US Political Party Platforms: Progressive-Democratic Party

Beginning with the comparison of the US Democratic Party and Communist-Socialist Party, this article represents a summary of political parties in the United States.
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Under the topic Party Platform:

A party platform, also known as a manifesto, is a list of the actions which a political party supports in order to appeal to the general public for the purpose of having said party’s candidates voted into office. This often takes the form of a list of support for, or opposition to, controversial topics. Individual topics are often called planks of the platform.

Across the spectrum of party platforms, a citizen can examine a candidate’s political party and decide whether it bases its platform and planks upon the limitation of powers of the US Constitution and abides by the rights guaranteed by American Founders in the Bill of Rights, amendments to the US Constitution. The Constitution authors also provided written discussion within the Federalist Papers.

 Friedrich Engels‘ and Karl Marx‘s 1848 Communist Manifesto.

 Adolf Hitler’s 1925 Mein Kampf (Volume II, National Socialist Party Movement). Hitler’s political party’s name was National Socialist Worker’s Party.

 Franklin Roosevelt‘s 1932 New Deal.

 The 1948 United States Democratic Party’s platform including civil rights.

 Lyndon Baines Johnson’s War on Poverty, 1965.

 The 1993 Liberal Party of Canada Red Book.

 The 1994 United States Republican Party’s Contract with America (technically not a platform because promising discussion of measures rather than their adoption).

 Mike Harris‘s 1995 Common Sense Revolution.

 Democratic Party 100 Hours, first weeks of 110th United States Congress.

Highlighted points of the US Communist ManifestoUS Socialist Party platform …

The Needs of Working, Unemployed and Farm Families
 Raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour.
 Moratorium on farm foreclosures.
 Labor law reform to remove barriers to workers who want to join a union.
 No privatization of Social Security. Increase benefits.
 Universal prescription drug coverage administered by Medicare. Universal health care system.
 Restore social safety net. Welfare reform that includes job training, supports and living wages.
 Full funding for equal, quality, bi-lingual public education. No vouchers.
Make Evil Corporations Pay
 Repeal tax cuts to the rich and corporations.
 Close corporate tax loopholes.
 Restitution to workers’ pensions.
 Strong regulation of financial industry.
 Regulation and public ownership of utilities.
 Prosecute corporate polluters. Public works program to clean our air, water and land.
 Aid to cities and states. Federally funded infrastructure repair and social service programs.
Foreign Policy for Peace and Justice
 End war with Iraq – end military interventions.
 Repeal Fast Track and NAFTA; stop Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). No secrecy.
 Save Salt II Agreements, reject Star Wars and Nuclear Posture Review.
 Abolish nuclear weapons.
 Cut military budget and fund human needs.
Defend Democracy and Civil Rights
 End racial profiling.
 Repeal the death penalty.
 Enforce civil rights laws and affirmative action.
 Repeal USA Patriot Act.
 Legalization and protection of immigration rights.
 Public financing of elections. Overall election law reform including Instant Runoff Voting.
 Youth and student bill of rights. Guarantee youth’s right to earn, learn and live.

Democratic Party of the United States

Examine the ‘Progressive’ Democratic Party Platform [Renewing America’s Promise 2008 and Appendices] …
Government investment in stem cell and medical research.
 Support abortion even if mother cannot pay (2004). Taxpayers provide funding for irresponsible citizens.
 GOP creates debt; Dems create surpluses (2000).
 Democrats will eliminate publicly held debt by 2012 (2000).
 Racial and religious profiling is wrong (2004).
 No federal gay marriage ban.
 Pass hate crime legislation including gays (2000).
End corporate welfare (2004).
 Charter schools OK; vouchers not (2004).
 We cannot drill our way to energy independence (2004).
Health Care Coverage for All Americans and illegal aliens (2008).
Wages set by government (2004, 2008).
 Continued Income Tax System with tax rate schedules with Earned Income Tax Credit and other bonus programs where a growing percentage of Americans receive all tax money at end of year and others pay higher percentages; continue the unconstitutional actions of the IRS and its unauthorized power.
End tax breaks for businesses, which the Dems claim is causing jobs to be sent overseas.
 Creating new jobs by expansion of government bureaucracy and control over private sector industry. Corporation and private business corruption and evil dealings cause economic strife.
Government control of the Internet in the name of safety and diversity in media outlets.
 Increase funding and government intervention in public schools, discouraging private schools; promoting government mandated curriculum in education of American youth.
 Promise to eliminate federal taxes for retirees (2008).
 Minorities deserve housing even if they don’t pay their rent or mortgages (2008). Class in society pitted against each other.
 Establish Credit Card Bill of Rights and mandate Credit Card Rating System controlling financial private sector entities.
 Create automatic workplace pensions.
 Improve saving rate of Americans, but will not change the 1% savings rate versus the 24% debt interest rate.
 Protect worker rights without policies against illegal immigration.
 End the war in Iraq. Iraq was a diversion from the fight against terrorists who struck us on 9-11. (2008)
 We will defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan (2008).
 No safe haven for those who plot to kill Americans (2008). [except for those arrested and tried in a liberal court].
 Terrorism will be combated by providing education, open minds to tolerance, food and water supplies, health care, trade, capital and investment … provide support for political reformers, democratic institutions, and a civil society that is necessary to uphold human rights and build respect for the rule of law.
 World Without Nuclear Weapons … global ban on the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons.
 Support democratic development in Africa; continue aid for poverty, hunger, conflict, and HIV/AIDS.
 Commit an alliance with Latin America and Caribbean nations.
 Bilateral agreements in Asia; One China policy, disregarding the sovereignty rights of Taiwan.
 Continue pouring funds to NATO.
 Only the Democratic Party offers a commitment to support democratic institutions – worldwide. Dem-approved organizations like ACORN, CAIR, et cetera.
 Supports United Nation agenda of a New World Order, a centralized government against sovereignty of nations within the concepts of the European Union; which also supports the ban of civilian firearm ownership.
 Support amnesty for illegal immigrants established in the United States.
 Promise to prevent disasters like Hurricane Katrina (2008).
Second Amendment: …what works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne.
 Honor faith but ban the name of God used publicly, public prayer, public display of Ten Commandments, removal of God from Pledge of Allegiance; disallow Christianity in public schools but not Islam/Muslim Appreciation Day.
 Siding with China in Tibet issue (2000).
 Line-item veto to root out pork-barrel spending (2004).
 Support McCain-Feingold bill for campaign finance reform (2000).
 Reauthorize assault weapons ban, close gun show loophole (2004/2008).

Read new book by Jonah Goldberg: Liberal Fascism.
Spectator, UK wrote a review:

The book, a New York Times No. 1 bestseller has, needless to say, enraged lefties (‘liberals’ as they’re more usually known in the States) everywhere. ‘In the first week I had half a dozen emails from total strangers saying, “How dare you accuse us caring liberals of being fascists!” and then going on to say what a shame it was that my family hadn’t been sorted out once and for all a few years back in the concentration camps,’ he says. Goldberg is a New York Jew and growing up as a conservative in Manhattan’s impeccably liberal, Jewish Upper West Side, he said he often felt like a Christian in Ancient Rome. At school and university, whenever he spoke in favour of tax cuts or a free market economy, the response was invariably the same. ‘Nazi’, he was called. Or ‘fascist’. By the time he was established as a contributing editor to National Review, he’d had quite enough of this. He spent four years researching and writing the book which would put the record straight. What he found astonished him. Nazism and fascism, it turned out, was closer kindred spirits of Soviet communism than he could ever have imagined. The first expressed itself through ideas about racial purity and Jew-hatred, the second with ideas about the primacy of the nation, but in most other respects they were all remarkably similar: seizing the means of production; empowering the masses; rule by experts; the elevation of youth and brute emotion over wisdom, tradition and intellect; the submission of the individual to the will of the state. As Goldberg wryly puts it, ‘The Nazis were not big on property rights and tax cuts.’ … Goldberg points out that it was liberals — not conservatives — who were the biggest advocates of eugenics; that America’s most racist (and fascistic) president was the arch-liberal Woodrow Wilson; and that during the supposedly wondrous New Deal of the beloved liberal president FDR, an immigrant dry-cleaner could have his door kicked in and be imprisoned for cleaning suits for five cents less than the agreed government minimum, while Nuremberg-style rallies — prompting a visiting British Independent Labour MP to complain it all felt far too much like Nazi Germany — were staged in New York. Goldberg’s purpose is not to argue that liberals are bad people, still less that they’re all closet fascists. But he does want them to realise that people in glass houses are scarcely in the ideal position to throw stones. … the problem with liberals is that they’ve always been so convinced of their moral righteousness that they never feel the need to analyse their position too deeply. Conservatives are continually agonising among themselves about precisely what the role of government should be — ‘where to draw the line between freedom and virtue’. For leftists, the dogma is settled: ‘Government should do good where it can, whenever it can, period.’ … It’s not the war part of fascism’s inherent militarism that liberals find so attractive but the way it gives the state the chance to take control and put the whole of society on a war footing. In order to effect this sweeping social mobilisation, liberals need grand and apparently urgent causes to justify the bossiness and repression that this inevitably entails. ‘Climate change’ provided them with a perfect excuse for this kind of statist bullying; the new Great Depression has given them an even better one. … The big problem in bipartisan political systems when governments move leftwards, says Goldberg, is that right-wing oppositions move leftwards too, creating what Barry Goldwater christened ‘Me Too Republicanism’ and what Dubya (a much bigger leftie than anyone yet credits) called Compassionate Conservatism. ‘It means buying into the fundamental assumptions of the Left, but promising to do everything a bit more efficiently,’ says Goldberg. ‘Which sounds nice, but is incredibly dangerous. Once conservatives abandon their dogma about the limits of state, there is nothing to restrain the “will to power” that makes them almost as destructive in government as a left-wing regime.’

A 1948 cartoon that warned about those who promise Utopia and government control from cradle-to-grave and disavowing the Jeffersonian republic of which the United States was established:

Reformation of America – To Do List
Implement the Fair Tax; flat consumption tax code.
Congressional Term Limits.
Legislation shall contain no unrelated amendments.
Abolish the Department of Education.
Pass Medical Malpractice Tort Reform.
English Official Language of United States.
Congress shall not exempt themselves from their own legislation
Drill Here, Drill Now – but continue drive/incentives for alternate energy over natural gas and crude oil; nuclear energy will reduce crude oil dependency; eliminate federal regulation and give power back to the states – Alaskan citizens voted 75% to drill ANWR, but Congress voted NO.
All legislation must cite constitutional authority.
No lifetime salary or benefits for members of Congress (or President of United States).
Federal Spending Limitations (Budget Cap).
Presidential advisers (czars) shall have no regulatory authority.
Bills from the House or Senate will be made public seven days before any vote is conducted in Congress and the President must review for at least three days before signing, except in wartime and disaster emergencies, which will be temporary measures.
All government expenditures be posted on the Internet.
When applicable, congressional members must list the special interest entities that promoted the bill before a vote can be made.
The Second Amendment of the US Constitution must be abided, as all amendments of the Bill of Rights by the states of the Union.
Amend the Endangered Species Act.
Abolish the Department of Energy and return national security matters to Homeland Security within the offices of the CIA and FBI and pertaining state law enforcement agencies.
Government will not regulate the Internet but must prosecute violators of Spam, unauthorized access (hackers), prevention of porn on school and public library computers, as well as fraud and scam operations. Government will not mandate an equal or diversification legislation in the name of fairness. Freedom of speech applies concerning the Internet; however, unjustified and/or unproven claims against an individual can be applied by laws already in place, like defamation of character.
Repeal CAFE Standards.
Abolish the automatic congressional pay raise system and change to a system according to government budgeting.
Set boundaries (according to Constitution) and provide better ethical/conduct system.
Cut deficit by rescinding or revising expensive and inefficient government programs; no new taxes; tax rate should remain at fix rate unless approved by a vote of the American people and a two-thirds majority in Congress; reduce foreign aid to natural disaster relief until deficit is reduced by 70%.
Congress should develop a Federal Program review board that reviews programs and legislation that requires rescinding or revising and ensure that any retained correlate with the powers of Congress/government branches in accordance with the US Constitution. The Endowment of the Arts clause provides Congress the power in that area, but reformation as to what government uses taxpayer funding for in what is called art – leave donations to refused grants to private sector in the advocacy of freedom of expression, such as ceramic penis hanging from wire or religious icon, person or symbol defamed.
Government will not harass a religion unless it violates law through violent and subversive doctrine against the People of the United States and/or other religions. Faith Initiative and all aspects of using taxpayer funding for any charitable purpose is prohibited. Welfare is not to be charity, but a program to help American citizens (and only American citizens) to help themselves out of poverty and circumstances regarding unemployment – and those issues should be left to the state governments.
Government must gradually remove itself from control of the private sector. Social Security, as an example, must be gradually changed to an option, not a mandate, and funds for Social Security must be held in trust for that purpose only, as it was originally planned. More freedom of choice in government programs and applications that do not contradict the US Constitution’s set rules of authority for branches of government.
Supreme Court Justices should no longer be a life term and their rulings and agenda should be strictly according to the US Constitution (not foreign national constitutions). The Bill of Rights only applies to citizens of the United States, either natural or naturalized.
Illegal immigrants are lawbreakers and must be treated accordingly. Legal immigrants who work hard to meet the standards set for obtaining US citizenship are generally good citizens and should not be insulted by lawbreakers receiving amnesty. History shows amnesty, or any version of it, only encourages more illegal immigrants to work and live in United States. Border security and Border Patrol support must be upheld and its law enforcement officers not wrongly imprisoned for performing their job. Immigrants who support subversive organizations claiming US states are not sovereign from any nation except the United States should be subject to prosecution as subversives against the United States, its government and its People. If unemployment rises beyond a certain point, immigration must be halted until it returns to a prescribed percentage. American citizens, naturalized or born here should not be competing with foreign workers within the United States for employment. Special cases and immigrant requests for waivers must be examined case-by-case and not put into a government basket. Illegal immigrant parents who work and/or live in the United States shall not receive benefits earmarked for citizens and cannot remain even if a child is born in the United States. Businesses/employers who violate the immigration laws and work codes will be prosecuted and if guilty fined for each illegal immigrant they have employed to recoup the cost of deporting illegal immigrants.
Prison Reform: Federal prisons will no longer provide recreational activities such as workout rooms and equipment. Prisoners, except for those on death row and life imprisonment are there to be rehabilitated to enter back into society after sentence is completed or paroled for good behavior. Federal prisoners will be provided employment through farms that produce food for the prisons, work groups that save taxpayer funding through road improvement and community projects, and work industry within the prison. This also established good work habits, which most did not exercise before being sent to prison. Opportunity must be afforded for inmates to receive a formal education in order to improve themselves and increase the chance of successful lawful employment once released. Libraries that contain educational material and subjects pertaining to their educational class studies should be provided in prisons. Films can be provided for weekly entertainment with attention paid to content.
The paragraphs above are a summary of the mass reformation required to get our government back to the foundation of the Jeffersonian republic and return America as a nation to emulate, not scoff at. Reformation of the government can only be enacted by citizens who are willing to reform themselves as a society. This means that if you expect to vote for honest candidates with integrity and character, and then ensure the candidate meets those requirements – and it also means that society should make character, integrity and honesty as a quality of Americans, not a weakness; promoting family unity and family values. Parents are responsible for their children – not government or its controlled schools. Parents and teachers should be working together for the same cause – to raise and teach responsible citizens who are an important part of society and the nation. ROTC programs should be encouraged rather than discouraged to provide an atmosphere of character, integrity and self discipline. Extra curricular programs like the classic arts and education should also be encouraged. It is the intellect that created our nation, our constitution and a great nation.
United Nations needs to move its headquarters elsewhere and an entity established that admits only those nations that exercise human rights, freedom and governments By the People working on each nation’s behalf in unity with the cause to resist tyranny, oppression and inhumanity by rogue national leadership – supporting people of any nation that stands against its government that opposes freedom and liberty.
A tall order, I know, and it will never be perfect as humans are not perfect – but a far sight better than the road that America and other nations are taking. If you want change, change that promotes freedom and liberty; then you need to start working at it. First in America, then as a role model, other nations; and it takes unification, not diversification or political correctness. Opportunity should be an equal process, but it does not guarantee that all who apply for opportunity qualify.
Civil rights means affording people the opportunity to get a chance to apply themselves – not because of their race, skin pigmentation, religion, et cetera; but their education and qualifications. If a minority lacks behind in the percentages of success, then it means they must apply themselves in the area of education in order to achieve a higher percentage of a given minority in the work place and elements within society. Affirmative Action must be repealed, civil rights upheld for ALL Americans. Racial quotes must be ignored and all American citizens shown that education is what gets us places, not economic background, race or the fact they are a minority ethnic group.
Hate crime laws do not apply to everyone – then they should not exist. Equality means just that – and freedom and liberty should be afforded to all law-abiding citizens. Violent crimes are punished by crimes under the rule of law – hate crimes are moot and do nothing but set aside special compensation for specific groups. People do not commit acts of violence because of love – so all violent crimes are hate crimes.
Enuff said, for now …