More See Global Warming Alarm For What It Is

It’s hard to believe that people still buy the idiocy of the Global Warming alarm-hoax, but there are – but that is changing as is evident of people waking up to the fact that weather and climate changes, sometimes in a big way – something that has been going on long before humans entered the picture on planet Earth.
Europe last week got hit with a terrible winter storm and the year before places like China had unusually chilly temperatures – deaths caused by the extreme cold and snow ridden places around the world, to include the United States. Let’s face it, back a few years when Al Gore was hot and heavy upon the Global Warming hoax wagon, boosted by a plan to make it a trillion-dollar boondoggle for the former Vice President of the United States, unfounded winner of a Nobel Prize, and a ridiculous nomination and winner of an Academy Award for his science fiction documentary that some educational institutions adopted as real science.

The British military are assisting airports in England due to the bad storm that swept across UK and Europe, as Prime Minister David Cameron keeps an eye on the situation. Many flights were cancelled and 200 volunteers supported the passengers who were stranded in the terminals, as well as construction contractors assisting clearing the huge amounts of snow which last Saturday amounted to 13 centimeters (5 inches) of snow per hour and still more the following day on Sunday, December 19th.
There is a backlog of cancelled – postponed flights out of Heathrow Airport and only one third of the normal flight schedule is operating until Thursday. Icy roads and bad road conditions have stalled the postal system that normally delivers Christmas gifts in Britain and Ireland.
Trains, specifically the Eurostar, were still operating – but at reduced speed – with one high-speed train moving only 20 kilometers per hour (12 mph) inside the Channel Tunnel. Caution was in order after a Eurostar engine sucked in snow that caused a three-day breakdown; after that, trains were ordered to move more slowly in snow.
Passenger railways were jammed as Europeans tried to get to their destination by rail, as an alternative of cancelled flights at airports.
Now that the American voters have voted the Sociocrats out of Congress, as well as public office positions in several state governments, we will see if the 2011 Congress will get rid of the taxpayer funded waste of global warming legislation and policies and focus on real and present problems that require well-thought out solutions.
The political conservatives, primarily Tea Party movement folks, have won their hard-earned victory over the tax-to-death out-of-control spending of the 2010 Congress – the American people are watching to see if those recently elected can govern as well as they can campaign – an important feature that hasn’t been seen for some time, as in the days of Ronald Reagan.
Wisconsin is one of the states that finally ousted the long-held majority of the Sociocrats and look eagerly to reinstall rights and freedom of choice, like Wisconsin adhering to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, as does 40 other states. In addition, they eagerly await elected public officials to rescind much of the legislative damage in Wisconsin, such as the Wisconsin Smoke Free bills that forced privately owned establishments to become smoke free (next they will ban BBQ grills!) whether they wanted to or not – the last bastion of freedom of choice hitting that myriad of hotels and inns across Wisconsin. Previously, the state government ordered all restaurants and bars to be smoke free – clearly not a government responsibility concerning a legal product and the right of choice of business owners across Wisconsin. Other changes must be made, like countering the heavy tax hikes by Governor Doyle and associates in the state assembly that raised a $1 billion tax hike just one month after being reelected – raising Wisconsin state government fees about 35%. License fees that use to cost $45 now cost $75. They chose a bad time to raise state fees during a poor economy and with so many unemployed in this state; as well as how much the fees increased in cost.
Americans all across the country must realize that the Sociocrats take over and changing of our Jeffersonian Republic did not occur overnight – nor will the reform and solutions require be quickly attained either. Be patient, but as Thomas Jefferson stated – be ever watchful of elected people. We need the attitude of statesmanship – not political circus arena with loyalty to political clubs instead of the state and nation’s citizenry. Citizens must wean themselves off of government handouts (not referring to programs where citizens down and out are helped to help themselves to get back on their feet). Politicians have employed citizen dependency, fully aware that Big Government is bad government and that any good government has its limitations upon authority over the people and that rights, liberties and freedoms should not be ignored or taken away – nor should the citizenry allow it for the price of false and flowery promises. In an age of information availability – there is no excuse that all citizens of voting age should be keeping tabs on all public officials from the county board members, the mayor, the governor, the state assembly, Congress and the President of the United States – and it is high time that the Supreme Court justices and lower appellate courts begin protecting rights, liberties and freedoms under the Bill of Rights guaranteed to the people – For the People and By the People.
I wish everyone who celebrates Christmas to have a merry and meaningful one, a Happy Hanukkah, and a better and more prosperous New Year for all those who endeavor to help themselves, assist others who are having difficulty, and those who see that a Jeffersonian Republic is the only form of government that works.
I would like to mention and salute the people of Iraq for their founding of their new government and wish them happiness and prosperity – something they have suffered so greatly to achieve – freedom from an oppressive government. If humanity truly desires Peace on Earth … prosperity and freedom – more nations around the globe need to adopt a democratic republic form of government.