hoax-fear alarm. When A. Gore, alias Pinocchio, had been caught so many times during his tenure as Vice President exaggerating and committing outright lies – how could the world fall for it, considering he averaged “C” in basic science courses in school?
    Al Gore may be a despicable human being, but he has been clever. He buddied up with cronies and big business/investment moguls to work out how to make big bucks out of this looming doomsday scenario. Rush Limbaugh has been right all along – if you can’t determine just exactly why, follow the money trail. When I state big bucks, I mean trillions of dollars!
    Repeatedly, this and other facts were presented, but still those that were against the consensus were deemed as ignorant people or those who would not accept the “truth“. Still, after this revelation, there are those who refuse to see it was nonsense.
    The Nolan Chart shows an example of the hockey-stick graph, data taken from thermometers, tree rings, corals, ice cores and historical records – presumably. Mann compiled this in 1988, but it wasn’t until 2003 that anyone paid attention, and then the data was not allowed to be released. Why?
    As Edward Townes wrote in his article Anthropogenic Global Warming is Nonsense

    Not only that, but it should be obvious from the fact that the Vikings were settling and farming Greenland from the 9th to the 13th century, in places now covered with permafrost and ice, that this graph is just total nonsense! … Perhaps even more interesting than the inability of the IPCC to verify its data before using it at all, let alone as a centerpiece, or subsequently apologising after it became public how fraudulent the graph was, is the fact that environmentalists to this day still use this graph to illustrate their points. … This data should be puzzling to the people who built the climate models for the IPCC, because they actually predicted the reverse – the troposphere should be warming faster than the surface if the current warming is due to the ‘greenhouse effect’. … Climate models are in their infancy.  They are highly dependent on the assumptions that go into them, and there are a lot of them.  In fact, there are so many assumptions and parameters that it is genuinely possible to create any relationship you like. … As the saying in computer programming goes; “Garbage in, garbage out”. There is an erroneous assumption flying around these days that CO2 is some how an important forcing factor on the global climate, when every last piece of empirical evidence shows otherwise. … Another misconception that seems to be rife at the moment is that some how CO2 is a pollutant. I’m sure that you’ve all learned that this gas is actually fundamental to our existence … Estimates vary, but somewhere around 15% seems to be the common number cited for the increase in global food crop yields due to increased carbon dioxide since 1950. …

    Commercial growers deliberately generate CO2 and increase its levels in agricultural greenhouses to between 700ppmv and 1,000ppmv to increase productivity and improve the water efficiency of food crops far beyond those in the somewhat carbon-starved open atmosphere. CO2 feeds the forests, grows more usable lumber in timber lots meaning there is less pressure to cut old growth or push into “natural” wildlife habitat, makes plants more water efficient helping to beat back the encroaching deserts in Africa and Asia and generally increases bio-productivity. … It is no wonder that the Sahara has shrunk 300,000 km^2 in the last couple decades, or that the dinosaurs managed to find the sustenance to survive, despite their size, in an era with 5 times our current CO2 levels.

    Our climate is changing, just as it has always done, and always will.  In fact, the only constant about our climate is that it changes, which makes you realise the term “climate change” is at best meaningless, and at worst intentionally ambiguous.  It feels silly that I need to say this, but clearly it has to be done.  The main determinant of our climate is not some gas, which comprises 0.038% of the atmosphere, but the Sun, the planet’s orbital eccentricities and axial wobble, cosmic ray flux, and other celestial factors. Greenhouse gases play an important role, but a passive one.  It should not come as a surprise that our entire solar system has been warming for the last quarter century, or that the most accurate weather forecasts come from algorithms that concentrate on solar fluctuations and cosmic rays.  Cosmic rays are responsible for cloud formations, which are central to the overwhelmingly most important greenhouse gas.  Water vapour accounts for 95% of the ‘greenhouse effect’ and, apart from the elaborate positive feed-back systems in their models that have no actual basis with reality, the global warming alarmists have completely ignored it.  This is staggering because H20, by a country mile, in its gas, liquid, and solid form dominates all other terrestrial climate factors.

    Mr. Townes has included charts and graphs depicting sun activity, et cetera. Check them out.

    The AGW theory has permeated nearly every facet of modern society. Over the past few decades, scientists, politicians, marketers, and Earth lovers alike, for various reasons, have employed propaganda techniques to promote the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory; in the process, they proactively sought to curtail the exposure of the truth in order to profit from people’s apprehension of global warming. … The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), established by the United Nations to investigate the impact human activity has on the global climate, while recognizing other factors that influence the climate, attributes the majority of global warming to human activity.1  …

    Scholars have written volumes explaining the techniques and methodology of propagandists for hundreds of years. To propagandize, one need only read a how-to manual to learn the concepts of an effectively run propaganda campaign. Propaganda techniques include appealing to fear, appealing to authority, name-calling, transference, bandwagoning, obtaining disapproval, over simplification, utilizing virtue words, employing faulty logic and more. AGW proponents utilize all of these methods to further their goals … In the early stages of AGW propaganda, global warming fears dominated public consciousness. Later, beginning in 1998, the Earth began to cool while atmospheric CARBON DIOXIDE continued to rise in complete contradiction to the theory. As a result, the phraseology of AGW alarmists became “climate change” so that any variation in the Earth’s climate could then be attributed to human activities.4 … AGW propagandists do not rely solely on fear to influence the masses however; an appeal to authority is a common technique. By invoking the infallible name of science, advocates can point to others who have advanced degrees and use scientific jargon to impress and beguile the masses. … Name-calling is usually reserved for politically minded individuals and those audiences predisposed to agree with the one presenting the message. …

    Read more of this interesting and informative essay on the subject.
    The major travesty is that updated textbooks have placed entries about global warming aka climate change as undisputed scientific fact – when all along it has been strictly a theory, and a theory based upon incorrect data and wrong assumptions.
    In conclusion I would like to point out that all of this has nothing to do with the endeavor to promote cleaner air and water, especially water. Water is life and while the air can be cleaned by a natural process through condensation and the resulting rain, polluting our streams, rivers, lakes and seas cannot be improved by any natural process found in nature. Thus we must do two things simultaneously, one is to reduce drastically existing cause of pollution and the second is cleaning up that which is already polluted. As pointed out by reputable scientists and meteorologists, CO2 is not a pollutant. There is an institute that does nothing but research carbon dioxide, appropriately entitled CO2.
    The people of the world need to stop the waste of taxpayer funding towards this long-running hoax and place their endeavors and funding towards true science – in that there will always be theories, but before theories are deemed scientific proof that we cautiously examine the facts and data that initiated the theory. Strange that it has been ignored that geologists and other scientists have discovered where crude oil is actually formed and how – by the natural processes of the Earth’s core and pressures maintained beneath our feet – not from the carbonization of animal and plant material. This also explains the dire warnings of those who have told us that crude oil will eventually be used up. This may occur, but not in the sense we have been told, and only if it can be determined how fast the natural process takes to produce it. In the meantime, because of the chance of one or several nations holding hostage other nations over crude oil production, as well as searching for a more efficient and cleaner energy source, we must continue our endeavor and encourage scientists and inventors to come up with a viable alternate energy source available and affordable to everyone. Crude oil will always have its use for plastic products and other applications, as well as for lubricating machinery, as an example; however I foresee an alternate source of energy taking its place as fuel.
    This, of course, does not make the OPEC and oil moguls, as well as investors, happy.
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