Haitian People Relief Drive

As you probably know now the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake whose death toll is estimated to be well over 40,000, is one of the worst tragedies of the 21st century.
The Obama administration has provided relief in rations and volunteers, as well as the Red Cross and troops have landed to assist in humanitarian efforts and looting control.
The US State Department has a website where you can donate $10 by cell-phone texting 90999, and as of January 16th more than $8 million has been donated for Haiti relief funding through this cell phone donation procedure.
FOX News has a list at their website of charitable organizations involved where readers can choose where to donate funds to help the cause.
The American Red Cross is one of them and usually one of the first to react to situations like this. If you don’t have funds to send, click on the Social Vibes banner in the side column of VERITAS ET THEOLOGIUM and by participating in six activities, Best Buy will donate funds to the American Red Cross. The chain store entity is also providing funds for the Haitian relief directly. [Click on ‘Best Buy‘ for information]
Miraculously, people are still being rescued, but many people like the United Nations worker Ann Barnes are still unaccounted for.
World nations have acted immediately in a concerted effort to provide aid at all levels to the devastated Haitian people. Their capital lies in ruins. People have been generous from all parts of the world with funds, material, food and volunteers.
This form of foreign aid I wholeheartedly advocate. Nations of people are neighbors, near and far and it is good to help each other during terrible incidents like this.
Thanks in advance for your support.
A word of caution: Beware of chain email requests for funds. Go directly to humanitarian relief websites and reputable Internet entities like VETFOXBest Buy, et cetera.