Fishing Knot, 2010 Tackle

For many years now I have used the Palomar Knot – and old reliable where the line has broken on occasion – but never the knot. The Palomar in the Knot Wars of BASS magazine was the winner in 2008.
The Fish-n-Fool Knot  shines when using mono line and does well with fluorocarbon and braided lines as well.

  1. Run the tag end through the hook eye twice, then bring it up the main line before forming a loop.
    2. Run the tag end through the loop five times.
    3. Lubricate the line, and then pull the tag end to tighten. The knot will tighten up the line from the hook eye.
    4. Finish by sliding the knot down to the hook eye, after wetting once more.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Palomar Knot, check out the YouTube video as well as the video showing the Double Palomar Knot.

Knots are important to anglers and boaters, and maintenance of fishing line will prevent losing that possible record breaker or minimize line tangling situations. I use Reel Magic on my fishing line, but you can just wet the line down when tying knots the old fashioned way. Since I fish with mostly spinning tackle and occasionally bait casters, Reel Magic helps keep the kinks and spiraling of fishing line, and I spray the line on the spool during off-season storage if the line is still good enough to keep spooled giving it extended life.This is especially important since I use the higher end line that costs more.

Tackle and Fishing Equipment for 2010

 – Hobie Kayaks has a great addition to their kayak line designed for fisherman – Mirage Pro Angler. One person kayak but built to hold 600 pounds and designed to accommodate the Mirage Pro hands-free paddles is incredible – price at $2,400, it is a little over 13-feet long. Other, smaller kayak fishing models are available around $700+. Securely store your rods and even has accommodation for a bait box system as well as rod holder, et cetera. The foot pedal powered paddle system is unique and handy so you can maneuver/propel while handling casting, et cetera.

 – Lowrance introduces Structure Scan that captures photo-like images straight from the bottom of the boat as well as the sides (Lowrance Model LSS-1).
– Barry Stokes provides a video featuring the StructureScan via YouTube that runs about 7 minutes.

change-up_hook-system – A hollow swim-bait hook system is now available that is easy to rig properly, unlike other designs. Called Change-Up Hook by Crème, the exposed treble hook is designed for open water fishing.

TransOptic– Berkley features TransOptic fishing line that combines photochromatic molecules inside nylon mono without losing knot strength or abrasion resistance. This line features a unique quality of changing from bright gold in sunlight to clear when in the water – making it good for sight fishing. Offered in various strengths it runs from $7 to $11 a spool.

– Stren has a 100% fluorocarbon line that is fluorescent in sunlight and glows with a blacklight for night fishing. It is available in strengths from 4-pounds to 25-pounds in 200-yard spools ranging from $17 to $24.

– I use braided line because it doesn’t stretch and it spools better on baitcasting reels with less tangle problems. Sufix has come out with a braided line called Performance Stretch Braid, for those who want the action of braided line, but would like some stretch, giving about 6% for use in certain applications. A spool costs $20.

storm_thunderbeast– Berkley (PowerBait) has come out with new additions to their line along with other artificial bait companies (OptimumNetBaitYum and Sébille) in the line of softbaits, but the Storm Thunderbeast caught my eye because of its successful use by Muskie anglers for a couple of seasons now.

New reels to check out: Abu Garcia Orra SXShimano Stradic CI4Pflueger Arbor, and Quantum Energy EO5PTi8.

Wisconsin DNR posted a video concerning invasive crayfish.