If I Were Elected – or – For Those Who Seek Election

In the last article, I covered the debate issues and what primary election candidates for President of the United States have stated since 2008, issues that are currently important to talk about in Congress and the White Office; but more importantly what actions must be taken to SOLVE the issues.

If I were running for the office, this is what I have to say and what should be done. Of course, I am not going to run for office, so think of it as passing ideas to viable candidates for elected office in Congress and our next President of the United States, to include a portion, as a warning to Supreme and Upper Court Justices and Judges who have ruled, not from the Constitution, but by public opinion and political leanings. The list is in form of bullets and I have attempted to put them in order according to subject material from my handwritten notes.

  • ABORTION … Take government out of the issue. Stop forcing religious entities and people whose religious beliefs are against abortions, especially in circumstances that does not involve rape or danger to mother’s life. In most cases, the “Day-After” pill is more a recommendation than waiting until a fetus is developed. Abortion is murder, there is no way around that, whether you are looking at it from a religious point of view or a humanitarian point of view. Government has created a business and a social program concerning abortion and must remove itself from the equation. Government has literally made it a wholesale operation that has killed at least five million innocent lives since the Roe v. Wade decision that created the nightmare. Repeal that decision because it should never have happened and impeach judges/justices who do not abide by constitutional law or tries to circumvent or legislate from the bench. It would help to relax adoption laws to provide the incentive to go another route besides abortion.

  • Illegal Immigration … We have, have had, a national security problem since the government ignores its own immigration laws and caters to a government south of our border who feels that we owe them something or we stole real estate belonging to them. In the case of the latter, it is not historically correct. Before the Spaniards came, the indigenous Mexicans were practicing human sacrifice, and just before the Spaniards arrived, the Aztecs were murdering people almost daily. The Spaniards created settlements and built monasteries for the monks and priests who accompanied the Conquistadors to convert the natives to Christianity. When Spain lost its power on the seas, it also lost its ability to control the colonies they developed and they were abandoned one by one. Mexico is no different. So if there is any real estate claims to be made, it should be made by Spain, not Mexico, who is a hybrid nation of Spanish and indigenous native Americans who didn’t cross the Rio Grande River until the Spaniards colonized or built trading posts in California and Texas. If their invasion of illegal immigrants are based upon that falsehood, propagated by the government of Mexico as propaganda in their school textbooks, then it is an act of invasion and an act of war. Otherwise, for purposes other than transporting illegal drugs and smuggling firearms over the border, they are trying to improve their lives. But they still must use the legal method, like so many before them have done. Because of their attitude of making the United States adopt a second language and their belief that United States real estate belongs to them, they have no desire whatsoever to become a legal citizen. They come to America, end up in ghettos, and too many turn to crime; sheep to be used by the drug cartels and street gangs that have developed over the past three centuries. The reason why there are immigration laws and limitations is to: (1) Ensure there are not more immigrants than there are jobs; (2) to provide a medical examination to ensure that infectious diseases are not brought here that could cause an epidemic or pandemic; (3) allocated annual immigration limits to the number of visas for temporary work, temporary attendance to colleges and universities, or a road to naturalization as a citizen of the United States are in place because as reason #1, it must coincide with the jobs available and the unemployment rate – for obvious reasons; and (4) to ensure through a criminal background check that criminal elements, organized crime lords (cartels), and terrorists do not enter the United States. Overall, the legal immigrant is upset at the government not enforcing its immigration laws and providing amnesty programs when they went through the expense, paperwork, and time to do it legally. They have a right to be angry. Overall, immigrants whose purpose is to live and become citizens here, are better and a more loyal citizen than too many born and raised here. It is because American youth have no appreciation of what they have, while immigrants have seen and lived in places where freedom is reduced or practically doesn’t exist at all. For example, why would a person escaping from a socialist or communist regime want the same political ideology to be adopted here, a democratic republic? The reason for their exodus would be moot. Employers are just as much to blame as the federal and state governments. The state governments, county and local law enforcement should be allowed to enforce immigration laws, despite being a federal matter as it has been done in the past. The problem is, once again, federal law enforcement are not doing their jobs because their superiors are not making it an issue. Employers who hire and employ illegal immigrants should be fined to the amount it costs for each immigrant to be due processed and return form their place of origin – and for each illegal immigrant found to be working there. In addition, no entitlements must be given to illegal immigrants, and those cities, counties, and states that provide sanctuary or harbor illegal immigrants should be fined just as the employers caught with illegal employees. The amendment must be rescinded that states that persons born here automatically are citizens, to read that if parents are illegal immigrants, so are the children, whether born here or not. One of the major reasons why California continually has financial problems is because of its illegal alien population that they cater to, provide medical care, education and other benefits supposed to be afforded only to those carrying legal green cards/visas or citizens of the United States. Forgery of identification and documentation is a felony; however, the illegal immigrant caught using it should merely be deported and warned if they return they will spend time in prison. The people that belong in prison are the ones providing the forged identification and documentation. If we don’t do it that way we will end up with more crowding of prisons than we already have and an increase in cost to the American taxpayer. We must say NO to the North American Union, and if I were in office I would ensure that the offices set up by GW Bush and continued to operate in the Obama administration would be closed and those employees told to transfer or find jobs in the private sector (like the rest of us). No illegal immigrant or children of illegal immigrants should ever be allowed to hold public office that requires citizenship – and certainly someone that doesn’t break laws. Disrespect the law in one form, it is easier to disrespect others.
  • ENTITLEMENTS and SOCIAL PROGRAMS … Most of these are nothing more than social engineering where those in government set up policies to make citizens become increasingly dependent upon the government. There isn’t any real constitutional authority for most of them. Like HUD, Housing Urban Development, an agency that over its long period of time has had little viable results (inefficient) despite its expenditure of large amounts of taxpayer dollars and is corrupted by land and housing developers. If there is going to be such a program, it should be run like and in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity that provides those who want affordable housing a “hand up” and not a “hand out” – and part of their requirement besides making the affordable mortgage payments, with little or no interest, is to put in a given amount of hours helping to build their own house. Habitat is not only national, but international. It is probably the only successful program that Jimmy Carter developed and made popular. It is an incentive program, not an entitlement. I really don’t like using the word “entitlement” – replaced from the word “welfare” because of its bad publicity – “entitlement” means that it is something owed to a citizen, or his/her constitutional right to have it – which is certainly NOT the case. I would slowly phase out and kill HUD and all its offices. Constitution states Limited Government. In the case of Social Security, it is NOT an entitlement. It is paid into all of our working lives through payments deducted from our paychecks or quarterly payments sent in by the self employed. It is a retirement program gone wrong, initially a good idea. It has gone wrong because Congress, in charge of our money, or supposed to be, has been stealing from it to pay other programs. It was supposed to be a Trust Fund – which means it is supposed to be used only for Social Security, like Medicare funds are only for Medicare. In addition, it is a retirement program paid into where the government is the beneficiary if you die and there is a balance left and citizens can only use it at the prescribed age or circumstance mandated by government. So, if you are partially disabled or disabled and cannot work, you cannot get your monthly benefit check until you go through a horrible period of bureaucracy, often having to get a lawyer, that you must pay a portion of your money to, in order to get funds that is yours. The system is so cheap that they hold your first payment back one month so if you die before the next benefit check is due, your estate won’t owe them money. The Social Security system must be reformed. It must be in the hands of those who paid into it and they must decide, if 30 years of age or younger at this point, whether they want to invest their money in an investment portfolio or let it remain within the Social Security system and the person should be able to fill out a form that designates any funds remaining to a beneficiary of their choosing. Its THEIR money.
  • GOVERNMENT AND CHARITY … In line with the thought of welfare, government is not in the business of using (or supposed to be using) taxpayer funding to charitable causes or any other resources financed by the taxpayer. Taxation without Representation was one of the major causes of the American Revolution. Davy Crockett gave a fiery speech against Congress voting on bill that would provide a widow of an American military officer funds from taxpayers because they wouldn’t provide charity funds from their own congressional salaries. However, too soon, the government forgot his speech and gradually as time went on, Congress was approving funding that belongs in the private charitable sector. In most cases, private donations are larger than what Congress will provide; and at the same time, the Veterans Administration will not pay veterans owed benefits from service-incurred injuries and illnesses unless the veteran goes through a multitude of bureaucracy until they finally give in. Often the vet dies before the payment is finally approved, despite documentation. I know, I am one of those many who have been cheated of promised benefits. Yet, the military will spend inflated amounts for their equipment, hardware, et cetera that one could purchase far cheaper in the private market. Although the military and the Veterans Administration are two different entities, they are still part of the government, supposedly overseen by Congress – who has yet to take action in my case. They ARE in charge of funds/monies according to the US Constitution. William Shakespeare was right about lawyers, and one of our problems in Congress is that there are too many of them in elected offices – we need more statesmen and stateswomen who have at least one year of college in political science and one year in business before being eligible to campaign for office.
  • CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES … Congress is paid a salary and they also receive certain benefits while holding office as a senator or representative in the House, to include the President and Vice President and the White House cabinet and staff. However, no legislation should be allowed that automatically provides pay raises, unless voting no to it; when instead, pay raises should be drafted as a bill, like other bills, so taxpayers can respond to that bill before it is passed. In addition, no elected official should be afforded the benefit of a retirement plan, other than that which he/she has paid into the Social Security system or privately funded investment programs. When they are out of office they are out into the private sector like the rest of us. If that is done, you could almost have a sure bet that the Social Security system would be reformed quickly or more quickly. Government employees should be afforded retirement programs that they pay into and copay by their employer (government) like programs in the private sector – no more free rides. In addition, government should not be overseen by unions, a private entity, who have inflated wages and salaries much higher than the average person in the same job in the private sector. Wages and salaries with benefits, for government civilian employees should be determined by national average of that particular career field, with incremental increases according to COLA – which also goes for Social Security, ensuring that the retirement benefit checks match the COLA and up-to-date. Congress should not be allowed to provide themselves a salary increase and/or benefit increase in terms of perks to allay personal costs while in Congress, until Social Security benefit checks match COLA, as well as the military receiving the same required increase in pay.
  • UNITED NATIONS … The United Nations no longer serves the best interest of the United States or its people, indeed, it is detrimental. Therefore, the United Nations should be informed that the United States will not longer support their agenda nor provide funding or troops, unless it is determined to be in the interest of the US and its citizens. If troops are approved to be sent in a coalition UN operation, no UN authority will be in charge of US troops, only the authority of US officers and general staff, under the command of the President of the United States – any actions requiring use of US military being approved by Congress first. In addition, the United Nations will be given notice of eviction from the United Nations building on our soil, which will be put up for sale to the highest bidder in the private sector. The United Nations will have to find another spot of real estate, as well as fund the building of another headquarters. The United States can no longer support a world body whose goal is to become a world government, where nations lose their sovereignty or support an entity that provides committees overseeing human rights stacked with members of nations who are violating human rights. The United Nations can no longer be considered seriously, unless it drastically reforms and promotes democracy instead of hypocrisy and denies entrance to its union as members, nations who have tyranny for government and violate the accords established by the world body known as the United Nations. It must provide incentives for nations to adopt a free nation that affords certain basic human rights and liberties that we enjoy here in America and some places in Europe, as well as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, et cetera.
  • LEGISLATION … Congress must NOT pass ANY legislation without first being reviewed by an constitutional oversight committee – and they also must research as to the short- and long-term impact that would occur if the bill is passed into legislation. In addition, there should be an oversight committee designated to review all legislation still on the books and determine if it is still viable or a waste of time and taxpayer funding. The repeal or amendment of legislation should coincide with constitutional law. No bill should have amendments added at the last minute and no amendments that do not pertain to the summary statement of its use and reasons for legislation. In other words, a senator cannot amend a military spending bill with a clause that provides his home state with a new bridge. It must be passed as a separate bill or a bill whose summary is similar and related. This will help prevent pork amendments to be added into bills and reduce the cost of government.
  • LOBBYING SYSTEM … Designed for the good of the People, to hire professionals to represent their cause or purpose or regresses to the legislative body called Congress through its members in the Senate and House. It is not an avenue of bribery, but a means to provide factual and viable reasons to the legislative body why certain legislation needs to be approved. It is not private businesses and corporation’s means to bribe or coerce the legislative body in any manner of form – direct payments, incentives, or gifts. If the people of their state want their state government to give them their constitutional rights of the Second Amendment, then they can orchestrate through a foundation or entity like the NRA to lobby the government for the change to take place. Congress should not cater to special interest groups, like insurance companies who want legislation that stacks the cards in their favor, while the citizens suffer the effects of legislation that is intrusive and unconstitutional.
  • FEDERAL RESERVE BANK … This powerful and uncontrolled (at least by the constitutional government) entity needs to be drastically reformed or dissolved and turn the business of banking and finances over to the private sector. Congress is the authority over monies and currency, not the staff at the Federal Reserve Bank. We have clearly seen what happens when the bailout funding checks were handed out – no one either knew or would tell or itemized where the one-half trillion dollars was spent or what checks it was made out to. In addition, it was revealed after a congressional hearing, that billions of dollars were sent to foreign banks like in Germany and France. The bailout was for America, not foreign nations. First of all, the bailouts should never have occurred. Government has no business taking over businesses, like the auto industry and controlling them by providing them bailout money. Government loans can be made, when necessary for the good of ALL, but it must be paid back in a given amount of time and the same interest rate the private citizen must pay at their bank. No more free rides. It causes financial institutions and banks to take unnecessary chances with the funds that people have paid into their system. In the same manner of approach, government needs to reduce its control and upon the private sector industry, financing, and manufacturing in order to provide incentive of the old fashioned way of success – hard work and innovative ideas turned into reality. This also means that we need to produce/educate better student graduates that will be operating these ventures and creating new ways of producing energy, less costly and more efficient. 
  • FOREIGN POLICY … No more welfare checks to other nations, like the circumstance described above, for any reason other than disaster relief as a good neighbor policy – and then that relief will be in the form of blankets, food, clothing and other materials to help the people of that region or nation in dire need. The United States has had its share of disasters in the last decade, and our nation friends like Japan, Australia, and others have offered their hand in help. That’s what friends are for. However, we have developed a policy where the United States attempts to purchase their friends – and it hasn’t worked yet. In addition, we should not interfere with other nations and their political business, only providing advice if they wish to receive it – except in the case of aggression that will affect the interests of the American people and the United States.
  • MILITARY POWER … Our military has and must remain strong, just as our foreign policy must be fair, congenial (if allowed), and yet disciplined in dealing with other nations, friends or foe. Our military changed drastically since the end of the Cold War, as it should have. Our armed forces are now technologically advanced and smaller, but powerful strike forces to meet the demand and changes around us. However, we cannot spread that military too thin, or become the mercenaries or police force of other nations. We do need to tighten up our military budget in several areas, but still remain a strong deterrence against aggression and invasion of our soil and territorial concerns. In other words, not at the expense of our national security or trading and traveling rights around the globe. Recently, President Obama back-stabbed the only nation in the region who was willing to work peacefully with Israel, as well as friendly to the United States – Egypt. He is not doing well with Latin America nations either. Just like improving our education system, we need to elect people with experience and/or education in political science, sociology, and financing/business. If you think of it, a president, a senator, or representative – who truly wish to be statesmen or stateswomen – need to have a background that covers a lot of territory. Of course, their advisers (not CZARS) are there for a purpose, experts from every field that needs attention when operating our government; but he person also requires a sound sense of values, ethics, and good character. If mistakes, especially minor, have been made in the past and the person recognizes and corrects the action or policy – they must attempt to do so in good statesmanship manners, and most importantly, according to constitutional law. 
  • TAXATION … Every government must have funds to operate, and the means to do so is to provide taxation. However, our constitution was produced to enable and maintain a limited government that allows the People to have the incentive and the means to excel in many areas and provide a robust economy, as well as a better way of life. The income tax must go and be replaced with a flat consumption tax provided by a bill called FairTax Act. The legislation would require the repeal of the 16th Amendment and require another amendment to take its place that would put in place the Fair Tax, whose rules take up about 750 pages versus 14,000+ pages (and counting) of an unfair, intrusive and unconstitutional income tax system that takes money out of your earned paycheck whether you like it or not. Much cost is assumed by the government to provide the paperwork, the offices and agency of the IRS and the employees (who few of them understand it anymore than you do), force employers to be unpaid tax collectors, in fact it costs employers great deal of money to file the quarterly and annual tax code requirements. It is a mess that should never have happened, and put in place despite a ruling in 1911/1913 by the Supreme Court that it was an unlawful tax system. The only funds taken from your paycheck should be your retirement and Medicare funds for your use when reach retirement age. A consumption tax puts you more in charge of your budget, a word that Congress and the White House don’t seem to comprehend or choose to ignore – budgeting. While we change our budget according to the difference between what is paid to us in wages, salaries and funding from self employment careers, the government instead of changing their budget, they demand more funds from the People. Wouldn’t it be nice if the real world employees could do that with their employers? When FairTax is ironed out in the details and passed, scrutinized by the best economists we can find in America, the flat tax should be implemented so the first year of the consumption, sales/services tax would be a rate of 20%; the second year, 15%, and the third year at 10% – the same percentage as some religions call the tithe. No progressive rate required with consumption tax – those that make more tend to spend more, thus the “wealthy” automatically pay more and the People can budget their money to provide more money in regular savings, special savings, medical savings accounts and investment programs to supplement their Social Security checks and pay for their children’s college expense. In addition to limiting spending and cutting back in the right places, this tax will boost the economy. In addition, when the bad times hit, government will be required to “re-budget” like the rest of us until it gets better. The attempt to change the tax code system has been going on since year 2002 – don’t ya think its time to get it done?
  • NASA AND OTHER PROJECTS OF THE SAME CALIBER … We need to take the funds saved in other places like military and continue to advance in the space program in cooperation with other nations in an international space program venture for the benefit of all. While the Constitution encourages the advancement of the arts and sciences, we need to turn much of it over to private sector donations and funding, and provide incentives by deregulating much of what is holding science and technology back. 
  • HEALTH CARE … Talked about quite a bit, and the so-called ObamaCare not only isn’t going to work but will be the biggest spending boondoggle in American history – we just didn’t pay attention to those nations who have already put it in place. It is a fact when someone is under such a program, they abuse the system by showing up at clinics and hospitals for every ache and pain, boosting the cost still higher. The cost of medicine itself has become expensive, partly due to mandate by government and the ridiculous TORT policy in our judiciary. One cannot open a Medical Savings Account if one is not already insured by a health care insurance entity – What’s with that? What is the sense of putting money into a Medical Savings Account if the insurance company is eating away your paycheck. Think of all the insurance payments you need to make and then add them up – on the average they are higher than your mortgage and car payment combined. There is home insurance, life insurance, home liability insurance, and health care insurance that only pays 80% of the cost of a hospital visit who charges $500 for just walking into the emergency room (true story) without being attended to, and then the costs start escalating. For one emergency room visit, I was charged $2,000! I was only there for two hours at the most. I am definitely in the wrong business. First thing I would do is repeal ObamaCare and ensure it never rears its ugly head again, then remove all the costly offices, departments and agency that goes with it from government. Those employed in those departments will have to either transfer to another opening in another government agency, or do what everyone else does – put a resume together and start looking for employment. With the FairTax in place and other economical incentives (no more corporate “welfare”) – they should find another job quickly enough. Between 40% and 47% of American employment is in some form of government office, agency or department. That is Big Government, not a limited government – and it is costly and inefficient as its scope enlarges. 
  • ELECTION PROCESS … Requires a serious reformation: (1) A private citizen or member of military must undergo a security background check if their job requires access to sensitive information or security positions; yet candidates for public office in the Congress and White House are not required to do so. Why? That must change, along with campaign financing and rules about donations. Violators must be prosecuted and removed from eligibility to run for office. We need oversight in this area, badly. Hillary Clinton’s staff was caught – nothing was done, as well as other candidates for public office. Obama’s funding was found to be coming from known affiliates of Islamic fascism, but the check was immediately returned. A campaign office has no control as to who tries to buy votes, but they can do what is right when received. The two-party system was designed to coincide with the Electoral College process via the Constitution. That process must be examined carefully. In addition, the media must have rights of the 1st Amendment; however, they do not have the right to refuse the coverage of any candidate outside of the two-party system or determined to have a small percentage in poll numbers. How can a candidate get the public to notice him/her if they are blocked out by the media? Another problem needing resolution.

    The American people who expect government reform must first reform themselves, a step toward reforming our society in general. The primary election is important and needs to be taken more seriously. It is the candidates that is supposed to be campaigning and getting support of the people to fit the need of the issues at hand with desire to solve issues and abide by the Constitution they must swear allegiance to and protect when beginning their term in office. Term limits are definitely in order and the removal of retirement benefits from public office elected officials as well. No one should receive retirement benefits after serving only four to eight years – name one employer that could possible do that? And stay in business. We need to upgrade our educational standards, especially in the area of science and mathematics. We need to focus upon academic curriculum, and if budget cuts are required, take it from the sports department first – while the ancient Greeks aptly proved that a sound body is a sound mind, we must not short-change our youth. Bring back teaching the classic subjects, somethings ancient are still applicable; in fact, its basic ideology was what inspired the drafting of the Constitution and putting together such a great government document between it and the People. We are a republic and should remain so. We do not need to emulate others, but others need to emulate our original system – not what it has become. Learn from our achievements, but also learn from our mistakes – don’t repeat them, despite being in another form.

Education, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is important in ANY society in any nation, as well as family values; ironically the two intertwine. It is not the government’s mission to raise OUR children, but instead it is the duty of parents, teachers, and community to encourage the best standards of achievement that can be presented – not, as our government thinks, money can buy. We need to encourage and stress upon our youth that education is NOT boring or a waste of time (although some teachers make it seem so). Unions do not belong in public schools that are operated by government; yet we must also pay teachers according to their abilities and background education; rewards for their untiring efforts to educate our youth and create better citizens. On the other hand, it is not the teacher’s job or any educational administrator, to raise your child – it is the job of parents. There are too many singular “parent” out there. It is because that government and then society, has reduced the respect and the responsibility that comes with marriage and raising children. Citizens must make themselves responsible for their actions, but at the same time, government must allow citizens freedom of choice. Education is also a program of guidance, but it is not a means for government to instill their ideology upon our youth and socially engineer them, as they do the adults in their “entitlement” programs. 


Americans and the United States did not become “great” by depending upon others or our government – they were resourceful, incentive knowing they could achieve goals if they were educated, innovative, and diligent. Imagine if the pioneers were “entitled” to government programs, instead of forging out on their own. Government policies have caused more misery than relief over the course of our history and the history of other governments in other nations.
It is a fact of life, in touch with reality, and not pipe dreams of an eloquently speaking politician who makes promises he/she cannot keep or never intends to keep when achieving the power they seek. Tyrants is what the American revolutionists fought against. Tyrants is what American patriots would not let them have their way. Tyrants inspired Thomas Jefferson and others to create a republic like no other republic ever before in human history. The idea may have come from ancient classical philosophy and forms of democracy as well as republics, but they pretty much perfected it. Yet, we still allow our elected officials to circumvent, our judiciary system to legislate from the bench, and allow our national leadership to urinate on our backs, believing them when they say it is raining.
America is still a wonderful place, a great place; but We the People must ensure it remains great and reform it and ourselves.
Supply and demand governs prices, not government. It is the way of the business world, so if we want to improve the economy and make prices more affordable do we side with government intrusion and Big Government policies, or revert to Jefferson’s republic which makes the Constitution and the rights/liberties of the People, By the People and For the People the priority over all, especially foreign national interests OR stand up and say we have had enough and demand action or the politicians can find another career.
Voting and education is also intertwined,, it is why Mr. Jefferson stressed upon education for all Americans to the highest possible degree. Educated people, those with knowledge of the Jeffersonian republic system and its laws, can make decisions and not be swayed by smooth-talking politicians and can choose to ignore TV ads that merely put down the other candidate instead of addressing what they are bringing to the table – those citizens who vote responsibly through research of candidate’s values, character, and past performance. Out of 57 nations, we were, in 2006, 35thplace. I haven’t researched it, but I doubt if we have moved up the line very far.
We need to not enforce “No Child Left Behind” – citizens should be afforded the opportunity to opt out of the ridiculous program that doesn’t work. Government is misinformed when they think that putting more funds into a bad system will make it better – it is just more funds to be wasted.
Put the FairTax flat tax system in place – and repeal any tax that is above the national consumption tax. Tobacco, alcohol, and obesity incentives (heavy tax on “junk” food) is not right or constitutional. The people must decide about those legal products, not the government or the elite that runs it. Insurance companies charge higher premiums, because of the health issues of those products, so let them provide incentive to be conservative with the use of “junk” food, tobacco and alcoholic beverages. After all, any doctor will tell you that wine and beer in moderate consumption is not harmful and proves to aid in a health plus, especially wine. But one can get their anti-oxidant content from simple non-alcoholic grape juice.
If home schooling and private schools are working to improve education, then get out of their way (government). If public schools don’t want to be left behind, they better emulate the competition and do what works, not what some political correct panel or administrative moron dictates.
Stand up America. Make a vow to make change. Start with your life and work your way up. In the meantime, do your homework and use your power of the vote – and it IS a power, don’t let anyone tell you different.