Alternate, Efficient Energy: Isn’t That What We Are Striving For?

Obama and associates push for alternate energy – cleaner and more efficient. So Americans, as resourceful as they have been since they, as Europeans, first stepped ashore on the land that came to be known as North America; Americans today are looking for economical and efficient means to provide energy, in this case, electricity. Wind and solar power has been around long enough, one would think, to fit that bill.
So, the owner of the Feathered Star Bed and Breakfast, a homey looking building whose proprietor has posted a sign that welcomes pets, unique among most inns and motels, decided to turn to wind power and install a wind turbine. The establishment was built in 1999 and opened its doors for business in 2000.

It makes sense to turn to wind power here because the Door Peninsula is generally windy enough on the average. There are farms here on the Peninsula that have already made use of wind turbines and a business establishment at the county seat township of Door County, Sturgeon Bay, is making use of solar energy. 
So the Feathered Star owner erected a 110-foot-tall wind turbine tower hoping to meet all of their electrical needs, says owner, Saundra Phlubna. The turbine is not yet, as of this writing, connected to her business.
It has taken Saundra two years to plan and prepare for this wind turbine installation. She received her permit after some bureaucratic paperwork in December of 2008 through the local government in Egg Harbor Township, and that included a Door County Wind energy sighting permit before construction could begin last month. A portion of the cost was paid in structure and generator grants, the first two grants were turned down. Focus on Energy of Wisconsin and the US Department of Agricultural Rural Development grant program ended up being the bureaucratic agencies that provided the promised funding by the previous federal administration and now the Obama Nation administration.
Saundra, being a good neighbor, informed her business neighbors about her plan to become more self-sufficient and take advantage of the push toward alternative energy and the bureaucratic hassle concerning getting proper permits required by township, county and state government.
But the old saying, you can’t please all the people some of the time was enacted when someone who lives east of the quaint bed and breakfast establishment complained that the wind turbine obstructed the view of sunsets and could hurt the value of their property. Saundra was shocked, for she had opted to have a lower tower than the maximum allowed and a smaller generator – being conscientious and a good neighbor. Her permit authorized a 140-foot-tall tower and she built one that was 30 feet lower.
This problem is not the first time hypocrisy has been demonstrated by levels of government in the United States. The late Senator Ted Kennedy was a big advocate for alternate energy until wind turbines were planned near his estate in the Martha’s Vineyards – and then the fight was on to stop their erection.
Traveling west on Highway 10 to the Pacific Coast, one can see a hole field of wind turbines that have been there at least since the 1980s, nestled in a wind swept canyon area seen from the road. But despite President Jimmy Carter’s push for solar and wind energy alternatives, it just didn’t take; mostly because of the cost of installation, despite it paying for itself over the years. Now the government is pushing again for alternate energy and providing even more incentive. So what is the problem here?
Why are permits so much of a hassle to obtain?
In most cases there is too much bureaucracy involved and red tape, as well as to many levels of government agencies to go through – despite Governor Doyle taking over the control of wind and solar energy issues.
This type of problem is nationwide. People need to be assured that their real estate value will escalate if wind and solar energy devices are used.
And as far as the person complaining about the sunset – look at the picture taken below* how that could obstruct anyone’s view?
Saundra Phlubna should be commended in doing her part to become self-sufficient and contribute to cleaner energy; and other citizens should be encouraged to follow suit – not listen about sunsets being obstructed or their real estate value will drop.
Saundra Phlubna is a pioneer in the 21st century, and busy-body, bed-wetting citizens need to get with the program, as well as local, state and federal governments. Don’t tell citizens that they need to use alternate energy, and then put stumbling blocks and high-price tags to deter them from doing so.
It is high time that Americans have more say about their PRIVATELY OWNED property rather than a myriad of expensive and harassing permits and other legislation that make the American Dream of owning homes and running a business on self-sustaining energy devices more of a reality – and available to more Americans.

These Americans who run Washington, and their intellectual supporters, believe they have superior wisdom and greater intelligence than the masses. … Like any other tyrant, they have what they consider good reasons for restricting the freedom of others. A tyrant’s primary agenda calls for the elimination or attenuation of the market. … We Americans have forgotten founder Thomas Paine’s warning that ‘Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.'” Walter E. Williams.

Progressives complain about big oil companies, yet it’s the Big Government that is usually the root cause of most of America’s problems. Permits were originally designed to maintain safety standards, not to harass and cause the cost of home building skyrocket. If permits and government fees are costing too much, it means that government is getting too big.
Big Government is an intrusive entity, falsely claiming they are just there to help. And people who delight in sticking their noses in others business seems to be their passion – you know the ones that when they see something they don’t like, they immediately ask the Big Government to step in – need to stick to their own affairs, it should keep them busy enough. 

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’Ronald Reagan

* Original Story: Door County Advocate; Peter J. Devlin, Advocate Correspondent; photo by Christine Nesheim, Door Country Advocate.