Primary Election 2012: Candidate Response to Issues

Primary Election 2012
The following is brief, bullet presentation of Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich, specifically a list for each of what they did while holding an office in government and what they have stated during campaign for primary election. It goes beyond the campaign rhetoric of this person said this and this person said that and this person didn’t choose or any issues concerning ethical material, such as Newt’s congressional hearing that determined whether or not he was guilty of using lobbying influence illegally or his affair-then-marriage to whom Newt is married to now and his leaving his first wife when she was undergoing cancer treatments.
It is about what “We the People” should be concerned about when choosing a candidate, and that means in any election whether it be the local county board, mayoral office, state offices, or the federal government elected offices. President Obama’s record will be examined in a separate article; for now I am focusing upon the primary candidates that will determine who will run against BH Obama. I have only included here the top three candidates of the GOP primary election. {RasmussenPoll results}

  • MITT ROMNEY – As Governor of Massachusetts his liberal views, despite belonging to the GOP, was pro-choice in regards to abortion; yet he vetoed the embryonic cell bill and worked with the Massachusetts Citizens for Life entity. Since elected as governor, he has been consistent when it comes to the subject of government sanctioned and taxpayer financed abortion. States shouldn’t ban contraception, and no state wants to; abortion decision should recognize two lives involved.
  • NEWT GINGRICH – Running for office in a pro-life district, Newt lobbied President Bush to support embryonic stem cell research. In his campaign his position was to stop forcing pro-choice morality on religious organizations; immediately cease public funding for abortion providers; impeach judges who won’t abide by Constitution as written; most Americans are pro-choice and anti-abortion
  • RON PAUL More laws don’t solve problems on abortion; efforts to fund abortion ranks among stupidest policies; deregulate the adoption market; Abortion laws should be a state-level choice; Abortion causes inconsistent moral basis for value of life; day-after pill allows individual moral choice; Abortion is murder; Roe v. Wade was harmful to the Constitution; Define life at conception in law, as scientific statement; protecting the life of the unborn is protecting liberty; Get the federal government out of abortion decision; Nominate only judges who refuse to legislate from the bench; No tax funding for organizations that promote abortion; Embryonic stem cell programs not constitutionally authorized.
  • MITT ROMNEY Opposes amnesty for illegals in any form or manner, which means he was against the amnesty plan of GW Bush, and remains in that position. He has stated that America must secure its borders and at the same time send those who are here illegally back to the south and ensure they cannot return. Romney supports “E-Verify” and a completed fence on the our southern border. As governor he promoted English programs for immigrants (legal ones) and signed an agreement with the federal government that allowed state troopers to enforce federal immigration laws, as as opposing any efforts to give illegal immigrants any tuition and other benefits as well as being issued driver’s licenses. Romney also offered a green card to any immigrant here on a student visa who received a diploma/degree in math or science via university or college. [Some valid points, but his record doesn’t match his campaign rhetoric].
  • NEWT GINGRICHSupported the policy of importing “slave labor” from Mexico under a “guest worker” program and wants to create government “citizen review boards” to grant amnesty on a case-by-case basis to illegal aliens – all at once. Secure the border, make it easier to deport felons, create a guest worker program in the private sector to give employers a way to check residency. Need to find a pathway to legal status, but not citizenship, for illegals who have been in the US a long time. [Simply put, this is an AMNESTY in so many words, something that true conservatives are against. It is a bad proposal during a time when unemployment is high and national security is at jeopardy because of people arriving in America without documentation, being checked for criminal background and medical examination to determine if they are bringing highly contagious communicable diseases.]
  • RON PAUL Secure the border and enforce existing laws. Opposes any amnesty for illegals already in the country. Opposes giving automatic citizenship to children born in the US to illegal immigrants. [Sounds harsh to bed wetters; but it is right on and the key problem being addressed that the federal government has not enforced its own laws and turned their heads for far too long. Reagan administration tried amnesty and it only increased the amount of illegal immigrants crossing border because it provided an incentive that if they could stay long enough, they would receive amnesty and a free ride to citizenship; while others (legal immigrants) must go through due process. The quota per year for legal immigration is sensible and based upon unemployment rate in US; as well as providing a way to screen immigrants for criminal background and medical issues that could bring epidemic type diseases to the United States. It would also reduce the crime rate involved with poor immigrants who join gangs and reduce the chance of the Latin-American nation drug cartels setting up business in the US.] Incentives like benefits create illegal alien problem; Data banks for illegal aliens keep track of us too; Pay attention to US borders, not international borders; Let churches provide services for immigrants, not state; Give illegals limbo status: a green card with an asterisk; Sending 12 million illegal home won’t and shouldn’t happen; If economy were good, there’d be no immigration problem; Amend Constitution to remove aliens’ birthright citizenship; Those who attack bilingualism are jealous and inferior; No amnesty, but impractical to round up 12 million illegals; Immigration problem is consequence of welfare state; No amnesty, but border fence isn’t so important; We subsidize illegal immigration, so we get more; Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president; End all incentives and amnesty for illegal immigrants; [voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border; Voted YES on preventing tipping off Mexicans about Minuteman Project; Voted YES on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment; Voted YES on extending Immigrant Residency rules; Voted YES on more immigrant visas for skilled workers (what about unemployment?); sponsored bill banning student visas from terrorist nations.]
  • MITT ROMNEY He has said that gradually raising the retirement age by a year or two and reducing inflation on benefits for wealthy Americans would help make social security more solvent. He also proposes a plan similar to Rep. Paul Ryan on Medicare, saying older Americans should get subsides to buy private insurance, but it should be optional. [Raising the retirement age still further will cause a problem already in place because of the government raising retirement age from 65 to 70 – after 50, finding a job becomes increasingly difficult, if one is forced to leave a job for whatever reason. Mr. Romney, like too many politicians is not in tune with what is happening in “real” America, the day-to-day life of citizens on “Main Street”.]
  • NEWT GINGRICHChange Social Security for workers under 30; give them a personal account that builds through their career and which they’re required to contribute towards. Government safety net would be needed for small amount of people. Medicare costs are tied to health care costs. Bring in more choice to the system and costs will come down. [This plan has been presented before and makes sense; however, the fact that Congress has been stealing funds from the Social Security “Trust” Fund is the key problem with the program. Congress needs to ensure that Social Security funds are only used for what Americans have paid for all their lives. Politicians have blamed it on the “baby boomer” generation, which is false. It is because both political parties have been stealing from it to pay other debts and pork spending.
  • RON PAUL There’s no constitutional authority for entitlements, but it’s a tricky political argument to do away with them. The system is broke, and the sooner they can be whittled away through legislation, the better. [Ron Paul is correct in that there isn’t any authority statement in the Constitution except that government must support the welfare of the People. This, of course, was not meant in a literal sense. There is nothing wrong with government providing a “hand up” not a “hand out” when it comes to the welfare of the People, when the chips are down for reasons like unemployment and/or inability to work due to illness or disease, et cetera. Since the Social Security is in place, then it must be reformed in the manner in which Newt Gingrich has suggested. After all, Social Security and Medicare are paid by premiums taken from everyone’s payroll check. Social Security and Medicare payments were not meant to be “taxes” – but premium payments on a retirement plan and funding assistance on expenses incurred at retirement age of 65 or less under certain special circumstances, like disability. Both programs have suffered from graft and mismanagement.]
  • MITT ROMNEY Focus on making an environment to create jobs and let businesses grow. Make employer tax rates and regulations more competitive; make trade policies work for America.
  • NEWT GINGRICH Proposes broad changes in the tax code to make it easier for businesses to grow. Reduce regulations and create a tax environment where companies know what the future will look like. Uncertainty among employers discourages job growth.
  • RON PAUL Excessive spending, artificial credit and market manipulation wrecked the economy. Government can start to repair things by getting out of the way. Eliminate all unfunded mandates and unnecessary regulations facing businesses. Reform monetary system to stop the dollar from further depreciation.
  • MITT ROMNEYAmerica needs a strong presence around the world to protect our interests. Here at home, focus needs to be on securing the border. Plan includes deploying thousands of national guard members to the border and increasing aerial surveillance. [Nothing mentioned about completing the wall between US and Mexico, approved by Congress and signed by GW Bush.]
  • NEWT GINGRICHRadical Islam is a far broader challenge than many want to admit. It’s going to take more than boots on the ground. It’s going to require rethinking foreign policy and ho America treats radical terrorists. [Newt voted for the Patriot Act, which is a danger to the liberties of American citizens in the name of security.]
  • RON PAUL Nation-building overseas is draining the morale of troops. Focus needs to be securing the US border from foreign threats. Will work to make sure intelligent community is focused on real threats and not casting wide nets as approved under the Patriot Act. [Mass invasion of a people, sanctioned by a government (Mexico) is technically an act of war. Building a proper and secure wall on the southern border and the Border Patrol backed up by US military brought back from locations overseas where troop withdrawal has been initiated would be a good idea presently. However, we must have troops stationed strategically at bases in regions where the ability to quickly react to aggression is essential, such as Australia for the Pacific, South Korea for Asia, and NATO in the Mediterranean. Contrary to the rhetoric of politicians, 86% of the US military strength remains on bases within the United States and its territories. Military spending, despite the initial view of its cost, is only 7% of the budget of the US government. The highest percentage of costs is presently in domestic entitlements. Cutting foreign aid and funds without any anticipation of being paid back is what needs to be done. America has no business paying for domestic programs of other nations. Loans can be made if the interest is fair and there is a chance it will be payed back. Cutting out the US contributions to the United Nations would also be appropriate. The United Nations has become too aggressive toward a “New World Order” making itself a world government whose leadership are not elected by the People or are not leaders of any nation.]
  • MITT ROMNEYReturn healthcare to states, under the 10th Amendment; No federal individual mandate; but state mandate OK; ObamaCare waivers on Day One; repeal on Day Two; RomneyCare intended as state plan; never as a national model; In MA, we addressed only the 8% who were uninsured; Reform Medicare, but don’t cancel prescription program; Health Savings Accounts give patients stake in health costs; If people of MA don’t like RomneyCare, they can change it; State Constitution allows mandate, federal constitution does not; Mandating citizens to buy health insurance is conservative; Let states create their own private, market-based insurance; Removing most mandates drove down premium costs by half; Same tax treatment if people buy insurance without employers. FactCheck revealed that the Romney health care plan is identical to Obama plan.
  • NEWT GINGRICHRepeal health care reform. Make the system more competitive by allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines; create a tax credit or deduction for people to buy their insurance. Expand health savings accounts; encourage plans that; I stand by what I did in Massachusetts incentivize healthy living. [It is not government’s job to micro-manage personal lifestyles; however, it wouldn’t hurt to use “incentive” programs, without intruding upon the freedom of personal choice. ObamaCare must go. National health insurance hasn’t worked well elsewhere, why should it in US?]
  • RON PAUL Any sort of regulation only hurts the free market. Overall inflation could be hitting the medical industry especially hard. Need to reform TORT law so doctors aren’t practicing defensive medicine and driving up costs; Government should not protect you from yourself – no mandates; markets instead of lobbyists writing drug laws; States can mandate insurance, but it’s a bad idea; Let people opt out of Medicare; Legalizing prostitution is about protecting liberty; Private medical savings accounts, not government meddling; Insurance companies and government make healthcare unaffordable; Transfer funds from debt and empire-building to healthcare; Socialized medicine won’t work, nor managed care; Managed care is expensive and hasn’t worked; Not government’s role to protect people like Terri Schiavo; Insurance reward for avoiding tobacco, alcohol, obesity
  • MITT ROMNEYArgues that it was wrong to announce a timetable for withdrawal. Supported surge in Afghanistan, and believes generals should dictate what needs to be done. Also says it’s time for Afghan people to take on real responsibility.
  • NEWT GINGRICHAfghanistan is only part of a larger battle with radical Islam. Pulling out troops will embolden enemies. Says he would listen more to his generals on what his strategy is on the ground.
  • RON PAUL Bring American troops home from Afghanistan and don’t go to war again without permission of Congress. Believes the war in bankrupting the country. [Has forgotten that Congress DID give permission to attack and invade Afghanistan against the Taliban and where Osama bin Laden‘s headquarters was located (later in Pakistan). ]
  • MITT ROMNEYBelieves the US needs to do more with natural gas, which is in abundance on US soil. Supports more off-shore drilling and in ANWR. Clean coal and nuclear, when done safely, are good options. Believes renewable resources have a role in energy independence, but US can’t rely on them alone.
  • NEWT GINGRICH Supports expanding domestic energy production, including more off-shore drilling and development of oil shale in the west. Supports financing alternative energy new royalties collected from oil and gas industry. End the EPA, which he argues has created too much regulation.
  • RON PAUL No restrictions on drilling; let the market figure it out. Natural gas resources are abundant and should be part of the equation. Don’t try to regulate gas prices; the free market should find the right price based upon supply and demand; No nuclear waste, garbage is individual state’s problems; Big oil profits okay, Big Oil subsidies are not. [Voted YES on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases; Voted NO on enforcing limits on CO2 ‘global warming’ pollution; Voted NO on tax credits for renewable electricity, with PAYGO offsets; Voted NO on tax incentives for energy production and conservation; Voted NO on tax incentives for renewable energy; Voted NO on criminalizing oil cartels like OPEC; Voted NO on removing oil and gas exploration subsidies; Voted NO on keeping moratorium on drilling for oil offshore; Voted YES on scheduling permits for new oil refineries; Voted NO on passage of the Bush Administration national energy policy; Voted NO on raising CAFE standards, incentives for alternative fuels; Voted NO on prohibiting oil drilling and development in ANWR; Voted NO on starting implementation of Kyoto Protocol. Repeal federal gas tax; No EPA regulation of greenhouse gases; tax incentives for alternate energy.
  • RON PAUL Absurd to let global bureaucrats try to manipulate climate.
History will also give occasion to expatiate on the advantage of civil orders and constitutions, how men and their properties are protected by joining in societies and establishing government; their industry encouraged and rewarded, arts invented, and life made more comfortable: The advantages of liberty, mischiefs of licentiousness, benefits arising from good laws and a due execution of justice. Thus may the first principles of sound politics be fixed in the minds of youth.” —Benjamin Franklin, Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania, 1749
  • MITT ROMNEYSmaller classroom size only matters to teachers’ union; Teachers should be evaluated; China and India graduate more science and engineering PhDs than America; Failure to educate minorities is a civil rights issue; [Vetoed abandoning three new Massachusetts charter schools; Teachers’ union has deadening impact on student achievement; School choice over fat-cat CEOs of teachers’ union; [US ranked 49th out of 57 nation standards in science, and in math the US ranked 35th out of 57 – making an overall score in education at 15th out of 29].
  • NEWT GINGRICHCollege students should work and graduate with no debt; Dramatically shrink the federal Department of Education; Let parents choose public, private, parochial, or home school; More learning options available and community college-run charter schools; American high schools are obsolete; Pay kids as incentive to learn math and science; Removing the word “God” from Pledge of Allegiance assaults our identity; Replace multiculturalism with patriotic education; Introduce competition; Encourage private sector in math and science education; waive interest on student loans for math and science grad. [Supports a constitutional amendment for school prayer]
  • RON PAUL Student loan program a failure and unconstitutional; Stop enforcing “No Child Left Behind” system and allow citizens to opt-out; Competition helps, but vouchers invite bureaucratic control; “No-Child-Left-Behind” hooks institution on federal funding; Evolution does not support atheism nor diminish God; School prayer is not a federal issue; remove National Education system, but not the public schools; present scientific facts that support creationism, just as evolution theory is expected to; Equal funding for abstinence from sex as there is for contraceptives and sex education.
  • MITT ROMNEYSupports both 2nd Amendment and assault weapon ban; okay to ban weapons that threaten police; Supports Brady Bill.
  • NEWT GINGRICHDon’t redefine Constitution with no individual right to arms.
  • RON PAULGun-free zones don’t make any difference; law-abiding citizens should be allowed to be armed and carry concealed weapons. [Voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1.
  • NEWT GINGRICHDeath tax is direct assault on civil society. Energy taxes are taxes on people earning under $250K. Match the Chinese and have zero capital gains tax. Voted against tax increases when Reagan and Bush were president. Flat tax proposal is criticized for losing popular “tax breaks”. Tax hikes retard growth and depress revenues. Change tax policies to make US companies competitive abroad. Create tax incentives that encourage R&D. Earned Income Credit program is an invitation to fraud. Adopt a single-rate tax system. Repeal tax hikes in capital gains and death taxes. Repeal marriage tax; cut middle class taxes.
  • RON PAULTax code is the symptom, spending is the problem. Disastrous tax code contributes to underground economy. Repeal 16th Amendment and get rid of income tax. Spending money does not stimulate economy, reduction of taxes does. Get rid of IRS and income tax and at same time get rid of spending. The most sinister of all taxes is the inflation tax. I have never voted for a tax increase, and never will. Immediately work at phasing out the IRS. Eliminate the “death tax”. End capital gains and inheritance tax.
  • NEWT GINGRICHDon’t bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – break them up. Only leadership can balance the budget. Modernizing the government would save $500 billion per year in waste. The Federal secrecy and power are anti ethical to a free society. Put people back to work to raise revenues without taxes. The Federal Reserve is a scandal. Federal government pays at least $15 billion a year to crooks. Insure banks rather than provide a bailout.
  • RON PAULWe’re reversing 100 years of bad policy – audit the Fed. Destroying our currency transfers wealth to the rich. Let foreign banks fail or we face a 10-year recession. Let the market determine the interest rate, instead of Fed price-fixes. Go after crony capitalism and defend real capitalism. Don’t bailout banks, bailout homeowners. Auditing the feds revealed $5 trillion loaned to foreign banks. We spend $1.5 trillion on wars, start by cutting there. Wall Street is dumping its troubles onto Main Street. Great nations and empires end for financial reasons. Stimulus means more printing and devaluing the dollar. The people, not government, are supposed to run the economy. Keep government small.
This is the gist of the issues that candidates are and should be debating in the primary elections. Whoever wins must be strong enough and honest enough to American people in order to beat the Obama spin machine and established bureaucracy, as well as his talent in presenting himself other than who he really is. Because Obama and his issues are more expanded, I have chosen to create an article that solely addresses his reelection campaign, focusing upon his record in office and compared to his congressional seat as a US senator.
Vote smart and do your homework, but above all – VOTE in the primaries, not just the national election.