Myth Blaster: ‘Flashing Lights’ Urban Legend Becomes Reality in Wisconsin

Diane S., Wisconsin received a “chain mail” alert concerning a Highway 41 (Wisconsin) attack whose background story resembled the e-mail hoax of the past. So, I checked it out. Here is what she sent …

Hey everyone…I just wanted to give you a warning about something that
happened in our family last week. I always get the emails telling people
to be careful, don’t stop your car for anyone, etc and I always think that
these things happen somewhere else. Not so anymore. This happened to my cousin’s husband:
He was driving home on Wed night from a friend’s in
Appleton back to
Kaukauna and a car behind him started flashing their lights. So wondering if there was something wrong he pulled over and got out to ask if they needed help. He had Julie’s bug at the time, and they said to him – “your taillights are out” and when he looked the other direction the 3 in the car started to beat him, one had a baseball bat. They asked for money and all he had on him was his cell phone so they took that. He lost his shoes and his glasses too. He managed to drive home and then Julie took him to the ER at St E’s where he passed out. He was in ICU because of a bleeding spleen. He also had to have stitches on his temple and elbow. He has since been sent home. They don’t want him to do much laying around to recoup, they want him to be moving around. He looks good with clothes on but his body is full of bruises. He has to have someone be with him 24 hours a day for awhile. He has no idea who these 3 kids are. So pass the word to NOT pull over if someone is flashing their lights at you from behind. This happened on 41. Isn’t that just scary and awful?
He is a young, very sweet guy who probably had nothing but the best
intentions in mind for these people and got the crap beat out of him. I
guess it doesn’t pay to try and help anyone out! As far as I know, it was
only on WBAY news, I didn’t hear about it until I got this email so just be

One of our employees pulled over on 41 by
Oshkosh 2 weeks ago for the same reason (a car flashing his lights) and he was beaten as well, with a
baseball bat. He was in an
Oshkosh hospital for over a week in ICU. And for no reason at all.

Myth Blaster Verdict: TRUE
The Oshkosh incident was verified at an article by John Lee, Post-Crescent East article.
My thinking is that the e-mail hoax (See Urban Legends) was read by these characters and maybe gave them the idea to perform this criminal/violent act. But that part is just conjecture. The original e-mail chain notice of the flashing lights event was supposed to be a gang initiation. No one knows what was behind the real incident here, except to commit robbery.