Odessa Files: Obama, Double Standards and Congressional Undersight

From the Obama Files … 
President Obama’s State of the Union and other rhetoric as proved as accurate as much of what he usually states, and what little he explained about just what his idea of “change” was.
First of all, the GOP debates have ended up a class-warfareissue, where Romney was judged by how little he paid in taxes (15%) compared to others, with an annual income of $20 million for the last two years – the only submissions he made to show what he paid in taxes.

The top one percent of the wealthy of this nation pays 36% on income taxes, while the bottom 50% of those with income pay next to nothing. How can the Sociocrats continually put down those people of the top incomes, who produce jobs for others and help the economy flow, actually believe or make the American people believe that GW Bush taxed the rich?
When campaigning and after becoming president, BH Obama demanded that those earning more than $1 million per year pay at least 30% in taxes:
You can call this class warfare all you want, but asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes – most Americans would call that common sense.
Yet, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the top one percent already pay 29.5% when ALL federal taxes are accounted into the equation; while the middle class Americans are paying 15.1%.
Mitt Romneyis, indeed, wealthy, making $20 million per year in the last two years; yet because his income is almost entirely capital gains, his tax rate is about 15%. No one pointed out that the gross amount he gained in capital gains was already taxed at the corporate rate of 35% before he was ever paid those dividends. No Democrat squeaked a complaint when John Kerry, also a wealthy American, paid only 13% of his income in 2004. it’s the same old story with Democrats, the American Sociocrats – “Do as I say, not as I do” – in everything from ethics to paying their income tax. Indeed, the wealthiest members, in terms of how many wealthy members of Congress there are, makeup the wealthiest of all other members in Congress. Check me out on this one.
By the way, it is no different for the rest of us who are not wealthy. We earn paychecks that are taxed before we see them. Then when we bank it and make purchases, it’s taxed again and again and again. What little we can wrestle from banks and financial institutions (less than 1% average) in terms of interest paid, we then must declare income on that measly amount, after using taxed money to save with in the first place.
If any politician (or American in general) would pay attention to history, they would find that true reform is when the corporate rate is lowered to the 15% Mitt Romney paid, annual (or quarterly) and simplifying deductions also helps to stimulate the economy. Government handouts and bailouts doesn’t stimulate the economy – any right-minded and truthful economist would tell you that. Lower rates increases economic activity, and that is the FACT.
If President Obama made all the wealthy pay for others taxes, he and Congress still wouldn’t have enough to balance the national budget, much less pay for his reckless spending on his sociocrat agenda and policies.
The hypocrites in Washington continue their Marxist rhetoric (right out of the Communist Platform established by Karl Marx), but they do not practice what they preach. It was Woodrow Wilson who, despite the Supreme Court declared the 16th Amendment (income tax) unconstitutional, signed the amendment and Congress ratified it (Congressional record; however, because of corruption there are those who believe it was coerced and illegal).
FDR took it a step further and confiscated taxes directly from payroll checks, whether they approved or not — clearly against the Constitution governing taxation.
That is why wealthy people in Congress can whine and complain and point fingers, as well as pushing for more Americans to be government dependent. The bigger the government the better, the more bureaucracy and smoke screens, the less transparent and the less likely Americans are going to actually SEE where their tax dollars are being spent.
IRS reports that 36 of BH Obama’s executive office staff owe $833,970 in back taxes, and thousands of federal employees owe back taxes totaling $3.4 billion. And what was it that Obama said?
We need to change our tax code so that people like me, and an awful lot of members of Congress, pay our fair share of taxes.
That probably, and should, include fines and interest on money owed to IRS/Treasury; but the point is if that was you and I, we would be fined and charged interest and most likely have our wages garnished – or serving time. No wonder people scramble and connive to get a government job – the benefits are great and their wages are much more than comparable private sector jobs, on the average. And, as government gets bigger, they need to hire even more, and soon there is little or no private sector jobs and then government explains to the people why they must take control of business, and guidethe people’s personal lives, all in the thought that the populace cannot fend for themselves.
It seems that the only totally truthful statement made by BH Obama to date, is:
I make a mistake, you know, every hour, every day.
Contrary to big lies, like:
We don’t begrudge financial success; we admire it.
Sociocrats don’t practice class-warfare, they are just following the ten points of Marxist propaganda; and the key to social engineering the populace is through the educational institutions. It the major reason why our educational system standard is 35thout of 57 nations.
Meanwhile, the American People are wondering what is taking so long to investigate what was going on with the Operation Fast and Furious event. By the way, Eric Holder was informed about “Fast and Furious” five months before testimony – check it out.
In Obama’s public address, he definitely stated there would be no more bailouts. Once again, he lies or is grossly misinformed by his advisers (CZARS).
It occurs like this: banks borrow at 0.25% and then take that borrowed money and don’t use it to lend out to businesses, consumers, et cetera – but instead, repurchase short-term treasury notes. And while those banks are making those huge bonuses (with depositors money as well as government funds), the banks are only giving us less than 1% for our savings account interest and keep raising bank fees and services. What’s wrong with this picture, Mr. President and members of Congress?
So, indirectly, the bailout continues with government involving itself in private banking and financial business. Money not intended to be paid back is a BAILOUT, Mr. President and members of Congress.
The media shields Obama, so he is afforded the opportunity to push his agenda further and receive little flak from the aforesaid media.
Like the income tax system, it is inefficient, corrupt, and intrusive and a tool to control the People; and like the Federal Reserve, it needs to go into the trash bin. Pass the Fair Tax bill.