Texas Disc Jockey Speaks to Texans and Americans in Every State

Wisconsin Voters:
If the video at the end of this posting does not inspire you, and you still say ridiculous things like:

What can I do?

There all crooks, what’s the difference?

I don’t vote because their are no good candidates to vote for. 

Then truly, as Michael Berry stated – We deserve what we get.
Quit asking government for things we can provide for ourselves, it does not mean that taxpayers are not willing to help fellow Americans out of work – because they are citizens, not business entities who operate on the basis they know that government will bail them out, and yet government intrusion and legislation has also made the economic mess we are in; insisting that loans be made despite the fact of being a risky loan. Producers, like the small business persons in your neighborhood, is truly a good thing for America; and corporations and companies cannot operate and hire people if it is set back with unfair regulations and heavy taxes – punishing the producers, punishing those that provide jobs and economic growth.
The last quoted statement is a confession – that too many Americans have given up, they have played into the hands of those who will destroy the republic created by Thomas Jefferson and 55 other men brave enough, educated enough, and with great vision created a nation like no other in the history of civilization. Today, you see the downward turn of America’s prestige, it’s patriotic duties, and its commitment to destroy those who would destroy freedom and liberty everywhere.

If you agree with any of the above quoted statements made by your fellow citizens – then you deserve whatever the Obama Nation and its Progressive-Marxist socialists have in store for America – his kind of CHANGE is CHAINS provided courtesy of Big Government.
The primary election for candidates for Governor of Wisconsin is September 14th – tear yourself away from the football games and leave the sport bar long enough to go vote.
Primary elections ARE important – they determine who will be the final running candidates. His opponent has been promising just about the same thing as Mark Neumann – but he has only made speeches about it and not provided an actual written plan like Mark Neumann.
There are two candidates promising change: Mark Neumann not only put it in writing in the form of a book and a Adobe Reader download, chapter by chapter – but he actually has a plan, goals, and change clearly written and all signed in his name.
Mark Neumann has a plan for the unemployment, not promising to create more jobs through Big Government, but to boost the employment rate by not hand-tying business and destroying the backbone of America – the small businesses across the nation.

Voters in Other States:

Listen and act as Michael Berry explains. Stand with Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona, not against Arizona, as the Obama Nation wants you to do. Every little action on your part, every level of support creates a snowball that can turn into a boulder-sized rolling entity that will rid America of corruption, Big Government and a return to Jefferson’s republic. No more sanctuary states and cities – like Wisconsin has become under the corruption of Governor Jim Doyle and his cohorts.

Michael Barry cannot explain any more clearer and neither can I. Forget GW Bush and the other RINOs who made campaign speeches and promises in spoken words … follow those who are brave and honest enough to put it down in writing – declaring that the US Constitution is the law of the land, America is a country that is ruled by law, not men, not Big Government who favors socialism, Marxism, and a statist nation. Follow those who are constitutionalists and believe in the Tea Party movement, reforming our nation.
The path is clear, America. Americans have awaken, others are just waking from their apathetic sleep that allowed the Democrat Party to be consumed by Marxists – a party that once declared its duty was for the good of the working class now uses its unions and political machine to take away rights and cause America to go bankrupt. It is time to rid the Republican Party of fence riders and RINOs, who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.
Vote for people you researched, vote for people who clearly have a record of being a reformist and constitutionalist.
I hope this video inspires you to reform yourselves, so we can join together and reform America – and bring it back to where it is once again a Jeffersonian republic that respects and obeys the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and We the People: