This N That: March 16th 2010

Heritage Foundation has a blog site, The Foundry and the Morning Bell, March 16th, reads: Is Now Really the Time to Create a New $2.5 Trillion Entitlement?
My answer to that is no time is right for a multi-trillion-dollar entitlement, and certain entitlements in place need to be phased out.
As the article reports:

Social Security will pay out $29 billion more this year than it takes in. And the Congressional Budget Office reports that after small surpluses in 2014 and 2015, the program is projected to be in the red from 2016 until forever.

The article explains in more detail how the Social Security entitlement program has been mismanaged practically since its inception.

The government should fix or phase out the entitlements they have before they take on any more; and constitutionally – they shouldn’t add anymore. To have a coordinated system that helps folks who find themselves unexpectedly unemployed, which includes ways of furthering education in order to secure better employment or change one’s career to something that is viable is a good thing. Helping people help themselves. The government retirement entitlement should be phased into the private sector or at least provide an alternative option where people have choice and control of their own retirement plans and funding – and, most importantly, leaving something for their family to help out when one is gone.
Meanwhile, the local Greens N Grains in Egg Harbor is featuring the latest mokumentary produced by the Marxist entrepreneur, Michael Moore, who laughs all the way to the bank because people still buy his crap filmology. The Hollywood hypocrite, who lambastes capitalism, yet makes his living on it.  The viewing is free (who in their right mind would pay to see it) and:

The $6.50 natural and organic dinner special: soup, salad, a fresh baked roll and tea will feature another tasty example of the Deli’s specialties.

As Door Country Style reported Kathy Navis, owner stated.
Can people who prefer natural, organic and vegetarian cuisine not be followers of Marxism? I like healthy food, but certainly don’t make it a political option. Conservatives and Patriots like to eat healthy too.
Such a Progressive affair would certainly spoil my appetite after watching a Marxist propaganda film. Michael Moore had plenty to say about Bush and his administration; but now that one of his own Marxists is President of the United States and associates have infiltrated Congress – he continues to nit-pick corporate society (the folks who provide the rest of us with jobs), as is the custom of a Marxist, and totally ignoring the constitutional crisis that is ongoing within this presidential administration and legislative body.
Of course, I guess the weight watchers (how is it that the Surgeon General is FAT?) will enjoy watching the Marxist blimp millionaire who made his money off of those that Lenin/Stalin called useful idiots. Well, you know, it’s so Hollywood, and so in with the times; as that makes it so important in life.
I guess it’s from cooking with bacon grease, like this buxom lady …
Of course, the pretty lady picture above is dressed as a Fat Lady for the annual New Orleans Mardi Gra
As Michael Moore Exposed! puts it … 

Should a 400 lb man advise us on the evils of over-consumption?

Should the resident of a million-dollar apartment claim to be a poster boy of the working class?

Should a person who thought that Enron was a great investment, that Ralph Nader, Wesley Clark and John Kerry would win, and that North Korea’s Kim Jong was changing for the better, advise us on ANYTHING?

The political Left has come up with a response to the Tea Party movement – the Coffee Party movement. I am not making this up. Check out The Coffee Party Con by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.
And the hypocrisy of the Left when they put down the Tea Party movement and its followers, saying it is propaganda bought and paid for by the evil corporate society, have quite list of entities of their own – too many that can be traced to Marxist roots and funding. Check out Wake-Up Call for the Tea Party by Mark J. Fitzgibbons at American Thinker.
Also while you are reading it, click on the No Reconciliation petition picture and sign the petition. The Tea Party entities really need to get as organized as the Left is; but then again, they have had since the days of FDR to do so; whereas it is only in the past couple of years that conservatives have truly come out of their apathetic coma and finally shout – Enough! The petition is sponsored by FreedomWorks.
And, finally, if you are looking for a –

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Check it out, it’s called ArmsList. [Note: You must agree to their terms before viewing/using the site.] It is a reputable site that warns those participating to ensure they know the firearms laws of their state, as well as rules and regulations of the ATF federal agency. [Also see ATF Abuse]
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