Myth Blaster: Return of the Perfume Hoax Email

The following email concerning “perfume muggers” comes in varied forms, but are the gist of what the Myth Blaster Verdict result is FALSE. Thanks to Tara M., Wisconsin, for letting me know that this hoax is back in circulation again.

This was written by a guy from KVLY-TV in Fargo … This is something that happened to us on the way back from vacation last week. At first I didn’t think much of it until now. The reason we were a little suspicious is we had been riding in a Jeep all day with 100-degree temps and we stopped at a truck stop for something to drink. When I was leaving, a young girl followed me out and asked what kind of cologne I was wearing. Well, after seven hours in the car sweating, I don’t think you could tell if I was or was not wearing any cologne. We just got in the Jeep and said no thanks. [something missing in this version] Then it was about 3 weeks ago, I was at a service station in Birmingham getting gas. …

The rest of this hoax email is just about the same as those posted at Break The Chain and Snopes.
This hoax email has been circulating around in different forms and different fantastic tales since 2001 – around the time when America had just been attacked by Islamic fascists and the anthrax scare was going on. I will never understand why people do this. Most of you are aware of this nonsense, but I thought I would post this to keep everyone informed on the latest hoax email passing around.