Myth Blaster: Truth About ANWR (Revisited)

This article concerns an old argument, yet an old argument that requires solving, especially in the aftermath of the ClimateGate revelations and other ‘gates’ opened up in the post-ClimateGate period between last November and now.
The subject is from an email that has been circulating for some time to demonstrate how special interest groups in the name of the health of global environment has not only stuck their noses in a matter that seems to be beyond their ability to grasp, but alter or make up the facts that substantiates their venomous advocacy against America becoming self-sufficient when it comes to crude oil production. Rather than transcribing the email here, I will just direct you to a site that has already published it, including the photos in the circulated email.
It is at Heritage blog publishing dated June 29th 2008, as well as at Canada Free Press. Pretty pathetic that nothing was done about this since 2006, it is 2010 and still they listen to the environmentalists who should undergo psychoanalysis in order to possibly understand their reasoning.
So based upon the subject and the email of the Comparison of ANWR and environmentalist and government advocacy individuals and groups against drilling in Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, other sites where at least 34 billion barrels of oil just sits waiting to be tapped; as well as off shore drilling prospects that China has taken advantage of off the coast of Cuba – here is the analysis and assessment of the email …

Myth Blaster Verdict:
TRUE – with exception concerning local residents’ statement.
The ANWR is an acronym for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge located in Alaska.
It is an area that consists of 18,286,482 acres in the region of Alaska known as the North Slope. The site of the proposed oil drilling location is in a geographical area called the Coastal Plain in the northwestern tip of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The history of the region can be found at Wikipedia.
Snopes disagrees on the issue and the only source they provide is from The Wilderness Society concerning oil spill issues – with the link going to the home page.
The couple publishing Snopes has been known to be bias on certain subject material. More Americans agree with the folks fighting Congress, the EPA and government agencies siding with self-indulgent environmental organizations and independent radicals – but Congress is only listening to the junk scientists and environmental wackos these days. 
Pictures shown by those opposing Americans becoming self-sufficient and less dependent upon foreign oil are pictures of the ANWR, but in areas that are not in the vicinity of the proposed oil drilling site. 
A clear demonstration of the leftist misinformation brainwashing. Here is a picture that environmentalist depicted of the portion of ANWR that is not involved with any oil drilling:
The portion where proposed drilling in ANWR is coastal tundra – here is a reality photo:
Helicopter in photo above is area where proposed drilling it to take place. 
And the notion that wildlife is in danger if ANWR is drilled at proposed site? 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words [Prudhoe Bay drill site]:
If oil drilling was a problem, Alaskans would not want it – there are already drill sites at Prudhoe Bay Oil Field (17% of domestic crude oil production), Sourdough Oil Field, Kuparuk Oil Field and Kaktovik sites. The caribou herds don’t seem to mind. Alaskans know what is good for Alaska and the central, federal government has no constitutional right to interfere with state business; unless it is against the articles in the Constitution of the United States that directs our government in what powers they have and don’t have.
The Democrats, President Obama and Marxist-Progressives in Congress say they want to create jobs, yet they continually say NO to prospects that will create them, or make job creation in private sector more difficult with their oppressive and often unconstitutional legislation; as well as those among them who must have their noses in everyone else’s business.
It is true that 75% of the Alaskan voters had opted for oil drilling. It is unclear about the statement concerning the statement local residents because the area is tundra and a national state park. Maybe they are referring to the herds of caribou that cross the area from time to time.
Oil drilling today leaves a small footprint in visibility of the environment. 
The Alaska oil tanker disaster was caused by a First Mate who was intoxicated on his watch – caused by human error – not the standards and practices of an oil corporation, Exxon in this case. Remember this: Oil companies detest oil spills: (a) it is wasteful of their product; (b) the cost in fines and clean up is horrendous on the profit margin; and (c) bad publicity.
For the seventh time a bill has come up in the House of Representatives of the US Congress to drill at ANWR, as well as proposed bills to drill offshore in US territory. As a side note, offshore rigs withstood Hurricane Katrina, while refineries in Louisiana were damaged. By not drilling ripe spots for crude oil, it will eventually bubble to the surface in various amounts, causing – yes, you guessed it – pollution! Ever hear of the Tar Pits in California?
Environmental issues are always important to any nation. I personally would like the scenery of nature to always be around, as clean an air as naturally possible, and water an important resource to be kept clean for obvious reasons. More vegetation equals cleaner air, because combined with the rain process it is a natural cleaning component as well as producing oxygen for all living things on Earth.
However, I am for protecting the environment by using common sense. We have found that climate alarms, environmental alarms, and so on are politically motivated and pioneered for people that seem to be not all there – and basically have no common sense.
America’s dependence upon foreign oil has invited several problems to occur, and here is a few:
By purchasing the majority of America’s crude oil from the Arabs, the United States is financing the very enemy we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Part of the major problem with the economic crisis has to do with inflation or holding back on crude oil purchases from foreign nations.
It concerns a national security issue in that dependence upon foreign oil provides certain nations to use crude oil as a tool in their endeavors to see America buckle or use it as a method of blackmail.
Alaskans should have a say about economical development in their state – not the US Congress. It’s something called state rights in the articles of the Constitution of the United States.
I rest my case. Some people just can’t handle the truth.
Write to your representatives and senators and tell them it is time to favor America’s well being, rather than their political games.
[Special thanks to Joan Bartelson]
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