Myth Blaster: Polish Infant Burned in Fire

Here is a case where someone took a real life occurrence and turned it into a chain email hoax. Submitted by Diane S., Wisconsin:
Ola_closeipAlexandra came out of a rigging fire alive, but now has to fight for her life and a normal future. She is 14 months old and she has burnt skin all over her body, damage facial bones (as a result of very high temperature).. She does not have half of her face. She is in hospital in 
Cracow – 
Poland and one of the best specialist is looking after her. However she still has to go through many surgeries and then long rehab. Unfortunately her parents do not have any more money. Therefore we are asking for your help. For each forwarded email her parents will get 3 cents. Please help them and forward that email to as many people as you can.

Myth Blaster Verdict 
Despite misspellings, bad punctuation and other grammar problems, the story about the Polish infant is true; however, her parents do not get 3 cents every time the email is forwarded – how would they keep track anyway to tally up the donation? The horrible fire occurred in Krakow, Poland. The child’s name is not Alexandra, but Ola; however I have been informed that Ola is an alternate name for Alexandra [Olenka]. The parents couldn’t afford the extensive surgery required to help little Ola, and her circumstance has been publicized on Polish television and public support in Poland and other places. 
It is just another cruel hoax put upon people who really care about others, such as little Ola – who will never benefit from email forwarded around the world. Thus far the hoax has been in the English language. 
Snopes findings are dated March 15th, 2006. However, in 2006, the Polish national television has a site that includes Ola’s bank account for those who wish to donate funds for her extensive treatment. The TV website, of course, is in Polish, and the article was posted in 2006 concerning Ola and her hospitalization. It is amazing that she is alive considering the extent of her burns and where they were located. People who create hoaxes like this must be the most cruelest and heartless people on the face of this planet.
See Snopes for more detail. Photo as provided by the Polish TV website linked above. Picture (first pic) distributed via email – source unknown.
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