Obama Nation Just Don’t Get It

Today is the birthday of Eric G aka Tygrrrr Express. I wish for him many more.
He is a brave soul in the fight against the socialist onslaught participating in a debate within the sociocrat camp at UCLA back in October of last year; he is Jewish (proud of it) and still insists that John McCain is a conservative-constitutionalist needed for reformation of our government back to a Jeffersonian republic. I support much of everything he does including his membership of the Republican Jewish Coalition, but his choice of knights to defend the Constitution and American traditions that both traditional political parties have stained and corrupted and the modern Crusade against the Islamic fanatical conquistadors.
In the article It’s Called Radical Islam, he wrote:

To quote Colonel David Hunt, “They just don’t get it.” “They” are President Obama and Secretary Robert Gibbs. … Helen Thomas has faced sharp criticism from everything involving an anti-Israel bias to her affair that broke up Abraham Lincoln’s marriage. Yet whether her question was asked out of clarity or a lack thereof, she asked it. She asked Robert Gibbs four words. 

“Why do they hate us?” (Some will say that is five words. The numbers add up because this is Obamaworld and he said so.) … “They hate us because of Radical Islam. Islamofascists, also known as Islamists, or people who practice Radical Islam, want to establish a caliphate. Non-Muslims are infidels. The only hope for infidels is to convert to Islam or be murdered. … They want to end Western Civilization and murder all Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, and even Muslims allowing non-Muslims freedom. Decent Muslims hate Radical Islam as much as I do. They are as anti-murder as I am. We cannot win a fight if we refuse to admit who we are fighting. I was at the airport recently, and a 70 year old white lady needed ten minutes to get through security. She was in a wheelchair, and she was forced to stand up and walk through the metal detector. This held up everybody else. … Radical Islamists are getting on planes while Americans are held up because an old lady’s wheelchair is a concern. Also, making her stand up was cruel. So much for supporting the handicapped.  … 70 year old white ladies in wheelchairs are not blowing up airliners. Middle Eastern men in their 20s and 30s are doing this. We could have waterboarded the suspect, but the president refuses to allow this. He doesn’t get it. Barack Obama instead has decided to roll the dice, even though he keeps coming up snake eyes. …  Next time there will be dead Americans, and blaming his predecessor won’t cut it. … Radical Islamists are at war with us. We need to be at war with them. Even Helen Thomas understands this.

Hillary Clinton has been called the Wicked Witch, but Helen Thomas looks like the proverbial witch depicted in the medieval ages.
This is the time to rid Washington of career politicians who conduct politics as usual, pretend to be For the People, but whose actions demonstrate differently – generally with the attitude of the average American citizen is a peasant. It is also the time for the media to reform and start being the eyes and ears of the People – not the propagandist machine of unholy rhetoric. 
As Eric G at Tygrrrr Express wrote in Ding Dong, the Dodd is Dead of Christopher Dodd, US Senator:

He should be indicted, but most likely he will find a cushy job where he gets to excoriate conservatives for being alive. CBS News does need a new anchor. Good riddance to a bad guy. Government just got slightly better today.

It took death to finally rid the halls of Congress of Ted Kennedy; it took the final straw in a life of corruption for Dodd to go the way of the Wicked Witch in the Land of Oz. Instead of prison he is going to receive congressional retirement benefits courtesy of the taxpaying peasantry. 
Weakened from their own actions (inactions) and the DNC falling apart at the seams from self destructive anti-constitutional ideology (socialism), now is the time to search the list of independents, research their background and study their platform, as well as candidates from reputable third-party organizations. Destroying the political monopoly of the sociocrats and the RINOs will also aid in forcing the media entities to clean their act up as well and start producing objective and informative journalism, not political propaganda.
Personally, I would rather see Dodd escorted out of town tarred and feathered, rather than the dignity of stepping down – and technically he belongs in jail. But that won’t happen because congressional members have been allowed to build themselves a world where their rules, their legislation doesn’t apply to the elite within the government castle, where feudalism reigns over the overtaxed peasantry of the former Camelot turned Frankenstein‘s castle.
Gather your pitchforks, torches, crossbows, wolfsbane, holy water and garlic – it’s time to go to the voting booths and rid Washington of the vampires of Barackenstein and associates.