Myth Blaster: Animal Rescue Site’s "Click Here to Give"

Readers have been wondering if The Animal Rescue Site was for real and legitimate charity – especially since it has a “Click here to Give” aspect and some have received email encouraging them to visit the site and click to help the cause. 
Myth Blaster Verdict: Legitimate Charity
The big feature of the Animal Rescue Site is that you click on a purple icon and for every click the organization gets funding. If you would rather give to the hungry, there is a tab to choose from, as well as breast cancer, child health, literacy and to save the rainforest. The site is a partner of the Petfinder website. However, the site claims that 100% of sponsor money goes to charity; which means the click method only. Items for purchase and other commercialization, however, helps the organization make profit, while some of the proceeds does go to charity. 
Verification can be found at the Snopes site:

Sponsors become involved with this site (and others like it) as a form of advertising and public relations and thus are willing to pay for their messages to be viewed by consumers. The pay, the parent entity of the site, on a per-click basis; directs a percentage of the total and revenue collected towards animal shelters and sanctuaries and keeps the remaining funds. (The Animal Rescue Site is not a non-profit entity, so it shouldn’t be confused with a charity even though it does direct a significant portion of its revenues to those in need. It exists to make a profit, and that it’s still around proves it’s succeeding at it.)