Myth Blaster: Police Using Drones to Spy on Citizens

A Yahoo group, Freedom Is Not Dead, has sent out email concerning drones, unmanned aircraft …

Unbelievable! The POLICE! using drones to spy on people at large via air drones! No discussion from the public, chances are no warrant from judges (not that that has any meaning anymore), no press (until it’s too late), NOTHING! And in TEXAS? This is the kind of technology that may be useful on the border to really make a difference in stopping illegal entry but over Houston? It’s completely outrageous. Here’s what one YT user wrote in response to the video: “PULL !!! ” Nice shot Frank. Thanks Ned. Who gave these assholes the Right to spy on us from all angles. What’s next? Cameras in the toilets? The British have been having problems with cameras on their streets for years and they started to Fire Bomb them. They’re sick & tired of being treated like the enemy. Well people, if they’re going to treat us like the enemy with these nosey f—ing planes, maybe it’s time we start treated them like they’re OUR enemy. If we Push Back, they’ll back off.

Myth Blaster VerdictTRUE

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as remotely piloted vehicles (RPV) historically began with the creation of hobby aircraft that could fly by means of a wireless control panel. Clubs developed that would meet at areas that afforded a flat surface to be used as a runway to show off and fly their homemade replicas in competitions, usually of the WWII genre of aircraft. Some of these aircraft are ¼ the size of the real thing, like a B-17 WWII bomber, complete with figures in the cockpit and gunner stations, sometimes realistically opening bomb bay doors and dropping replica bombs. This technology moved from the hobby workbench to military development whose control centers are now restricted under Top Secret surroundings. Now the state of Texas and Florida is utilizing the smaller drone for surveillance for various reasons, one for better surveillance of the border between US and Mexico and, in Florida, to use to monitor the activities of suspected drug traffic operations.
Drones (unmanned aircraft) have become famous in the news because they have been used for surveillance and attacking Islamic fascist terrorist units and their headquarters in Afghanistan, a mountainous country that is notorious for their fierce tribal warriors who have staved off invaders for as long as they were a nation.
In 2004, a panel in the US House of Representatives heard testimony from police agencies that envision using UAVs for everything from border security to domestic surveillance high above American cities. CNET News wrote:
That raises not just privacy concerns, but also safety concerns because of the possibility of collisions with commercial and general aviation aircraft.
On November 23rd 2007, Wired (Danger Room) published an article entitled Police to Deploy Spy Drones in Texas

An attempt by police in Texas to hold a secret test of spy drones was foiled by a local TV station, which tracked the unmanned aerial vehicles, forcing law enforcement officials to disclose some of their plans. … The best part of this story is that — in true spy vs. spy tradition — the local news station flew their own helicopter in pursuit of the unmanned aircraft. “I wasn’t ready to publicize this,” Executive Assistant Police Chief Martha Montalvo told Local 2.

The Local 2 news video is available at YouTube.
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