Peninsula News: Maritime Tower and Yachts Sold

The Door County Advocate announced the proposal of the Door County Maritime Museum to build an observation tower near the old city bridge and close to the historical 19th century Granary building. Below is an edited image to show what it will look like along the Sturgeon Bay Canal. The Old Granary is on the left of it and stands 83 feet tall, while the proposed tower will be 110 feet tall. Approval by city planners for its height and city council seems to have been going smoothly.
Although it will be an observation tower, with an observation room shaped like a lighthouse lighting room at the top, it blends in with the other actual lighthouses on the Door Peninsula. At the foot there is a building that will add more room for the Maritime Museum’s lobby, gallery, exhibits, and meetings. It will be the first of its kind on the Great Lakes. The following photo was provided by the Door County Maritime Museumand published by the Door County Advocate.
Proposed Observation Tower Image Depiction, Maritime Museum photo

The design is reminiscent of the Pharos Lighthouse that was one of the ancient Wonders of the World, destroyed by an earthquake, a comparative artist rendition below shows the similarity.

Pharos – Lighthouse of Alexandria
In another story, at least 100 jobs will return to Sturgeon Bay with the recent sale of the largest yacht ever built in Door County.
It is a 215-foot yacht called Project Stimulus that is already under construction in Sturgeon Bay at Palmer Johnson famous for their innovative aluminum yachts that are world-classwhich have large fuel tanks for long world cruises. Despite being constructed with aluminum, they are still customized with teak wood and luxurious interior and furnishings; as well as all the conveniences of home. Some customers live on their yachts. The top speed of the sport yacht is 30 knots. Moran Yacht and Ship has also announced the sale of a longer PJ-215 making it two yachts sold within 60 days. The yacht has twin engines and six cabins with room for 12 guests, including the captain. 

Palmer Johnson Sport Yacht, Green Bay Gazette

 Since the economic troubles at the end of 2008, yacht building has diminished. Project Stimulus is one of four yachts that are in various stages of construction at the Palmer Johnson shipyard on First Street, Sturgeon Bay.

The full story is at the Door County Advocatewebsite


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