ClimateGate: Update, December 16th 2009

What is now called ClimateGate is not just a scandal in the field of science it is a demonstration as to how far astray the mainstream media has gone from the basic principles of journalism and how politics and government involvement has putrefied science.
Like government, the media is a servant of the people and its primary mission is to reveal and relate information – truthfully and objectively. Once upon a time in America, the mainstream media honored the rights under the First Amendment and trash journalism was left to the tabloids; and like our government has been corrupted. Scientists are educated in higher learning institutions, universities and colleges, whose administration and faculty has been overrun by enemies of our democratic republic suffering from delusions of grandeur and will do anything to obtain or retain government funding. Judging from the revealed email from the leading institute that has continued its insistence that the sky is falling and it’s caused by evil humans of industry and selfish.
At least 149 jets carried those attending the Copenhagen summit in Denmark which spewed their engine waste into the atmosphere and upon arrival they utilized an army of limousines that spewed more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It was like their global warming guru, Al Gore, who told everyone they must do their part and use less energy – meanwhile living in a mansion in Tennessee that uses in one month what the average American pays in one year.
Can you spell hypocrisy?

The East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) in England blocked freedom of information requests, blackballed any scientists that dare speak or question their consensus, and preventing any view of their scientific data processing conveniently obscuring, manipulating or destroying temperature data revealed on charts.
It is a general belief that the continents once were a solid and connected land mass. Over the course of geological history that changed. Coastlines have changed dramatically since the days of the Roman Empire and today coastlines are eroding from natural storms and waves that constantly beat upon those coastlines. In the 1800s an earthquake actually diverted the stream of the mighty Mississippi River. The glaciers have been receding and ebbing back and forth for centuries.
But why would scientists and people like Al Gore want this all viewed as some diabolical event caused by modern industry or a scenario that would exterminate species on Earth?
As Rush Limbaugh once stated: Follow the money – and so that is what responsible researchers and journalists did, and people like Newsbusters found in 2007 that a plan was being made on making money on this so-called doomsday forecast. And recently some email entries from CRU has revealed that the scare tactics of the global warming hysterics get enormous amounts of funding for their revealing work. The other factor is that if they had honestly revealed the errors in the global warming theory, it would make them look bad, and that appears to be the case of the mainstream media – including a leading and time-proven entity we have come to trust for scientific and ecological information – National Geographic Society.
Despite the revelation of the ClimateGate scandal, over 100 heads of state arrived along with many others to attend, participate or in some way be a part of the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, a beautiful and historical city in Europe. When they arrived, 45,000 strong, it was found that the planners had provided a meeting location with capacity for only 15,000, according to news reports.
Richard Graves wrote at Huffington Post, with his view of what the scandal is all about:

Some environmental leaders have been working to minimize the scandal of ClimateGate, by focusing on the fact the hacked email archive of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit has nothing, besides a few cherry-picked quotes taken out of context, that casts a shadow of a doubt upon validity of modern climate science. They are wrong. ClimateGate is a huge scandal, probably bigger than they even imagine. The real scandal is not the email archive, or even how it was acquired, sorted, and uploaded to a Russian server, but rather the emerging evidence of a coordinated international campaign to target and harass climate scientists, break and enter into government climate labs, and misrepresent climate science through a sophisticated media infrastructure on the eve of the international climate talks. … This campaign has been proved to be international in scope … coordinated with the sophisticated communications infrastructure founded and built by former tobacco lobbyists that were hired by fossil fuel interests, such as ExxonMobil, to cast doubt on the links between the sale and use of fossil fuels and the changing of the world’s climate. This infrastructure was detailed by within Hoggan’s book, as well as documented in extensive detail by projects like  One major mistake these groups, including ClimateDepot and Newsbusters, made was in labeling this manufactured crisis as ClimateGate.  … An investigation into who is coordinating, funding, and leading a last-ditch effort to stall climate legislation through the use of criminal tactics and a well-funded and coordinated disinformation campaign seems to be beyond the capacity of the field of journalism.

What Mr. Graves is missing here is beyond his unrelated history lesson concerning President Nixon’s Watergate, failing to mention or recognize there were other “scandal gates” like Whitegate, Chinagate, and other revealed scandals like sperm and cocaine powder residue on a blue dress obtained in the process of providing sexual pleasures to Slick Willy in the Oval Office at the Whitehouse in Washington, DC.  He also fails to cite reputable sources of information involving this scandal-hoax-scam they have called global warming until recently changed to the politically correct term of climate change – which provides them a convenient tactical maneuver if the global or regional temperatures dramatically drop instead of increase. He also mentions funding of global warming skeptics. Is this any different than funding from billionaires like George Soros and large corporations who have contributed to the global warming consensus and planning a trillion dollar business from the establishment of the hoax?
So, in the end, the real culprit of this nonsense is money and the desire to accumulate it, at the expense of taxpayers and struggling nations.
Meanwhile, the writers of those purloined emails have either been canned or resigned, which also raises the question of objectivity in Mr. Graves article supporting his global warming consensus/hoax. Katherine Goldstein at Huffington Post provided a report on how well the Copenhagen Climate Change project went. Also provided – Naomi Klein and her video stating that the Copenhagen Process is out of control and other videos.
Jack Cafferty provided an interesting take on the ClimateGate scandal by presenting both sides of the controversy. [Newsbusters]
The major media entities are handling it as a question that why now, before the Copenhagen Summit, does this news-breaking information appears? They are not recognizing or putting in the truth factor that true scientists had been providing scientific data showing that the global warming junk scientists were not only wrong but inspiring a costly mistake that can only bring future woes economically upon many nations.
Despite CO2 researchers finding that carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas and actually is beneficial to plant life, the ClimateGate email is just a ruse against the consensus of global warming caused by humans via CO2.
Anthony G. Martin at the Columbia Conservative Examiner wrote:

After nearly a month and counting since the story broke on the biggest scandal in scientific history, a major daily newspaper has finally undertaken a thorough examination of the evidence in the Climategate scandal. Granted, the newspaper in question is not in the United States but the U.K.  And still, even after a month the television news broadcasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC continue to ignore the story. The London Daily Mail published their findings of a special investigation into Climategate. …

Global, rather temperatures in the Europe were warmer than they are today, a recovery period from the little Ice Age. Greenland, so named by the Vikings because it was tillable land for growing crops was part of the benefits of this warming period; however, that has greatly changed today – the land of ice and snow. Mr. Martin continues:

Clearly, the earth today is nowhere near the level of global warmth that was typical of the Medieval warm period, despite our over-abundance of carbon going into the air.  And the data proved it, which meant that global warming proponents kicked up into high-gear their attempts to cover up, delete, or minimize this damning information. … In a previous article, we highlighted another of the scandal’s smoking guns. More information on this continually breaking story can be found at Essex County Conservative Examiner.

A key question, of course, revolves around the motivation for perpetrating such a hoax.  Why would a group of scientists participate in such an egregious breach of professional ethics? According to NewsBusters, news commentator Cal Thomas answered that question quite well–‘scientists can’t get grants if they don’t toe the line on climate change.’

J.R. Dunn wrote at American Thinker:

As the CRU uproar plays itself out, it may well fracture the left-scientific partnership that has distorted scientific research for decades, along with providing a much-needed whipping for environmentalism, the most influential offshoot of contemporary leftism. Climategate is all the worse because it was unexpected. The warmists really did think they had it wrapped up, that they had pulled off the AGW fraud and needed only to formalize it at the international level to guarantee themselves a free ride. This was never quite the case — polls showed increasing public skepticism as various warming horrors failed to materialize and the day-to-day weather grew cooler. But the warmists had corralled the bureaucrats and politicians, and that, they thought, was all they needed. … Phil Jones, director of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit and author of a large fraction of the offending messages, has stepped aside “temporarily” to await the results of an investigation by the university. While this seems rather less than the required minimum — such an investigation should be carried out on a much wider scale by disinterested parties — it is remarkable in and of itself. … It may well be that both directors will be whitewashed by their respective institutions. But discredited as they are, it really doesn’t matter. Neither one of them can ever again pose as the disinterested, incorruptible scientist, and their programs will remain irrevocably tainted. Science as a discipline has its own way of dealing with these types. Papers will be returned with a thank-you note. Grant proposals will become tied up. Grad students will be advised to look elsewhere for doctoral material. … The governmental impact has been almost as serious. In Australia, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s attempt to push through a cap-and-trade bill appeared close to fruition after Liberal (read: center-right) Party chief Malcolm Turnbull threw in his support. But on December 3rd, no fewer than half a dozen Liberal MPs walked out over the deal, leading to the ouster of Turnbull and his replacement by Tony Abbot, who views cap-and-trade as an enormous “Slush fund … run by a giant bureaucracy.”

While perhaps not front-page news in the U.S., this would ordinarily be a story of considerable political interest to be covered in detail. But along with every other aspect of Climategate, our dishonest media have given it the preemptive Winston Smith treatment. Again, this doesn’t matter. The consequences are already reverberating through international political life.

In the U.K., the Conservative Party has braced up its “Wet” (the Brit equivalent of “RINO”) leader, David Cameron, to oppose the warming agenda or be shown the door. Developments on this side of the big water have not been as dramatic, though at least one GOP contingent has been emboldened to travel to Copenhagen to wreck the Greens’ party. We can expect more fireworks when cap-and-trade comes up for a vote early next year. A major shift is also apparent in public attitudes. The Greens labored mightily to convert global warming to received wisdom — something “everybody knew” in much the same way they know that “abortion is beneficial” and that “we lost in Iraq.”

It could be argued that government never shifts at all. Carol M. Browner, Obama’s environmental “czar” (or should it be “czarina” here?) stated that she would continue to rely on the “consensus” as expressed in the IPCC reports. She is evidently unaware that much of the data in the reports originated from the East Anglia CRU. Or perhaps she’s very much aware — Browner is widely known to have ordered the destruction of “secondhand smoke” data in the ’90s, and more recently assured that no record of alternate-fuel negotiations between her office and the auto companies would be put in writing. Browner could probably teach both Jones and Mann a thing or two. …

On Pearl Harbor Day, the EPA announced its decision to treat CO2 as a deadly poison on the same level as DDT and Alar. If Congress refuses to pass cap-and-trade, the EPA will have no choice but to track down and apprehend any individual emitting carbon dioxide within U.S. borders. As Kimberley Strassel pointed out in the WSJ, this lets Congress off the hook by making CO2 “pollution” an Executive responsibility, which means that the ruling will never go into effect. What sane politician would allow such a series of economy-wrecking regulations to be put in place A) during a serious recession and B) in an election year? …

The first order of business should be calls for the release of e-mails, data, and related files from the other institutions involved in Climategate. NASA/GISS has been the source of several pieces of questionable “evidence,” particularly the Y2K glitch that universally raised recent temperatures by more than a degree Fahrenheit. … It’s too soon to say that warming is dead — these ideas return from the grave even more often than Jason and his axe. … But warming is politically dead. It would require a brave politician to inconvenience voters, steal their money, and ruin their jobs based on premises that may be fraudulent. … It would also be nice to have a society that pays serious attention to the environment and our impact on it, above and beyond all the little clichés about recycling and carbon footprints, in which serious thought is given to what kind of balance between a modern society and nature is possible and how far we want to go in achieving it. But we’re not going to get that from environmentalism, which has proven itself to be fanatical, dishonest, and dangerous. Eventually, we’re going to require a revival of the old concept of conservation, adapted to the needs of a new millennium. But don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

Eugene Robinson a big supporter of the Obama Nation and demonstrating his lack of understanding of basic science, had accused Sarah Palin not being honest, who wrote an editorial concerning the global warming hoax, uses a report via pdf that was administered by Governor Parnell and friends. He is the one that has tagged the revealing email as purloined. He states:

If I’m wrong, somebody ought to tell the polar ice caps that they’re free to stop melting.

While totally ignoring the fact that the polar ice shows it is going through some type of phase – the storms and shore erosions have nothing to do with it and that temperatures have been frigidly cold as is usual in winter months or that some areas have been colder than normal as in Europe. The coastal communities depicted built their homes on literally a sandy foundation and a coastline that is marshy and one wonders why they didn’t choose higher ground to build upon. So with great expense and fanfare from the global climate institutions and organizations – and taxpayer funding – they are either being moved or coastline filled in and dam/dikes constructed so they can remain at their location.
Mr. Robinson has been shown up before for his one-sided opinions, and indeed that is what they usually are. Eugene Robinson is a self appointed misinformation and propaganda czar for the Obama Nation administration, joining the associates in Congress.
The cap-and-trade legislation and other proposed policies and bills will do nothing to change climate, but it will certainly changed the lives of the common people.
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