Omega File: Tobacco Bill Sneaked Through in Congress

King George knew that tea was popular in colonial America, so in order to receive an increase in government revenue, he put high taxation on tea, just like the American federal and state governments do on tobacco products today – especially cigarettes.
President Obama signed a bill in June of 2009 that provided more power concerning tobacco to the FDA government agency.
The newest bill, sponsored by Senator Herbert Kohl of Wisconsin became Public law No: 111-154 on March 31st 2010 – and few know about it. S. 1147 is called Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act of 2009.

It revises the definition of “cigarette to include roll-your-own tobacco and to exclude cigars. Defines “delivery sale” to mean any sale of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to a consumer ordered by telephone, the mails, or the Internet or other online service. Redefines “person” to include state, local, and Indian tribal governments. Redefines “use” to include the consumption, storage, handling, or disposal of smokeless tobacco, in addition to cigarettes. Applies state tobacco tax for reporting requirements

Basically it means unless you are a tobacco business, you must purchase cigarettes and smokeless tobacco over the counter. Why cigars are exempt is not clear.
Many citizens may say, “Who cares?” – but remember that carbonated soft drinks and fast food, as well as candy has been on the hit list by the FDA. Certain foods have been banned from being available at public schools. 
Government doesn’t out rightly declare prohibition; it just taxes and regulates a targeted commodity to make it unaffordable to the consumer. At the same time it becomes an added receipt of funds to the US Treasury; which in turn feeds the insatiable appetite of spending the People’s money.
Remember also that the do-gooder, in-your-face progressive is also out to ban SUVs and large trucks (or minimize them).
So, if one thing is inconsequential to you as far as taxation and tyranny over freedom of choice and other liberties, meaning nothing to you personally; soon there will be something that involves your personal life. Progressives, like the literal definition, means progressively moving to a specific goal, and that agenda is the tyranny of Marxism, the Nanny and the Police State.
It is time to nip the fangs of the vampires in Washington. Make your vote count and start cleaning out Congress so We the People can weaken the power of the commander-in-grief, the 44th President of the United States.