Green Youth and Global Warming – The Brownshirts Reenacted

Once again the sociocrat media is making Lord Christopher Monckton the fool for speaking up against the propaganda consensus of the global warming issue – and demonstrating that powers with a different agenda are really the focus and the background entity behind the biggest scam in modern civilization.
Huffington Post, of course is in the middle of the foray of sociocrat double-speak, or the forked-tongue diatribe.

I am referring to Lord Monckton’s live webcast being interrupted by activists rudely taking over the stage and who the British nobleman referred to as Hitler’s youth. Apparently the Green movement youths actions fit the description. Once again I point out that if a conservative group had taken over a stage where a sociocrat was speaking – it would have been plastered all over the headlines as rude and crude. But then they wouldn’t be conservative, if they had. And once again the sociocrat demonstrates hypocrisy by calling this freedom of speech, which is true – but at the expense of Lord Monckton’s rights of freedom of speech. The whole scene was surreal reminding me of the days of Cultural Revolution of the 1960s when Marxist and Maoist funded groups stormed colleges and had sit-ins that disrupted educational institutions goal – to teach. The activists represent organizations like Sierra Student Coalition, Cascade Climate Network and other such entities.
One activist was quoted that demonstrated the person’s lack of facts and just a parrot for the sociocrat agenda:
We’re representing the majority of Americans on this, particularly young Americans.
There is nothing liberal about these people, despite continually painting themselves as such. Calling them and the sociocrats liberal does not represent the meaning of the term – their ideology is confined and they get violent and rude when anything other than their platform policy/ideology is challenged – even when presented with cold, hard facts. 
Paul Joseph Watson wrote at Prison Planet:

The “activists,” who are invited delegates to the UN’s Copenhagen summit, betrayed the dictatorial agenda of the United Nations and the climate change movement as a whole by having zero tolerance for any dissenting opinion – crashing and shouting down a small conference of people who had merely gathered to present the other side of the debate. They then proceeded to wave plastic American flags made in China before chanting environmental mantras that have no basis whatsoever in reality. … n reality, as the most recent polls show, “Americans who think global warming is caused by human activity, including vehicle and industrial emissions, are now a minority.” 

You are listening now to the shouts in the background of the Hitler youth,” said Monckton, as the green thugs interrupted his speech. Monckton mentioned the fact that these same youth corps had green spray-painted Copenhagen with Orwellian messages in a frightening throwback to the red, white and black swastikas that littered the city during the time when it was occupied by the Nazis. Another disruptor, Laura Comer, claimed, “We’re representing the majority of Americans on this, particularly young Americans. The real America wants clean energy – not more fossil fuel-funded lies about the science.” In actual fact, the Climategate emails clearly illustrated how the vast majority of big oil money is behind the climate change alarmists, not the skeptics. Indeed, the entire Copenhagen event is sponsored by a consortium of giant corporations that includes British Petroleum and Shell Oil. Contrast what happens to people who protest demagogues of the environmental movement with what happens to those who protest anyone who dares speak out against green fascism. Members of Press For Truth who merely handed out flyers in opposition to Al Gore in Toronto outside the event he was speaking at were harassed by security guards, assaulted, had their camera equipment attacked, and were almost shoved into the road by thought police thugs hell-bent on making them leave areas that were not even privately owned. In contrast, the brownshirt youth corps who hijacked the Monckton event and took over the stage were completely left alone to go about their business. … This is why Monckton labeled the brownshirts in the video “Hitler youth,” because their sabotage is fully supported by the same climate establishment whose policies are currently killing millions of people in the third world, something these useful idiot kids obviously know nothing about

Whenever climate skeptics protest global warming gurus, there’s always a plentiful supply of goons on hand to crush their free speech and kick them out, but when greenies physically shut down private events, they are given free reign and later celebrated by the media. … Lord Monckton and other climate change skeptics have also been targeted with death threats and intimidation by green thugs who will go to any lengths to shut down freedom of speech. In future, little Nazis like these will have no reservations in banging down your door if you don’t have the right light bulbs installed, smashing up your SUV, or enforcing whatever hellish system of control and regulation that will arrive by order of the global warming dictatorship they are a tool for. 

The saddest thing about all of this is historically prestigious magazines, like National Geographic, established in 1888, is going along with this even after positive proof in data (or lack of by the Greenies) and the email conspiracy revelation, stating:

The warming of Earth’s surface and oceans over the past century is very well documented, and climate research shows that most of the warming in the past half century results from manmade greenhouse gases.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) hosted the speech and Lord Monckton was described as  

UK climate disruption denier.

Disruptor or disruption was also used when describing Americans from all over the US who ended up en masse in WashingtonDC called the Tea Party demonstration. Were the sociocrat demonstrators not disruptors who damaged recruitment center in California and interrupted a speech of Condoleezza Rice by CodePink anti-war sociocrats jumping on stage and placing their mock bloody hands in front of her face? Where are these protestors now since President Obama continues where GW Bush left off in Iraq and Afghanistan?
To demonstrate how sociocrats and communist ideological Greenies are so removed from reality, here is a quote from Scholars and Rogues a propaganda entity in cyberspace representing the progressive sociocrats:

The way I see it, climate disruption deniers have only two courses of action they can take. Either they can condemn Monckton’s intemperate public remarks just as they have condemned the private intemperate remarks of climate scientists in the illegally-obtained CRU email archives. Or they can forgive Monckton his public remarks and similarly forgive the climate scientists their private remarks as well. Forgiving Monckton but condemning the CRU climatologists would be hypocritical.

What Lord Monckton said under duress and frustration has nothing to do with the email that finally showed what the CRU climatologists are truly about. Apples and oranges, it seems sociocrats have difficulty in knowing the difference. Well, what can one say about Wendell Barry and his website with Tweets posted like this one:

Monckton refuses to shake “Hitler youth” climate activist’s hand. The activist was Jewish

Why would ANYONE want to shake hands with someone who just took over one’s stage and disrupted a speech? And like Lord Monckton knew the person was Jewish, implying that Lord Monckton is anti-Semitic. 
Handling issues should be approached as a challenge, it becomes frustrating and seemingly useless when there are those so busy with false accusations and character assassination they have lost the vision and wisdom to seek out solutions to problems. This is not just happening inAmerica, it is permeating free nations and a major source of help of freedom-hating Islamic fascists who have become a Fifth Column in Europe with America in close lead – minus the violent demonstrations that the UK has experienced with signs like Islam will Rule the World and Hitler was Right
In favor of Lord Monckton, if anyone really noticed that he is mild mannered and presents his argument with dignity and professionalism, except when Greenie youths commandeer the stage – he made his speech despite the rudeness of radicals who ignore truth and sheeple of the New World Order.
How hypocritical it is that George W. Bush was illustrated as a brownshirt fascist by these very same sociocrats, often depicted dressed as Hitler complete with his mustache. Was an apology ever provided for that dishonor and untruthful depiction? 
Sociocrats major problem is they have no lines drawn, whether it concerns morals, common courtesy or civic law and duty. But that is what socialism is, merely a stepping stone to something worse. 
History has taught us that and these sociocrats who claim that Lord Monckton is ignorant of history have apparently been indoctrinated at government-run educational institutions sponsored by the local Marxist and Maoist organizations infiltrating free nations since the reign of Joseph Stalin
Their days are numbered because the silent majority is no longer silent, and indeed was silent for far too long, and because of their procrastination and apathy, the road to reformation will be a long, hard struggle for it is not just this generation that has been corrupted and brainwashed, but a gradual process for at least fifty years. They are finally realizing that – 

The only thing necessary for triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

And – 

The malice of the wicked is reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous. – Winston Churchill [1874-1965]

The enemy has been recognized, now only the fight and the perseverance to win remain …

Evil still stalks the planet. Its ideology may be nothing more than blood lust; no program more complex than economic plunder or military aggrandizement. But it is evil all the same. And wherever there are forces that would destroy the human spirit and diminish human potential, they must be recognized and they must be countered. – Ronald Reagan


8 comments on “Green Youth and Global Warming – The Brownshirts Reenacted

  1. Ken in Tenn says:

    You know how I feel about a respectful civil debate and these kind of "shout down" tactics. Yet there is a certain irony in this one that perhaps escaped you.As you note, Lord Monckton's appearance was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Along with Freedom Works, these are the ultra-conservative, corporately funded lobbying organizations that helped organize the same kind of demonstrations at last summer's congressional town hall meetings.In fact, a memo written by Bob MacGuffie, an organizer for the Tea Party Patriots group funded by these lobbying organizations, advised town hall attendees to use precisely the kind of tactics they now criticize in Copenhagen. That memo was subsequently leaked to the media and here are some excerpts:"– Artificially Inflate Your Numbers: “Spread out in the hall and try to be in the front half. The objective is to put the Rep on the defensive with your questions and follow-up. The Rep should be made to feel that a majority, and if not, a significant portion of at least the audience, opposes the socialist agenda of Washington.”– Be Disruptive Early And Often: “You need to rock-the-boat early in the Rep’s presentation, Watch for an opportunity to yell out and challenge the Rep’s statements early.”– Try To “Rattle Him,” Not Have An Intelligent Debate: “The goal is to rattle him, get him off his prepared script and agenda. If he says something outrageous, stand up and shout out and sit right back down. Look for these opportunities before he even takes questions.”Pot, meet kettle. Shoe, meet other foot.

  2. Dick Armey was/is the key person behind the national Tea Party movement … town hall meetings were separate events … what is your source – Huffington Post? Underground Democrat? Which town hall event did this occur? … the added proof of self-incriminating email hasn't fazed the sociocrats or changed their tune about the biggest international scam in recorded history … environmentalism is a successful venue for socialism to take hold, read Charles Krauthammer expose' … how long are you going to continue to side with the political element in America (found mostly in DNC, but exists in GOP) with those who are going to take this country down? … Are you going to wake up when you realize your rights are reduced to practically zero? … or maybe you are one of those that believe it isn't affecting me, so what do you care … apple meet orange … which is really a prune. How long are you going to side with the socialists? Will you ever wake up?The media claimed that the tea party movement that culminated in a big showdown at Washington, DC was backed by the evil corporations and they were disenchanted Republicans – false – they were a mixture of who many had never in their life demonstrated anywhere who were tired of the national debt continuing to rise along with taxes and tired of being the "silent majority" – who have reached their breaking point of patience. Look at the photo of the PinkCode folks who defaced a recruiting center and jumped in front of Ms. Rice with 'bloody' hands screaming in her face. Rarely will you see such goings on when it comes to conservatives and even libertarians – but it is normal for sociocrats because their only weapon against truth is a shouting match, violence and making the other feel ashamed (trying) for even exercising their 1st amendment rights. AS the video clearly points out – the freedom to speak is not allowed by those who follow socialism – it's their way or no way. Wear your chains of the progressive socialism taking place – as for me I will have none of it. This is not a political contest between two parties for both have lost their way and keep anyone who don't belong to political clubs of American tradition from participating, thus has become a monopoly of politics and are eating away what people died for and worked hard to achieve and retain. Meet my foot with a combat boot.

  3. Ken in Tenn says:

    Boy, sounds like somebody woke up on the wrong side of history this morning!Let's just unpack some of this. First, I despise these "shout down" tactics from either side. My personal observation is that people resort to shouting when they have nothing left to say other than calling names. I much prefer constructive debate where people deal with real issues, discuss real solutions, bring facts to the table and leave Nazis, socialists, teabaggers and all the rest of the name-calling out of it.But if you don't see the irony in those who organized the town hall "shout downs" complaining when the shoe is on the other foot, maybe we need to find you a new irony-meter.Now I don't pretend to be an expert on the fringe groups on either side of the aisle. I do know that Dick Armey is head of Freedom Works, which organized and supports one Tea Party group, while Americans for Prosperity handles the other. I have no clue why they are at odds but I have heard they are. You may be able to explain it. I also know Armey had to quit his day job as a lobbyist when his firm said the Freedom Works sideline was conflicting with their work for clients. Both FW and AFP were linked to helping organize and fund the "spontaneous" town hall demonstrations last summer. MacGuffie's memo was just one of many memos, flyers and manuals sent out by these groups to help pump up the crowds. Although many people certainly showed up without these instructions, this stuff was found all over the chairs and floors at a variety of events.MacGuffie's role as a Tea Party leader is pretty public. Just Google his name and 'town hall.' He even made TV appearances where he first tried to deny there was a memo, then said it was misunderstood, then basically said "stuff happens." Now I'm not sure what movement I'm part of that wants to bring this country down but if you tell me, I will either quit or turn myself in for treason. It will also be quite a surprise to my friends, associates and especially me. What I see is a lot of hysterical, hyperbolic and over-excited folks running around with their gowns over their heads (an old Tennessee expression) for no apparent reason. Most of them seem to be on the right these days since, oh, somewhere around Jan. 20. As far as my rights being reduced to practically zero, I frankly don't see it. Our rights are pretty well enumerated in the US Constitution. I'm having a hard time understanding how I have lost any of them. I still own guns, have the right to worship as I see fit, petition government, speak freely, have a jury trial, vote and drink. I haven't noticed any troops being quartered in my home without my permission, nor have I seen people searching it without a warrant. When I ask my over-excited conservative friends what rights they have lost, I get….crickets. Maybe I'm missing something?

  4. If I, erroneously, require a new irony-meter than you need to seek another flag to live under. Yes, the rights are enumerated – but as usual you miss the gist of the picture – the Constitution is the rules of power of government and for some time now those powers have been abused, and that is a bipartisan action. What a hypocrite – flyers and pamphlets are always passed out at sociocrat functions. This is a normal thing for protests. Your critical of everyone except your chosen political club. Thomas Paine produced pamphlets and George Washington order it to be read to the troops before the Delaware Crossing to inspire them. I guess pamphlets are only wrong to you if it isn't your political club passing them out. Funny you mention "petition government' – which is what the Tea Party coalition has been doing, but sociocrats make it look like rabble and people taken off the street to be paid to demonstrate (which has been shown that the Dems have practiced for several decades). Legislation is in progress to change those rights. Better to complain before they pass it rather than try to make the government reverse their actions. If you study it, government doesn't like to reverse previous legislation or rescind it – a good example is the 16th Amendment, ratified despite Supreme Court decision.I guess you are one of those that feel if it doesn't affect you (at the moment) than it is not of your concern, as one can determine from your last paragraph.Losing rights has been a slow process and some of them have been in acceleration since Obama and associates took over. Carter, Bush, Clinton and now Obama."Hysterical, hyperbolic and over-excited folks" … your description of people exercising their right to dissent and disagree. This is an example of how sometimes I wish they would make dueling legal again. …"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." –Samuel Adams who also wrote:"It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, ('hysterical, hyperbolic and overexcited') keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."Apparently you hang around with crickets, not grassroot conservatives.Your not a traitor, Ken, your a Tory, not very convincing of your claim to be a moderate. "Wear your chains lightly …"When they finally reach the point when those rights you mentioned are taken away instead of just stymied or trespassed upon – there will be no one around to help you. When the rights are gone it will be more difficult to get them back than if one had prevented them from being lost in the first place.

  5. General Note: All movements worth their salt are funded. What was failed to be mentioned in this discussion is that the Democratic Party for decades receives more and spends more money than the folks on the other side of the political fence. This is due for several reasons, of which I would mention a few: Hollywood socialites, Labor and trade unions (primarily Democrat), and billionaires like George Soros – as well as certain corporations, mostly due to different types of blackmail. We have had problems with both traditional political parties for decades now, but the Democratic Party has proven historically it is the most corrupt across the board. The two traditional parties have maintained a political monopoly long enough, and the reformation process can only begin with society, then removing the DNC and GOP from its elevated prominence, and then true statesmen and women working at rescinding and altering legislation to meet the requirements of the founder's republic, limiting government to the powers written in the Constitution and the guidelines of the Federalist Papers – and then when that is accomplished, the Bill of Rights will once again be implemented fully. As far as media reformation – that will once again be up to society. If they can't make money from sensationalism and diluting or covering the facts, they will return to a sense of true journalism with a code of honor among those professionals. It is the same with TV programming – if everyone changes the channel or shuts the tube off, the TV moguls will change their programming. Society makes a better form of censorship than government, in fact I am against mandated censorship. Off the subject, but worked this in towards the points made about liberties.The Green Party is clearly socialism – and they are one of the principle entities behind all of this global warming nonsense. Conservative policy is what is needed and a common sense of addressing pollution issues, based upon true science, not junk-politically motivated science. If governments are to fund research, there must be a committee of professionals and experts who ensure that the standards of scientific research are met and that their data demonstrates what the scientific entity claims.

  6. Ken in Tenn says:

    Keith, I'm still hearing crickets from you. I'm very serious. When I refer to hysterical, hyperbolic and over-excited people, I am specifically referring to those who make wildly exaggerated claims and then cannot or will not back them up. Those who claim they have lost their rights — or claim they are in danger of losing them — need to step up and explain what rights they have lost (or are losing) if they want to be taken seriously.You mention petitioning government as one of those rights, as did I. Are you saying that those who showed up at conservative rallies were in some way prevented from exercising that right? What legislation is being considered to take those rights away? If you can tell me, I will join you in vigorously opposing it, but my guess is that the courts would invalidate it as unconstitutional anyway.We have some history in this country on this very topic of losing our rights. When the American colonists declared their separation from England, they did so with the Declaration of Independence. Most of that document concerned their objection to their loss of rights under both English law and common law. They specifically enumerated the "repeated injuries and usurpations" they had suffered and they had the incredible courage — knowing they could be signing their own death warrants — to sign their names to the declaration.What I hear today from my conservative friends are really policy disagreements, not a loss of their rights. They claim their rights are being infringed upon when Congress passes legislation with which they disagree, like taxes. One friend actually insisted it is worse than what the colonists tolerated before declaring independence. Really? If you look at the Declaration of Independence, they did object to taxes being imposed on them without their consent and dissolution of their representative legislatures by the King. I hardly think an elected Congress passing a budget or tax bill approaches the injuries and usurpations outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Again, maybe I'm missing something but how does using the system outlined in the US Constition to pass laws violate the principles that led to enactment of the Constitution?Some on the left made similar vague claims about their rights being violated while President Bush was in office. Most of it was also the work of hysterical, hyperbolic and over-excited folks making similar exaggerated claims to those I see on the right today. Again, most of it related more to disagreements over policy than actual violations of rights.There was one exception. There was a legitimate issue over the question of warrantless wiretapping, especially as it related to our constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment. This was done without congressional approval and outside of existing laws and judicial precedents. Ironically, most of my conservative friends who now complain about their rights being trampled actually supported this usurpation. Another irony for those of us who support the Constitution all the time, regardless of whether it is convenient.

  7. Apples and oranges … sidestepping in political talk … you've been hanging around bureaucrats too long.The topic is the political socialist engineering tool called the global warming alarm … Since we are on the subject and you keep accusing me of what you are doing – I provided sources for what I wrote – you offer a rebuttal with nothing but sociocrat diatribe, et cetera.I guess now that a Democrat is president you feel everything is kosher? Has the wiretapping resolution been deleted? Is private sector businesses no longer subject to government control? Is the Federal Bank getting audited? Has the faith-initiative illegal office of the executive branch been dissolved? Has the plan for a North American Union been shoved in the garbage?You better get online with the congressional bills being flurried into Congress and tell me how many of those are Constitutional – meaning within the power granted?Those "conservative friends" may have supported the legislation minus the wiretapping – not all of that bill was unconstitutional.There was a flurry of your protest about GW Bush – but no word from you until I show what a buffoon Obama is who now occupies the Oval Office. I cannot speak for your "friends" and they have nothing to do with me. Are they really conservative or just Republicans.The issue of Democrats and Republicans is not what should be the concern when discussing the operation of our government – it is the Constitution, and that is because the Constitution enumerates what powers the branches have. The claims are not vague – you are just not listening, not reading the bills trying to be passed and the legislation already passed. All you can see is your precious loyalty to a political party – not your country and fellow Americans. It is people like you who have divided this nation. It is time to put the political party has only an unwelcome necessity to organize and raise money – but when it comes to the operation of our government it is the Constitution.And, just to appease your microscopic brain, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is being violated in legislation passed and a few recently proposed. The legislation that would fix the situation has been stymied by your buddies in Washington.Wear your chains lightly – but don't even think of putting them on me.Take your crickets and shove it.Choose your weapon and meet me in your field of choice.

  8. Here is an example of what this global warming is all about, Ken, and actions of the people you take sides on … you know why he (Lord Monckton) used the term "Nazi Youth" from the previous incident examined in this article.

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