Myth Blaster: Victoria, Texas Hispanic Boycott

Joan Bartelson sent this newspaper clipping she received via email to the me ( :
Myth Blaster Verdict
False with some questions. While the alleged newspaper clipping pictured above seems real and even has notations on the side with and date, the Victoria Advocate denies that this occurred in Victoria, Texas.
Snopes, Break the Chain or Truth or Fiction have no entries for his hoax.
Back in April of 2009, Victoria Advocate editor wrote:

I received this e-mail today from a woman in Clawson, Mich.: 

I am writing in regard to an email I received about your town, Victoria, TX. Is there any validity to a story about Hispanics boycotting Caucasian stores? And that once said boycott occurred, there was less theft, less trash, customers paid with real money not government-issued debits? Snopes and Truth or Fiction could not verify. Thanks for any information you may have. I answered the woman that it’s an Internet hoax. We have received this e-mail rumor from a variety of readers recently. As with all urban legends, its origins are unclear, but the political motivation in this case is fairly clear. Nonetheless, you can search the Internet and find quite a few people passing this information along as fact. Imagine what the world would be like without trained journalists checking out such wild rumors.

Again, this email rumor surfaced on the Internet and chain email, Allison Miles wrote in June of 2009, Victoria Advocate Business Notebook:

I’ve been a Victorian for just over two years now and it’s come across my desk on several occasions, most recently a couple of weeks ago when a woman from Minnesota (yes, it’s gotten that far) called to verify the story. The e-mail, which describes a boycott against Caucasian-owned businesses in opposition to pending immigration legislation, is completely false. I’m not sure who started it or why, but it’s definitely out there. If you type in “Victoria, TX” on Google and wait a bit, the term “Victoria, TX boycott” even comes up as a search suggestion. With innovations like the Internet, it’s hard to rein in a message like this one once it gets out, but I do at least appreciate the people who call in and check its accuracy before passing it on. … And while I’m sure this blog won’t reach every person who’s taken in the message and made their own assumptions about Victoria and its residents, at least there is a message out there that the rumors just aren’t true. The e-mail is posted on numerous sites online, including, which also denied its truth.

This entry from Victoria blog links to Snopes, but the link is to a different email subject that is not the same as the Victoria, Texas supposed newspaper clipping. A Google search does not come up with any site with just “”.
With modern computer graphics photos can be amazingly altered to look real, so my guess this is the case with the newspaper clipping in this email. With this information in hand, the email can only be deemed false.
A real shame since the illegal immigration issue is definitely a problem in America from the economic standpoint to the issues of increased crime rates, gangs, political corruption, and infiltration of the drug warlords from Central America.

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    The snopes link does mention Victoria, but about 2/3 of the way down. It's one of about three cities mentioned in the article.

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