US Political Party Platforms: Republican Party – GOP

This article is the second in a series examining US political party platforms.
The GOP has proven only to be the lesser evil in the two-party system that has come to monopolize the electoral system, along with the media misusing its power of the press to decide what candidates or political entity qualify for visibility and afforded the chance to present their platforms in seeking public office, specifically when it comes to congressional and presidential elections.
In 1994, GOP congress members created the Contract with America, (mentioned in first political platform article) but failed as you can determine from the following planks of its platform, to physically follow through and stand by their platform – and the Americans who voted for them.
It might serve a useful purpose if political party members who hold office or intend to hold office to sign in agreement and acknowledgement to their party’s political platform.

Republican Party (GOP) Political Platform (2008)…
Ø      Promote adoption and abstinence, not abortion clinics (2004).
Ø      Human life amendment to the Constitution (2004).
Ø      Patriot Act is used to track terrorist activity (2004).
Ø      Homosexuality is incompatible with military service (2004).
Ø      Support the advancement of women in the military (2004).
Ø      States should not recognize gay marriage from other states (2004).
Ø      Nuclear terrorism a grave threat; deploy national and theater missile defense systems to protect American homeland, Armed Forces abroad, and our allies.
Ø      Increase the ranks and resources of our human intelligence capabilities; intelligence is key to fighting bioterrorism and cyberterrorism (2008).
Ø      Border security is essential to national security in an age of terrorism, drug cartels, and criminal gangs, allowing millions of unidentified persons to enter and remain in this country poses grave risks to the sovereignty of the United States … (2008); yet GW Bush developed a behind-closed-doors plan for a North American Union, agreed with legislation that covertly advocated amnesty for illegal immigrants unlawfully employed and living in the United States, and failed to initiate incentives and infrastructure that would provide more security for US southern border – failed to enforce immigration laws already in place. During eight years in office he promised to examine the Fair Tax Act and did nothing to promote any change in the income tax system as a start towards dissolving the unfair and inefficient system and went along with the Senator Ted Kennedy plan for national education. Nicknamed Dubya, George W. Bush was more of a leftist than even the sociocrats gave credit for.
Ø      English is the accepted language … our unity is our English language … we support English as the official language in our nation (2008). This was not followed through by congressional members and a president who claimed to be conservative.
Ø      Continue to provide aid to foreign nations despite large national debt, the GOP as guilty of this as the Democratic Party.
Ø      Strengthen ties in the Americas and liberal-mutual trade agreements with Canada and Mexico. Free trade with Columbia. Removal of communism from Cuba. Promotion of a North American Union, a step toward globalization and what has been called the New World Order. (covertly).
Ø      Continue NATO and strengthen relations with Europe, despite the entity outliving its usefulness. Any agreements and negotiations in the form of treaties would be a more efficient and less costly venture.
Ø      Russia must respect independence and territorial integrity of neighbors and identify aggressive nations.
Ø      Support Israel in its fight for existence. (2008)
Ø      …respect for the people of Iran who seek peace and aspire to freedom … a rogue state, Iran’s leadership supports terror, threatens its neighbors, and provides weapons that are killing our troops in Iraq.
Ø      Against earmarking and pork spending.
Ø      Favor adoption of the Balance Budget Amendment to require a balanced federal budget except in time of war.
Ø      Government waste must be taken off auto-pilot. GW Bush didn’t practice what he preached and went along with Democratic Party members not using his power of veto.
Ø      Call for a constitutionally sound presidential lineitem veto. Line-item veto is an efficient way to send back a bill to Congress for reconsideration due to only certain articles and paragraphs within the bill. It is also a method to strike out pork and earmark spending slipped into bills normally inserted at last minute hoping no one would notice.  
Ø      If billions are worth spending, they should be spent in the light of dayevery item in it should be presented in advance to the taxpayers on the Internet.
Ø      …problem is too much spending, not too few taxes; support a supermajority requirement in both the House and Senate to guard against tax hikes.
Ø      Urge conversion of programs to defined contribution programs and provide Government Shutdown Protection Act… when advocates of pork threaten to shut down the government unless their wasteful spending is accepted.
Ø      Congress must respect the Tenth Amendment … empower the states and improve public services. GW Bush agreed with the Kennedy education bills that further removed power to the states. Except for applying a national standard of excellence, centralized federal government should not interfere with education and not hold it ransom with federal grant dollars.
Ø      More government oversight of government programs … congressional committee to reserve at least one week every month to conduct oversight of the nearly 1,700 separate grant and loan programs of the federal government.
Ø      Call for a national audit of all federally-owned properties and return unnecessary properties to the American people or to state and local government for public use.
Ø      Shrink size of government while using technology to increase its effectiveness; each agency must be able to pass a financial audit and set annual targets for improving efficiency.
Ø      Internet transparency in all federal contracting. This did not occur during the GW Bush administration, in fact he was known as an uncommunicative president not in tune with the People.
Ø      Recognize the need for a natural disaster insurance policy after lesson learned of Hurricane Katrina. It is important that a president chooses who operates the various agencies of government, those who are competent and experienced in that field and not just to pay back election campaign promises to political party supporters.
Ø      Politics of pork distorts the allocation of resources for modernizing the nation’s infrastructure.
Ø      Modernize Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Provide more control to the people to freely choose own personal investment accounts …supplemental to the overall Social Security system. Eliminate fraud and waste of Medicare and Medicaid.
Ø      Appoint constitutional judges for nation’s courts.
Ø      Preventing voter fraud and free speech concerning candidates. Not applied when it comes to independent or third-party candidates.
Ø      Constitutional Consensus in 2010.
Ø      Supports the death penalty; enforcement of existing laws; more victim rights and harsher penalties for certain crimes.
Ø      Promote school choice and home-schooling.
Ø      Support voluntary student-initiated prayer in school.
Ø      Limit role of federal government in education. Did not occur during GW Bush administration and actually increased federal control because of the attitude that more funding is the answer to all issues.
Ø      Achievement is basis for access to college. Affirmative Action was just a part of the GOP platform as the Democratic Party
Ø      No Kyoto, no mandatory carbon emissions control. Many GOP congressional members gave in to the global warming mania.
Ø      Tax incentives for energy production. Providing incentives for alternate energy, while at the same time making America self sufficient when it comes to crude oil drilling and production into fuel.
Ø      Private property ownership key to environmental agenda.
Ø      Cap-and-trade market-based air pollution reductions.
Ø      Support abstinence and fatherhood. Yet still funded government abortion clinics and programs within the education system that promoted promiscuous sex rather than abstaining from it.
Ø      Nations that support terrorism are just as guilty.
Ø      Reform UN to end abuse, unfairness, and abortion funding.
Ø      Will not allow China to attack Taiwan.
Ø      Promote free trade.
Ø      Open more public land to hunting.
Ø      No frivolous gun lawsuits, no gun licensing.
Ø      Protect right to bear arms. Yet states who swear to uphold the US Constitution continue to violate the Second Amendment and the Supreme Court does nothing.
Ø      No assisted suicide.
Ø      No government-run universal health care. GOP members in Congress disobeyed this plank in the platform.
Ø      Provide tools for citizens to manage own health care and allow customization of health insurance.
Ø      Lawyers should not hold physicians hostage.
Ø      Equip our nation to fight 21st Century adversaries.
Ø      Ballistic missile defense.
Ø      Eliminate as many nuclear weapons as possible.
Ø      Restore defense industry; peace through strength. An important issue of the Reagan administration.
Ø      Small businesses deserve better treatment from government.
Ø      Workers to have choice in investing payroll taxes (Social Security).
Ø      Cut taxes and help families.
Ø      Tax cuts and low interest rates lead to home ownership.
Ø      Repeal death tax and give tax break to elderly.
Ø      Support do-not-call and do-not-email lists. Never effectively administered. Charities were still allowed to invade privacy.
Ø      School and libraries should ban porn from their computers.
The Republican Party, the GOP, the Party of Lincoln, has become corrupted like its traditional counterpart, the Democrat(ic) Party. Claiming conservatism, party members are not held in tow for their non-conservative actions and policies in public office. Compromising GOP family values, principles and promises to their constituents for the sake of appeasement to sociocrats within our government has become the norm for this entity of the two-party system that holds a political monopoly over independent and other political parties of America.
Tea Party protesters were not just protesting against Democrats, but Republicans that have been called RINOs – Republicans In Name Only. The protests were against elected officials operating our government across the party lines, but addressing more directly to the Democratic Party for their most serious transgressions against the US Constitution and amendments of the Bill of Rights, like the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments. The RINO calls himself a moderate but aids non-constitutional politicians by their nature of concession against their claimed support of a political party platform.
The GOP has, as its counterpart, diluted its values and principles and matters concerning America over the importance held of its political party. As with its political counterpart, the GOP has lost importance of common sense, seemingly oblivious to real world situations and circumstance and too often agrees or concedes with sociocrat policy and legislation. This has created an atmosphere of constituents who have turned to independent and third-party candidates in order to initiate and retain true reformation of the US federal government and its counterpart state governments.
GOP members are too often more concerned with appeasing political opponents rather than what is good for America and its people. They are not constitutionalists as professed, they are not strong in principles and politics is more important than statesmanship.
One thing for certain is that the Republican Party is not an entity that supports racism as an organized entity, as sociocrat-progressive-Democratic-socialist propaganda asserts. Often the sociocrat media and Internet pundits will try to make people believe that conservatives are part of racist organizations and movements; but in fact, members of the Democratic Party were former KKK members and the Democrat Party of the South in America’s political history has become synonymous with the infamous history of the slave institution. The Republican Party isn’t called the Party of Lincoln for nothing.
Most racist organizations are independent political entities or covert supporters of neo-Nazi fascism, like StormFront. To say that conservatives and the GOP are part of this movement, to include the same accusation made against Tea Party protesters is preposterous. Racist organizations cover the spectrum of political identity primarily within a political class or ideology of their own. La Raza, for example is a Hispanic racist organization. The Black Panther Party is an African American racist organization. Organizations and political entities like the Black Caucus and the Hispanic Caucus do not promote unity and the concept that all American citizens are unified under one flag and one country, opening itself to special interest politics.
Members of both GOP and DNC parties have been, throughout their histories, racists either in public or covertly; however their political platform does not condone the ideology, as far as the 21st century.