ClimateGate: Still the Progressive Sociocrats Continue Their Rhetoric

Opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics will be in Vancouver, Canada starting February 12th with alpine skiing and ski jumping events. Problem is there isn’t any snow yet in Vancouver. Of course, global warming was to blame.
Five days ago: Record snowstorm in Washington, DC and eastern part of the United States paralyses travelers. Time reported:

Snowstorm: East Coast Blizzard Tied to Climate Change.

I told you a while back when all this global warming nonsense flooded the media, later changed to a different term after real scientists showed up junk scientists to the convenient generic term of climate change; that sociocrats and junk scientists would be covering their tracks and changing their terms in order to save face after being found out. If the weather gets warmer or colder, the sociocrat progressives can still say they had warned everyone.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote a column [two years ago] claiming that the anemic winters in the Washington DC area was due to global warming.
Not enough snow, too much snow, ice caps melting, glaciers getting larger. To the environmental junk scientists and sheeple – either way it doesn’t matter because the United Nations said its so, junk scientists said its so, politicians said it so and Al Gore got an Academy Award for his documentary and a Nobel Prize for saying its so.

Truth revealed through Climategate doesn’t matter to these people – and they convincingly act like they are intellectual and even science savvy. Simple high school science can blow the global warming theory out the window at the outset; especially their CO2 rhetoric. Keep an eye on the 24-hour animated chart at the top of the side column at this website – it shows mean average temperature increments as well as carbon dioxide levels and other important information fed directly from global weather and temperature systems.
The following items have been blamed by the environmental whackos that give conservationists a bad name, allegedly caused by global warming: the Atlantic Ocean’s salt content has decreased; the Atlantic ocean is more salty; the Earth has slowed down in its axis spinning; the Earth is spinning faster; fish are getting bigger; fish are getting smaller; and even beer brewing has been affected.
The once prodigious Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) within the United Nations that won a Nobel Prize in 2007, whose members have been charged with cooking their data books, has been exposed. But we still see and hear statements made in favor of the Al Gore global warming and IPCC climate change syndrome. Inaccurate claims in a report by IPCC in 2007 stated that the Himalaya glaciers are melting, crop loss and starvation in Africa, Amazon rain forest depleting, and hurricanes and earthquakes are all because of the sociocrat declared global warming/climate change consensus.
The cap-and-trade system initiated in Europe has failed to do what it was professed to do and President Obama and fellow sociocrats in Congress want to follow suit. It and other malarkey plans would do nothing to change the weather, but would cost trillions of dollars to an already damaged deficit problem in the United States. It would just make those in business and investors of, like Al Gore, richer at the taxpayers’ expense. That funding could certainly go to something more useful. NASA is forced to postpone their plan to send a manned exploration team to the Moon because of the economy.
Aren’t real scientific endeavors more important than junk science theory consensus?