Myth Blaster: Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Well, here is an odd Myth Blaster entry that Kritter Girl (Kritter Girl’s Korner – the original of that name, others are copycats ) received from one of her readers. It is a website dedicated to saving the “Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus”. 
Pacific Northwest “Tree Octopus

Myth Blaster Verdict: HOAX. No such animal. The person who sent it according to Wikipedia:

The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, is also known as “Octopus paxarbolis” (which means, roughly, “Pacific tree octopus”), is a fictitious endangered species first published on the Web in 1998 by Lyle Zapato. It is supposed to be able to live both on land and water and is said to live in the Olympic National Forest and nearby rivers, spawning in water where eggs are laid. Its major predator is the Sasquatch.
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus website is among a number of sites commonly used in Internet literacy classes in schools that are real, although it was not created for that purpose. Despite falsehoods shown on the sit, such as its support by “,” the mentioning of other hoax species such as the Rock Nest Monster, and its affiliation with People for the Ethical Treatment of Pumpkins (P.E.T.P.U), …

The website is actually a “spoof” as the St. Joseph School Library Web Evaluation Site calls it.
The following is a list of hoax sites, mostly just spoof for humor: