Unconstitutionality of Barack Hussein Obama and Associates

  Imagine, if your honest and objective, if GW Bush did what the present President of the United States is and has been doing? He certainly was accused of ridiculous things – orchestrator of the 9-11 attacks and depicted as a modern-day Adolf Hitler on the Internet both in picture and character; yet the true transgressions were never addressed. Not that I didn’t think GW Bush was inept, to put it politely, I didn’t vote for him in the primary elections; we haven’t had a great president since Ronald Reagan – too bad he had a non-compliance Congress. It has been a tradition, especially in the media, that if a President or member of Congress is a Democrat they let them slide in many ways – but if a member of the GOP, they are subject to any character assassinations they can come up with. GW Bush procrastinated during his period in office concerning the repeal of 16th amendment and ridding American citizens the unfair, intrusive, complicated, inefficient, and unconstitutional income tax system that has plagued us since FDR. He just stated “I am looking into it” – and it was never mentioned by him again nor any action requested to Congress or by Congress. Why would they want to rid themselves of something and change it if it prevents them from controlling the population through income tax — forced confiscation of a portion of your wages that you earned. No government, no entity, no group or individual has the right to access to your wages without your consent or desire to do so. Under the Fair Tax Act, however, SS and Medicare benefits will still be paid for by payroll deductions, but this is like paying into your retirement program through private programs with your employer — but your employer doesn’t dictate how you will spend it and how much of it is taxable, et cetera.

True, Bush needed congressional cooperation if he decided to promote the Fair Tax bill into legislation and approval to rescind the 16th Amendment by a two-thirds majority in Congress – but he didn’t get on the bandwagon. For that matter, despite finally getting back into the bracket of being the majority in Congress, the Republicans have been dragging their posteriors concerning the much-needed change in the tax system – a change that would boost the economy that they claim they are worried about and working on. The Department of Homeland Security was initiated by the GW Bush administration to make it more efficient in regards to coordination between FBI and CIA, for example. There were some details that were never addressed and/or worked out, but that was the gist of its creation. President Obama is using the Homeland Security to monitor the social media activity of journalists, a Nixonian ploy from the 1970s. According to JWF, guest blogger at Human Events, this has been going on since 2010. The legislation contained paragraphs that were ridiculous and the system was set up so one could be placed on a “no fly” list and not be told why because it was “classified”. What’s with that? I will take a bus, a train, mule, or a privately-rented aircraft before I ever fly the “friendly skies” again. The hassle is just not worth it. Security is one thing, stupidity is another. Meanwhile, people pour over our southern border with no identity checks, health examinations or background checks — the reason why, along with a limit per year we allow to enter, we have immigration laws, and a security officer at airport is worried about a fake bullet as a piece of wrist jewelry belonging to a famous (or infamous to liberal-socialists) journalist and lawyer, Ann Coulter
The Constitution Club reported that U.S.News & World Reportinitiated a poll for Americans to name the news event they most fear happening in 2012, and it wasn’t the Mayan Calendar Prophecy that a major global disaster will occur in December of 2012 – it was the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama by a margin of two-to-one. In the poll, 33% stated that four more years of the Obama Regime was their worst nightmare; yet only 16% said they fear Obama won’twin a second term. It seems that 16% of those polled don’t have a clue or refuse to research just exactly what this president has done or didn’t do. They fall into the category of people that make me think of slinky … they have no real use, but it brings a smile on one’s face to see them being pushed down a flight of stairs – the longer the flight, the better.
A scary quote from Obama, according to the New York Times(reported in article at Constitution Club and Weekly Standard), the NYT not exactly being an objective media source, claimed that in March of 2011, Barack Obama stated:

It would be so much easier to be President of China.

And an Obama official:
No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.
This points out to what I had been saying about the character and background of Barack Obama, who still has not been called out concerning his place of birth issue, which would make his presidency null and void. If a military service member or federal government employee is expected to receive a thorough background check before attaining a security position – why are not presidential and congressional candidates required to do so? Are they not, especially the President of the United States, have access to classified material? If so, as an ex-FBI agent stated during the campaign for presidency in 2004 stated: Barack H. Obama would not have passed a security background check. He was affiliated not only with known criminals and criminals being prosecuted, but had a preacher he (at first) that he claimed to be his mentor (later retracted) that was an extreme racist. So many warning signals that were ignored. Why? Because he was a Democrat? Because he is of African descent?
I asked people at the time why they supported BH Obama, and too often the reply was: It’s time to have a Black president. Really? If so, why weren’t they supporting Alan Keyes? Most never bothered to take a good look at his policies, ideology and background – either Keyes or Obama. It is because American voters don’t research, it ties up their time spent on watching TV football or other personal activities. So they rely on newspaper headlines (the bias media) and the ridiculous TV campaign ads that is nothing but character assassinations; most of which are based upon presumption, not fact.
Barack H. Obama promised change, and indeed CHANGE was his campaign slogan; but no one asked him to reveal in detail just WHAT that change would be. If they knew that his mentors throughout his youthful life were socialists and a specific associate was an anarchist – would they have considered ignoring Obama and his campaign? Doubtful. These people are loyal to a specific political party, rather than sticking to those whose ideology and political policies are founded upon constitutional law.
Which brings me to the gist of this article – unconstitutional acts of Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Point #1 – No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law. GW Bush who used TAR money authorized by Congress 1 – whereas, BH Obama didn’t use TARP funds, but declared funding would come from somewhere. Probably one good reason why the Social Security Trust Fund is depleted, not because there are baby boomers getting old – think about it … baby boomers are a large concentration of aging citizens, but they have paid into the system all their working lives. Then there are circumstances where SSI payments made are never collected due to youthful death, the beneficiary being Uncle Sam, not a beneficiary of your choosing. TARP funds were/are only to be used for troubled assets of financial institutions. Auto corporations are not applicable. In addition, BH Obama put the government into the ownership position of private financial institutions.
  • Point #2 – Misuse of the appointment authority of Supreme Court nominees in which he actively seeks those Supreme Court nominees who embrace empathy in their decisions and opinions. The oath of a Supreme Court Justice is quite clear …
I, [NAME], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as [TITLE] under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.
For that matter, the President of the United States also has an oath to fulfill and comply with:
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Appointing activist judges and justices is a part of the mindset that the Constitution is a flexible document that can be interpreted to mean whatever ongoing policies dictate – “empathy” is not what the Founders had in mind. Eminent domain is a good example of how the Constitution has been altered in meaning and implementation by justices who believe those laws must change, without amendment, due to social change and political ideology and policies.
  • Point #3 – Other presidents before Obama appointed “czars”, but Obama has taken advantage of this unconstitutional appointment of “advisers” who report to no one except the President. Obama has more czars than any president before him. The problem and danger is that the czars, under direct authority of the president, surpasses the right of Congress to review such actions/decisions utilizing the check-and-balance system established by the authors of the Constitution, approved by the Founders.
  • Point #4 – Seizure of ownership of private business by the government is unconstitutional; which means that the GM affair involved in the “bailout” process is completely null and void.
  • Point #5 – Part of the GM stock issue is unconstitutional as well; just as redistribution of wealth is not the concern of government – well, a democratic republic government. The government gets 50% of stock and the Unions have finagled their way to 40% – Unions being an arm of the government and too often than not, the other way around.
  • Point #6 – Obama’s health care, called ObamaCare, is definitely unconstitutional. Any policy or legislation that takes from those that have for those who don’t is, once again, redistribution of wealth. Putting private business out of business is a means for the government to step in and control all private industry (no longer private), something that fascist states, like the Nazi, do with impunity.

A constitution is not the act of a government, but of a people constituting a government, and a government without a constitution is power without right. A constitution is a thing antecedent to a government; and a government is only the creature of a constitution.

I don’t believe that even those that voted for Obama for president would agree that he (or any president) have that much power.
The preamble of the Constitution of the United States makes it clear that our government is not to govern through socialism …
We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
Which means, my fellow Americans, that the Constitution guarantees a republican form of government that was initiated by Thomas Jefferson and enacted by the signature of the Founders to create a document of laws that surpasses all government documents and laws that has been created in human history.
That constitution states clearly that government should be limited in its powers and scope and that the amendments (first ten) are guarantee in writing to the People that those that control and operate our government, elected By the People (not the media and political clubs called “parties”), will adhere to those laws and protect them from being changed without amendment and that all three branches of the government abide by its articles and amendments.
Maggie, at Maggie’s Notebook, one of my favorite contemporary bloggers, wrote:
I know there are other unconstitutional acts to add to this list, including: the budget an [sic]earmarks, the stimulus expenditures that do not create jobs, eminent domain, snatching rights designated only to states, and other unlawful federal rights granted that are clearly unconstitutional – such as “special interest” legislation.
The creation of our democratic republic were by founders who were knowledgeable of classical education, which provided them insight and the basis for which they created our nation’s laws and written guarantees to the citizens of the United States of their rights and liberties. In Athens, ancient Greece, the simple majority rule democracy was created, which some call “mob rule” – but is beneficial to prevent a majority of hopefully wise people rather than a majority of wealthy, influential, and biased individuals making the decisions. This is why the lobby program must be reformed. Corporations create and maintain employment and provide opportunity for citizens to become part of investments that hopefully will be profitable. Government should only ensure that ethical practices and policies of corporations be attuned for the benefit of all. One of the things that would change with the repeal of the 16thAmendment to a consumption tax under the Fair Tax Act bill, is that corporations will no longer get tax breaks, but neither will they be forced to move their business(es) offshore.
Liberal democracyis a form of democracy that combines majority rule with respect for civil liberties; which has developed the socioeconomic system called “capitalism”. It emphasizes the individual and limits government power. Thomas Jefferson described the need for consent, equality, and basic human rights when he mentioned “self-evident truths” in the Declaration of Independence and that all people are endowed with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
The element of majority rule is exercised in the United States through elections – from local, state to national. There are too many Americans who refuse to exercise those rights and leave the decisions for others to make. Those Americans have no right to complain. Too often their excuse is that their vote doesn’t count. At the turn of the century, the beginning of the 20thcentury, we had the opportunity to enact the metric system, a more reliable and accurate measurement (thus used by scientists and chemists), whose element is based upon 10 not 12. In addition, we had the opportunity, through those we elected to Congress, to establish electricity to be 220 instead of 110, the former being more efficient – like the rest of the world uses, in both cases. That decision was not made because of five votes. Now tell me that votes don’t count. Today, American mechanics have to spend more on tools (as well as do-it-yourself folks) because we have both an SAEand Metrictool system.
The lobby system was designed to allow people to gather into active groups and send a representative to address issues with members of Congress. It is a good system, not just meant for corporations, insurance companies, and devious lawyers; if it is NOT abused. For example, much of the reform of the government’s gun control laws and forcing the state governments to afford law-abiding, mentally stable citizens the right to keep and bear armsunder the written guarantee of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. This was aided by lobbyists sponsored by NRA (National Rifle Association) and other groups with that interest in mind. However, self interest groups and private industries, like insurance companies, have taken advantage of the system and broke the law through graft, to the point where legislation is in favor of the special entity that is not beneficial to all – the People.
Minority groups have been protected through the lobby system and under the Civil Rights Act have moved in the right direction compared to previous history. However, it has come to the point where minorities are given the power over the majority and given special compensation that provides the minority with certain rights and privileges, all the while treading upon the rights of others, and not the policy of the majority. Case in point would be the removal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the military toward homosexuals. They were not satisfied that they were given immunity against persecution or not allowed to serve just by keeping their sexual preferences private – they had to be placed out into the open, despite the clear historical policy against homosexuals in the armed forces, and for good reason. Liberal-socialists never draw lines as to how far they go; never satisfied, always looking to get what the other guy has (whether worked for or not) and puts their rights in the forefront of others. In other words, liberals in America (and elsewhere) are not only marching towards socialism with a smile upon their face, but putting themselves in the position to tell others what they think they should do or how they should think, et cetera. The liberal (liberal-socialist) exercise their right to publicly gather in protest, but the difference between them, and say, the Tea Party movement, is that they also think it is okay to perform acts of violence, wrongly defame another’s character, and say the most foulest things one can think of. All the while, in complete hypocrisy, accuse the other side of hate speech and actually enacting laws that prohibit anything negative said concerning another individual – even if it is truth. So liberals do not like truth, it gets in the way of their long-term agenda, the following of the principles of Marxism and the “change” of America to a socialist welfare state, which the Soviet Union has demonstrated from its extinction that it is not economically sustainable.
Someone forgot to inform Obama that “change” requires certain procedures and those procedures are performed according to the articles of the Constitution of the United States. Someone forgot to emphasize that our nation is a democratic republic, not a democratic socialist entity. Someone forgot to insist that Obama prove that his birth records are not doctored and that he is not a Kenyan citizen, which no one is allowed to be President if born anywhere except the United States domain. Someone forgot to point out to Obama that our nation is based upon rights of the individual and we are not a nation of the collective where those that have are required to provide for those who have not – not of their own free will. It is redundant to have such a policy of redistribution of wealth and income (repeal 16thAmendment) when Americans are known to be people who are the most generous charity providers in the US. Government has no business with charities or its operations; just as it has no business with religious institutions, unless they are breaking the law. The People should decide how much and who any charity funding goes and do so directly – not dictated and orchestrated by the government.
Members of Congress are there because they were elected. No elected official should receive government/taxpayer funded retirement benefits while serving in a position that required election to attain. Government employees are have the right to pay into and receive a retirement program and other benefits like healthcare insurance, just as the private sector. Elected officials, especially in Congress, can follow the rules we must in regards to retirement within the Social Security program, as well as any private and personally funded retirement/investment program. It is NOT in the Constitution. The get a salary and some compensation for their cost of performing their duties – and that is all it should be.
Liberals were screaming for GW Bush’s head and impeachment – but there no voices of outrage against Obama’s unconstitutional acts. If they are acts that requires an impeachment trial, so be it. Obama’s actions are far more serious than sexual indiscretion and adultery in the Oval Office.
Republicans never fulfill their mission when they get the majority. They compromise too much. It is, and has been, obvious to me that political parties are nothing but political clubs, and those entities only serve to focus upon gathering the required funds to initiate and enact campaigns for election of their members.
This election year there are many issues to consider, and all have one major similarity – reformation. It is long past due, and the voters should not care about political clubs, but instead what each candidate stands for, his/her character, and their past accomplishments and/or failures in government office positions, when it comes to candidacy of the President. And all candidates should be required to undergo a background check before being allowed to register as a candidate. Too many talk about security issues – but fail to enact upon those things that protect our nation from danger.
In regards to our continued involvement in Afghanistan – it’s time to bring the troops back home. It is a country that cannot change from the tribal/warlord mentality that they retain/maintain. Iraq is a promising democratic nation and now that they demonstrate they are strong enough to repel outside interference, we need to continue a methodical withdraw and leave only an embassy and its personnel and US Marine guards in place. I hope that our relations continue to be beneficial to both Iraq and US, and our commitment to each other continues; however, we can no longer afford to finance nations any longer. The best foreign policy when it comes to the Near- and Middle East is to leave them to their own affairs. They disrespect us and they will not listen or look at models of good government that separates religion from civil affairs. We must continue to keep a trained eye upon the terrorist situation and maintain a common sense approach to national security to protect its citizens from those organized mass murderers, but the task of demonstrating that we will not tolerate any attacks upon the soil of the United States of America and its territories, but neither suffer attacks upon our embassies and civilian citizens overseas. In that respect and ideology should consideration be made in responsibly “cutting back” upon our military expenditure. We need to keep technologically advanced and remain in the mode of quick response to aggression anywhere and at any time. One place we no longer need to maintain an army is South Korea, despite the sword rattling of North Korea over the decades. It is the longest ceasefire in history. It is also the longest period of time we have maintained armed forces anywhere. South Korea is a productive nation – they can handle and afford to maintain their own border security and affairs with North Korea.
In addition, our Congress needs to reevaluate our actions and commitments to the United Nations, whose original purpose has long been forgotten. It should be an international body that strives to encourage democracy and democratic republics everywhere; but instead, we have committees like Human Rights with countries with members on such committees who violate those rights and sanctions enacted by that world body organization. It is probably time to tell the United Nation members to reform or they can count us out – to include moving the seat of the United Nations assembly elsewhere. I am sure that the majority of the American people do not want to fund nations who are not friendly and who side with our enemies. I am sure that the American people do not want to participate with a world body that promotes human rights with one hand and institutes a global policy of affording the common citizen the right to protect themselves, as we have clearly made reference to in our Second Amendment to the US Constitution.
As you can see, candidates for 2012 election have quite a job to fill, just as Obama did, in regards to reformation – but Obama didn’t enact the “change” that too many didn’t know just what those changes were and ignored those who knew what they would be.
No one should be denied employment, candidacy, or many other things based upon ethnic, racial or gender considerations; however, the table is turned when someone is elected/chosen for their ethnic/racial background rather than their qualifications. Equality and civil rights have two sides of the coin, and stepping upon other citizens’ rights to provide certain rights for others, especially a majority is not productive or feasible for the benefit of ALL. Character, values, honor, and integrity all mean something – they are not just words. Too often politicians are just that, and they forget that once elected they are to become statesmen and stateswomen, to protect the Constitution, abide by its laws, and swear allegiance to the People and not the other way around. We need to reform and that is going to take a lot of work and cooperation. It is time for politicians walk the same way they talk. Act upon what they preach. Present themselves as part of a good government.
The first things that the GOP majority (supposed to be conservative) should have done was push to repeal the ObamaCare legislation AND enact the Fair Tax Act that would require the repeal of the 16thAmendment at the same time. Doing this would create a far better economical up-turn than any bailout devised. Government only creates jobs two ways: (1) employing the private sector for government positions and (2) limiting itself of intrusion upon the private sector in business as well as private individuals and respecting their liberties and freedom of choice. Citizens must reform themselves as well and change our attitudes in society by strengthening the family nucleus, instilling inspiration, character, integrity and values upon their children in order to create a better tomorrow. This can be done no matter what religion you believe in or not believing in any religion – values are civil forms of morality.
The present administration, to include Congress, have failed the People. It’s time that We the People insist they perform their duties. They need to form a congressional review of all legislation that is still on the rule books and decide if they are worth keeping or upgrading. They need to consider first the constitutional law before a bill is even presented to the floor for a vote, in the Senate and House. In addition, nothing should be in a bill that is not intended by the original author(s) or having to do with another subject material or issue. No more pork means that nothing will be added at the last minute, hoping it will be passed without notice. This is also a responsibility upon the President – he/she must use the veto pen or send a bill back with notes of suggested changes. That is his job. The President’s job is not to cater to charitable organizations and use the taxpayer funds for non-profit organizations. The President should not authorize writing checks to foreign countries, especially when economic situations here are not going well – and Congress should oversee these expenditures.
President Obama must be warned of possible impeachment if he does not rescind his unconstitutional acts and change his ways. His ideas of “change” are false and misleading, and counterproductive; as can be seen by the enormous increase in national debt – another campaign promise unfulfilled by Obama and members of the Congress.

To Mr. Obamaand his Cohorts and false conservatives– and candidates for 2012:

Get off the political fence – get on the People fence. Quit looking for loopholes in our Constitution, and start using it to provide a basis of reformation. Start practicing what you preach. Start enforcing laws passed by government. Serious issues remain on the sidelines while politics as usual goes on in Washington – looking only to seek more power of government over the People instead of maintaining the oath you swore to when taking office. Instead of depending upon other natural resources, let’s use our own and tell our enemies to drink their oil and quit telling us we need “alternative energy” and at the same time make it difficult to afford wind/solar energy because of government, state, and local mandates that provide bureaucratic paperwork and nonsense in the way of progress. Why should I have to ask permission to place solar equipment and a windmill on my privately owned property? In the state of Wisconsin, the imperial government has ordered that privately owned business establishments will not allow their patrons the opportunity to use a legal product – tobacco. It is up to the private owner to decide, not government. Shame on Governor Walker for calling for a repeal of that act signed by Comrade Doyle

  Why didn’t citizens of Wisconsin demand a recall for Doyle, who lied to them two terms in a row and initiated the largest tax and state fee raise (38%) in the history of our state to the tune of one billion dollars! Walker takes measures to correct that and reduce debt WITHOUT raising taxes (although he should also reduce the state fees to a more affordable amount) – and morons in this state want him impeached! Why? Because he made the state government employees pay into their retirement program (like the rest of us) and increased slightly their benefit package cost (that pushes it closer to what the rest of us pay). The percentage of government workers is too high compared to private sector — this is the ONLY way government “creates” jobs. It encourages lower unemployment rates when government minds its own business and quit running its citizens’ personal lives.


Freedom is NOT another word for nothing left to lose – freedom demands a price, and that price is ensuring that others don’t take it away and we vote responsibly (take it more seriously) and actually use reasoning instead of emotion and what a TV “hate-speech” add tells us. When we make choices, having the freedom to do so, that concerns our personal lives, we must also face the consequences of those choices. It’s called responsibility for one’s own actions and decisions.

 One final question to those who feel they must persecute Christianity from traditional Christmas trees to public prayer …

Joan B. sent this via email, source unknown.


1 I disagreed that government should use taxpayer funding to bailout corporations/banks that acted irresponsible.

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