No Matter How They Finagle It – Government Health

Senators in Congress have been busily writing and rewriting a bill that is plainly a monster, despite all their changes. It is because no matter how they word it or add amendments to it, it is still government abusing power and using powers not established in the Constitution of the United States.
Michael Tanner at Cato Institute wrote:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has announced that he has reached a super secret compromise on how to deal with the so-called public option for health reform.  While Reid said the agreement was too important to actually tell anyone what is in it, most of the details have been leaked to the press. Rather than set-up a completely government-run insurance plan to compete with private insurance, Congress would establish a program similar to the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program (FEHBP), which currently covers government workers, including Members of Congress. … In addition, the compromise plan would expand Medicare, allowing workers ages 55 to 65 to “buy in” to the program, and may also expand Medicaid. 

A few reasons to believe this is yet another truly bad idea:

1. In choosing the FEHBP for a model, Democrats have actually chosen an insurance plan whose costs are rising faster than average.   FEHBP premiums are expected to rise 7.9 percent this year and 8.8 percent in 2010.  By comparison, the Congressional Budget Office predicts that on average, premiums will increase by 5.5 to 6.2 percent annually over the next few years.  In fact, FEHBP premiums are rising so fast that nearly 100,000 federal employees have opted out of the program.

2. FEHBP members are also finding their choices cut back.  Next year, 32 insurance plans will either drop out of the program or reduce their participation.  Some 61,000 workers will lose their current coverage.

3. But former OPM director Linda Springer doubts that the agency has the “capacity, the staff, or the mission,” to be able to manage the new program.  Taking on management of the new program could overburden OPM.  “Ultimate, it would break the system.”

4. Medicare is currently $50-100 trillion in debt, depending on which accounting measure you use.  Allowing younger workers to join the program is the equivalent of crowding a few more passengers onto the Titanic.

5. At the same time, Medicare under reimburses physicians, especially in rural areas. Expanding Medicare enrollment will both threaten the continued viability of rural hospitals and other providers, and also result in increased cost-shifting, driving up premiums for private insurance.

6. Medicaid is equally a budget-buster. The program now costs more than $330 billion per year, a cost that grew at a rate of roughly 10.7 percent annually.  The program spends money by the bushel, yet under-reimburses providers even worse than Medicare.

7. Ultimately this so-called compromise would expand government health care programs and further squeeze private insurance, resulting in increased costs and higher insurance premiums, and provide a lower-quality of careNo wonder Senator Reid wants to keep it a secret.

President Obama has been in a tizzy about pushing this thing through under the premise that it is good for the American people and the attitude that government is going to do it whether the people like it or not, because his mentality is like Bill Clinton’s – the people don’t know what is good for them and this is too important for the common people to make a decision upon. In light of this bill being rammed through Congress, it is TOO important to provide a hasty assembled bill. In addition, originally, those who passed it in the House didn’t fully read it and some couldn’t comprehend what will take place if passed. Indeed, lawyers were hired to read the bill to congressional members in the Senate to provide a class on what the bill was all about – in their legal terminology.
Sociocrats are famous for twisting words and phrases and writing in a manner that doesn’t fully reveal their long-term planning. Thus they submit a bill here and a bill there all accumulating and in conjunction with their original plan that the People wouldn’t accept if slammed to them in a single legislation.
All the while this bill has deemed to be the savior of the people providing affordable health insurance. Here’s something to bust that propaganda [Wall Street Journal]:

Consider how Washington received the Congressional Budget Office’s study Monday of how Harry Reid’s Senate bill will affect insurance costs, which by any rational measure ought to have been a disaster for the bill. CBO found that premiums in the individual market will rise by 10% to 13% more than if Congress did nothing. Family policies under the status quo are projected to cost $13,100 on average, but under ObamaCare will jump to $15,200. … “No Big Cost Rise in U.S. Premiums Is Seen in Study,” said the New York Times, while the Washington Post declared, “Senate Health Bill Gets a Boost.” The White House crowed that the CBO report was “more good news about what reform will mean for families struggling to keep up with skyrocketing premiums under the broken status quo.” Finance Chairman Max Baucus chimed in from the Senate floor that “Health-care reform is fundamentally about lowering health-care costs. Lowering costs is what health-care reform is designed to do, lowering costs; and it will achieve this objective.”

Except it won’t. … So the bill will increase costs but it will then disguise those costs by transferring them to taxpayers from individuals. Higher costs can be conjured away because they’re suddenly on the government balance sheet. The political tragedy is that there are plenty of reform alternatives that really would reduce the cost of insurance. … But Democrats don’t care because their bill isn’t really about “lowering costs.” It’s about putting Washington in charge of health insurance, at any cost.

Despite outcry from the populace, Congress and the White House refuse to listen, and this is one of the promises made by Mr. Obama to get the people to vote for him – a transparent government that listens to the People. Having advantage of both a Democrat president and a majority in Congress, it is no wonder they are in a such a hurry to move toward their political goals – Big Government, a government for the government and with the mentality that the people cannot be trusted to govern themselves.
If you got duped in the election of 2008, well that’s too bad – but it doesn’t mean We the People need to go along with this guy and his fellow sociocrats (or any sociocrat) for the next four years, just because he was elected – he has pretty much ignored his campaign promises and failed to provide details as to just what kind of change he had in mind. 
Clean out Congress in 2010 and 2012, and initiate a real change. Political parties are not important the traditional two parties don’t deserve the people’s loyalty. Individuals run for office and it is individuals that we expect performance from when elected. Political parties are organizations to gather enough donations to be able to compete – their political platforms don’t mean much of anything anymore. Once upon a time liberals and conservatives (in the true sense of the terms) were a complimentary balance. Now they are merely at each other’s throats, even when campaigning is over, forgetting their oath and forgetting why they were elected in the first place. Successive term limits must be established and voters need to arm themselves with the power of knowledge and start voting more responsibly. Congress eagerly passed legislation to provide a successive term limit for the President of the United States – why are they not establishing the same for Congress? 
Nice looks and pretty talk just don’t stack up to sincerity, integrity and character. And one other thing – stop the media from deciding who is a qualified candidate – that is the job of the American voter and the major reason why the Democrats and Republicans have a monopoly in government.
Tell your senators – NO – to their healthcare agenda, the federal government has too much power and control over private entities. The further We the People allow these government parasites getting their way, the harder it will be to reverse the process and return the rights provided Americans in the process of creating our nation.
It’s time for the American Reformation Age – fifty years past due.
If you want to see how well government manages things – look at Medicare and Social Security – both mismanaged and whose funds have been embezzled. Reform what they have first and then look at how government can help to truly make health care affordable.
Also, as a side note: Take a look at your monthly budget and see how much of your money goes to some kind of insurance. You will be shocked if you are not already aware. Insurance companies have had the government on its side for too long and most of the time its interference has cost the American people more money out of their wages that is far removed from the cost of living index.
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