Myth Blaster: ‘Godless’ Presidential Coins Struck at US Mint

Ezra Blu passed this email to me floating around …
It has begun … Refuse new coins!
True Americans will refuse these …
This simple action will make a strong statement.
Please help do this … Refuse to accept these when they are handed to you.
I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead.
The lady just smiled and said ‘way to go’, so she had read this e-mail.
Please help out … our world is in enough trouble without this too!
Together we can force them out of circulation.
In God We Trust.

Myth Blaster Verdict:
The Susan B. Anthony dollar was a flop because it looked too much like a quarter, so the US Mint once again produces a dollar that is the same size as the 1979 Susan B. Anthony and the 2000-2002 Sacagawea coin – but it is a gold coin, not silver and cannot be mistaken for a quarter. 
The new dollar features the Presidents of the United States from George Washington to Richard M. Nixon and the Statue of Liberty on the reverse side. The reason why the coins stop at Richard Nixon is because the requirement called for a president to have been dead for two years. The coins were approved in 2005 and minted in 2007. Instead of the usual ridge edge the rim is smooth with the words In God We Trust and E Pluribus Unum. Grover Cleveland will be on two different coins because he is the only president who served twice in non-consecutive terms.
The photo in the email only depicts the front of the coin.
The email is a spin on truth.
A batch of coins George Washington dollars was circulated without the edge stamping discovered in circulation that had been released by mistake. Collectors call them the Godless Dollar and because they will be a collector’s item, counterfeiters have filed off coins to pass them off as these coins circulated by mistake. One can see why because one Godless Dollar sold on eBay for $600. Some Godless Dollar coins have been found minted with John Adams on the front, and still others have been found to have no stamping of a president on it or the Statue of Liberty on the reverse.
Not a conspiracy just shows the lack of pride in workmanship and lack of quality control in manufacturing today – the government mints certainly not excluded.
Some coins are words struck upside down on the rim, but this, explains Wikipedia, is not an error but a variation in the minting process which makes up about 50% of the coins struck. Such coins have been sold on auction websites for greater than face value.
The coins are the first coin to have $1 stamped instead of the words spelled out as dollar.
At the Wikipedia entry there is an informational chart that provides details of each coin.


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