ObamaCare: Chains You Can Believe In

Yes, fellow Americans, President Obama and associates are making Changes, but I doubt it was what those who voted for him ever thought to ask just exactly WHAT were those changes – and those he mentioned specifically, he has done nothing about. Like the happy folks behind the presidential candidate with the Obama fans shirts, photo left. (American Heritage) Social and political scientists are right – there are times in history that tyrants are cheered on as they prepare to take away liberties and rights from the people.

What were Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democrat counterparts doing behind closed doors in their healthcare limited membership bill discussion?

They added a repressive tax penalty that tax American health plans while union members’ health plans are tax free.
Candidate Obama campaigned as a fierce opponent of special interests that use their clout and connections to secure special favors from the government. … Obama happily gives some liberal special interests loopholes and exemptions from the laws that affect everyone else. The closed-door negotiations over the health care bill have made this clear. … By some estimates the tax would hit one in four union members. Union lobbyists pressured the White House to drop that tax. After a high-profile meeting between Obama and union lobbyists on Monday, the unions apparently have gotten what they asked for: the excise tax will not apply to collectively bargained health plans. The tax that unions found so onerous will now apply to everyone but them. … It also makes for a great recruiting pitch: join a union, get a tax cut. That is just one of the many handouts unions get in the health care bill. It sets aside $5 billion to subsidize the costs of employer health benefits for early retirees. Few nonunion employers, of course, pay pension and health benefits for workers to retire at 55. … Obama’s handouts for unions go beyond the health care bill: The Detroit bailout was bad policy in its own right. Now the pensions of union retirees at GM subsidiaries will get generous taxpayer top-ups to prevent benefit cuts. The pension plans of nonunion retirees, however, will not get a cent. The law requires unions to partner with federal “green job” training programs. Union members will stand first in line for the “green jobs” Obama talks about creating. …  Isn’t that the way Washington works? It should not. Congress should write laws that apply equally to all citizens to promote the common good – not to pay off political constituencies. Obama promised to change politics as usual. We’re waiting to see if he’ll do that.
Sarah Palin called on union members to rebuke their union leaders and oppose Obamacare, in part because of the Cadillac tax deal (people who make Cadillacs won’t have their health insurance taxed). Her husband — unlike Michelle Obama’s husband — was a member of a union. Come to think of it, Reagan is the only union president to be elected president.
And, not as what Barack H. Obama promised – the middle-class is going to get hit hard just like the wealthy, who the Marxists hate [*] so much, despite being the social class of people who provide jobs for the rest of us. 
Of course, if Obama and his associates get his way – EVERYONE will be working for the government.
Mr. Obama what happened to the reason for ObamaCare – AFFORDABLE health insurance for ALL.
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[*] Eerily, the Democrats in Washington make up the wealthy class of America – What’s with that?