Kritter Girl: Fostering Rescued Miniature Pinschers – Door Peninsula

Hi Everyone,
I would like at this time to ask your help on behalf of all Min Pins ( Miniature Pinschers) that are currently in rescue and will be in future need in rescues to find their forever home.
I (we, my husband and son) are a foster home for Min Pins in need, through IMPS ( Internet Miniature Pinschers Service) for the Mins that are waiting for their forever home. Currently we have 2 fosters in addition to our 8 dogs! Tyson who is a 3 year old Manchester Min mix and Chico who is a 10 year old black/tan Min. They are both SWEET little love BUGS! You can find them at
Go to dogs available, click on WI (Wisconsin) and look for them!

Our first foster Spyke, a 7 year old red found his forever home just on the other side of town from us. Since he was adopted he has come over to visit and play with all our dogs here. He is doing well and we are so happy that he is near by so we can see him and the progress that he is making in his forever home.
The Animal rescue site is offering grants to shelter/rescues that get the most clicks! It doesn’t cost you anything but, a few minutes on line. The more click we get the better our chances of receiving their grant to help pups in need.
Please go to the link below and type in IMPS, state WI, town of Appleton and please vote to help us save these little guys/girls. 
IMPS has only been around since 1998 and to date we have saved 16,261 Mins through our rescue. We currently have 611 in foster still in need of finding their forever home.
Please help us by CLICKING, it will not take any time at all while you are already on line.
Thank you in advance for your support to do your best to try helping a critter in need.