Myth Blaster: "No Matter What" by Walter Williams

There is a chain email floating around that is attributed to Dr. Walter Williams, a distinguished economist, advocate for limited government, repealing 16th Amendment, and a syndicated columnist. He has provided good advice to Americans and served on the faculty of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia as Professor of Economics since 1980. 
The title of this article attributed to Dr. Williams is entitled “No Matter What”. There are comments from various people passing it on and as usual — “if you disagree, delete this email”.

Myth Blaster Verdict for this one is – FALSE.
It is not necessarily an intentional Hoax by the person who sent it out via chain email. Reason is, a website – RiteOnpublished it with a title of “No Matter What” on April 1st2011, and according to their apology page [PDF], under the column entitled “A Bad Dream” [PDF format] they published it without confirming its source.
You will find a rendition of the hoax column NOT written by Walter Williams and more detail as far a s the hoax by at:
Another example of people sending out chain email in flurries instead of taking the time to make sure it is legitimate.
If folks don’t have the time to research – send it to me at my Email link below:

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3 comments on “Myth Blaster: "No Matter What" by Walter Williams

  1. jbartelson says:

    I have no idea who the author is, nor do I care.Are the facts accurate?No one will ever remember my name and I do not care. But facts are facts….jbartelson

  2. jbartelson says:

    truth is truth, who cares who said what…

  3. jbartelson says:

    truth is truth…don't care who said what

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