Tax Reform – A Major Issue in Reformation of American Government

Of all the detested federal government agencies, I am sure that the majority of Americans would put the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) at the top of the list. It is an agency that is part of the executive branch, within the Treasury Department, whose chief is the President of the United States, yet the US Constitution specifically states that Congress is in charge of matters pertaining to taxes and the President is merely the approving authority that either provides a signature of approval or rejects in veto procedures a legislation that has passed the majority vote of House and the Senate. The IRS has become a power monster used to intimidate its citizens, confiscating property and freezing bank accounts before a citizen is found guilty of tax evasion in a court of law. The IRS will fine and charge interest rates upon citizens before it is proven that they actually owe that money and the IRS agency is the judging authority on all issues that induce charges that would make a loan shark drool. A flat consumption tax would provide no avenue of tax evasion, making government more transparent, and no basis for errors of either the government or the taxpayer. The IRS must come under the control of Congress who must repeal/rewrite the 16th Amendment, initiate the Fair Tax Act at the same time, as well as add within the rescinded amendment that a super majority (two-thirds) of the House and Senate must approve any increase in the established flat tax rate, as well as adding any new taxation such as excise tax. Income of a citizen is their business, not the governments. Taxation is required to provide funding for the operation of the government, but taxation is not to be used as a social engineering tool, a punishment for those using certain legal products or the system used to harass or intimidate any citizen of the United States.

David S. Hilzenrath wrote in a January 5th article at Washington Post:

The Internal Revenue Service plans to test, register and screen people who get paid to prepare tax returns, stepping into a virtually unregulated business on which millions of Americans depend for crucial financial services. The agency wants to crack down on preparers who do shoddy or fraudulent work and create a way for consumers to make more informed choices — though the moves could increase the cost of having tax returns prepared. [I] … The agency said it will phase in the changes with the 2011 tax season. … The IRS estimates that 900,000 to 1.2 million people prepare tax returns for a fee, and many do so without ever being officially tested. [II] … Starting with the 2011 tax season, the IRS plans to require paid preparers to register with the agency. Subsequently — the timeline is not yet firm — they will be required to pass competency tests and receive continuing professional education. [III] The IRS said it will screen preparers to make sure they have paid their own taxes. … Last year, almost 94 million returns were completed using tax software. Both taxpayers and professional preparers relied on the programs, though “quality control over these products rests exclusively with the software publishers,” the IRS said. Meanwhile, some preparers encourage consumers to take out loans against anticipated refunds, without fully explaining the costs, the agency said.

This April 15th and every April 15th thereafter should be just another day – but it won’t be if you, the American citizen voter, do not elect those who truly believe that the Jeffersonian republic and constitutional law supersedes any special interest group and the benefit of ALL American citizens equally. Americans must toss away the idea that they must be forced to choose candidates from the two traditional political parties that have developed a monopoly between them and place their political entity above the Constitution, welfare and security of our nation and the People. Since in the past fifty years both political party members have failed to self reform, it is time that citizens take back control of their government from local level to Washington DC.
It will be a long war against bureaucrats, sociocrats and the sheeple that follow them – but isn’t our freedom and liberties and the retention of our nation as a republic worth it?
No income tax – no death tax – no IRS.

[I] Another example of how government regulation ends up increasing cost of living and, at the same time, wants to add new forms of taxation as well as increase those already in place in lieu of proper budgeting.
[II] This statistic demonstrates how costly the income tax system is and also shows that H&R Block and other large corporations who make money off of other American’s misery, lobby for income tax to not be replaced, but instead superficially reformed; and reformed means more complicated tax code and ways to hide the overall inefficiency and unfairness of the income tax system. A flat consumption tax would do several things: (1) American’s wages would no longer be confiscated through payroll deductions; (2) a flat percentage rate means that everyone pays the same rate, but those who spend more (with more income) will pay more and vice versus; (3) the People will benefit, but so would the government by receiving tax funds with overhead costs kept to a minimum; (4) less costly for government to collect taxes and process – $75 million annually spent by government on just the paperwork of collecting and processing and does not include wages paid to employees running the bloated bureaucracy; (5) IRS will become a downsized bureaucracy to only an agency that audits
[III] Continuing education is required because the tax codes system is so complex and rules of play are constantly changing – no such thing would occur with a flat consumption tax (Fair Tax Act).
See H.R. 25 and S. 296.